Mobile Users, We Want Your Feedback!

Logos Bible Software MobileWe asked for your input over a year ago into what sorts of mobile devices you were using. From that feedback we developed the free Logos iPhone app. It has been a great success! Just this week alone, the app was used over 100,000 times as a mobile Bible study aid. Once again, we are considering the next frontier.

“What about Logos on my Blackberry? Android? Windows Mobile?”

We have promoted the iPhone app often since it was launched it November and we have received the same responses every time, “What about Logos on my Blackberry? Android? Windows Mobile?”

We hear you! There is no shortage of mobile platforms out there and we are currently researching options—but we could use your help. We would like to hear about the mobile platforms you use or plan on using in the near future. Take a moment and take this brief survey.

When you have filled out the survey, head over to the forum where you can discuss your feedback with other Logos users.


  1. Peter Mannering says

    i use an iphone and i just love the logos4 app. Keep it coming – you’re doing great!
    I used to use a windows based mobile device for years – i don’t think i’ll ever go back.

  2. David Bowman says

    I got in trouble with my pastor for using my iPhone in church. I explained to him over lunch that I was following his sermon texts in different translations on Logos. I showed him how to do word studies and other background research from the palm of my hand. Since I can listen three times faster than he can talk, I get more from his sermons than probably anyone else in the worship center. As a former pastor I am always thinking about how I would treat the text, what I would say differently, how I would outline the message, etc. You can take the preacher out of the pulpit, but you can’t take the pulpit out of the preacher. The iPhone app is the coolest tool ever.

  3. Warwick Smart says

    I have found the need to have logos on my mobile I have just changed from balckberry to iphone. it has been such a good choice! The iphone app is amazing – well done Logos!

  4. I’d focus on just iPhone and Android in the small form factor, and spend even more time on the iPad. I’m a user of Logos on Win32, iPhone and iPad. The iPad version has already become indispensable for me on keeping up with a daily reading plan – I just wish the synchronization was working better. In fact, I’m currently completely unable to sign in to access my current reading plan.
    That aside, from a developer’s standpoint there’s really not much of an ecosystem for platforms outside of Apple and Google Android.

  5. russell duley says

    I just bought the i pad can’t wait to put logos on it. I have been a user of Logos since 94 and as a pastor what an amazing product.

  6. I just got the Blackberry Playbook (32GB) and would love to be able to run Logos app on it. This tablet runs a 1 ghz dual core processor, and is runs Flash as well. How about it?

  7. Mathieu says

    I think considering this latest market research ( that Logos has made a wise choice to support Android devices. I actually bought an Android phone in anticipation of Logos becoming accessible on my phone. I hope this sort of development will also go some ways in having a native Linux version.

    Its funny really. 3 years ago a logos employee at the SBL conference in Boston told me that a Linux version would not be forthcoming since, in his estimation, “Linux users do not pay for software”. I am sure this was his opinion and not that of Logos. I am one person who especially does not fit in with that assessment. I turned most of my seminary library in to Logos software and I continue to purchase pre-pubs regularly every year. I now have 2,175 titles in my library all running on my virtual machine in Linux. I am one of two lecturers in my college who run Logos in a virtual machine on Linux. I wonder if we will ever see Linux reach critical mass so that it makes good fiscal sense for logos to make a native Linux version?

  8. Please make an application for the Blackberry Playbook. It is the best tablet platform for me and will be for many users. I believe you will find great user appreciation for including Blackberry users in the Apple and Android fraternity.

  9. For you Android users out there, enjoy:

  10. I use Logos on my Asus TF101 but its too big when im riding the subway. I purchased a BB Playbook and would love to use he app on that. Its the perfect size for reading. Please develop a Playbook version.