What’s up on the Mac?


Getting Logos 4 for the Mac finished is one of our top priorities. Recent Alpha releases are in good shape, and offer many of the core features. We’re working at top speed to get everything else done, too.

The number one questions, of course, is “When?” And we can’t say, because we don’t know. We’re putting our energy into coding, not estimating. And, because of the unique challenges involved in sharing code between platforms, there are many things we can’t predict the time-frame for, even if we tried.

The good news is that the Logos 4 Mac team is seeing success after success. Our shared-code strategy is working, and ensuring compatibility of both content and documents. And as the platform becomes more stable we’re seeing increased speed implementing features at the interface layer.

We’ve been hiring Mac developers for quite a while, and we have even brought some of the Windows development team over to the Mac side. But we couldn’t hire enough great Mac developers fast enough here in Bellingham, so we decided to do something even more dramatic: We opened a temporary office in Bellevue, Washington where we could get access to a bigger pool of Mac developers.

We rented an apartment and moved our Mac team lead there for four days a week. He’s helping keep the half-dozen programmers there coordinated with the larger team in Bellingham.

The bottom line? Logos 4 Mac is full-speed ahead, and making lots of progress. We can’t predict the final ship date, but we’re confident we’re doing everything possible to make it as soon as possible. And, of course, there’s a new Alpha release every two weeks, which many users report is stable and meets their needs on a daily basis.

Want even more updates? Keep an eye on our forums, where you can hear about the latest progress and even interact with the development team.


  1. Donn Heinrich says

    Thank you for all your work on the Mac version. I appreciate the regular improvements and use Logos 4 everyday and love it!

  2. For years the only thing that kept me tied to a Windows computer was the investment I had in Logos software. Then Virtual PC became available and I moved back to the Mac. Parallels and VM Ware Fusion kept me on a Mac, but still feeling a bit like a stepchild.
    When the first Mac engine became available, I switched, and I’ve been using the alpha versions of 4 and even purchased the upgrade. While I’m a bit impatient, I appreciate the improvements in stability and the addition of features.
    I look forward to the finished product. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. Alan Macgregor says

    Thanks for the developments in the latest Alphas. Things are pretty stable and more user-friendly. Plus there’s a great team of folks on the forum to help out. It’s good that some of the developers are participating as well to help keep us on track. It’s a fine, global Logos4Mac community we have. I hope it keeps going even after Logos 4 Mac is completed for release.
    Every blessing

  4. Dion Manly says

    Thanks for the update, I’m eagerly looking forward to the final release!

  5. I haven’t upgraded to Logos 4 yet but I was rather disappointed with the Mac version 3 versus the Windows version 3. The Mac version lacked a lot compared to the Windows version. So, my question is should I wait for the Logos 4 for Mac or just buy “Parallels” and run the Windows version of Logos 4 on my Mac? Thanks!!

  6. Anatol Studler says

    Hi Bob,
    thanks for the update. In my point of view, It is not so important when exactly the final release will be available, I think it is important that the users get updates about the progress. It definitely makes it easier to wait ;-) It would be great if you could use this blog to provide updates on a regular basis on what is going on and had been added. As most of your users are not technical persons, I suggest to keep the information “high level”.
    I am very happy with your progress and enjoy the Logos Software for Mac more and more. Keep up the great work.
    Be Blessed,

  7. I just got back from the logos training camp in Seattle and although I was the only mac user there I am excited about what is supposed to be. The VP of sales calmed all of my fears and when the interface finally gets up to snuff it is going to be awesome!

  8. Kevin Brown says

    Thanks for keeping us up to date. I appreciate all the work that is being done to prepare a true Mac compliment of Logos 4. I too am a a bit impatient given the long history of this, but look forward to the finished product. I also like how the Mac community of Logos users have been included in the development. Keep up the good work.

  9. Ray Raley says

    I appreciate the update and the constant Alphas. Keep up the good work!

  10. David Shackelford says

    I am currently a Logos 4 user on a Mac with VM Fusion. I, too, am waiting the Mac version. When Logos for Mac is finally on parity with Logos 4 for Windows, I know I’ll switch. That’s the only thing keeping me tied to a PC at all. Everything else is already Mac.
    I love Logos…Keep up the good work, guys. We’re looking forward to the faculty summit at our school in April.

  11. John Nicely says

    What are you guys using as the underlying codebase? Something that’s available on both platforms, like Python?

  12. @Jeremy. I am running parallels now with Logos 4. The cheaper option would be run Logos 4 on a bootcamp version of windows. With Logos 4 you receive a licence that allows you to install on bot Windows and Mac. If you buy software now, you will be able to install it on both platforms (Windows being more stable and much more usable at the moment). I switch back and forth. I use Parallels for the more complex searches. I use the Mac version for simpler searches. I suggest buying now.

  13. Jason G. Barnhart says

    I completely agree with Anatol. As I’ve read the forums, it’s very clear that the vast majority of us don’t mind the wait. We know the finished product will be great and we love Logos. However, receiving regular updates from someone high in the chain of command, such as Mr. Pritchett of course, does go a long way in keeping our impatient nature sated. I know that I feel better about paying full price (relatively speaking) for an Alpha version when I know that getting a final product is very much on the minds of the leadership at Logos. Hearing directly from the senior leadership on a monthly or bimonthly basis would, I think, be a very beneficial practice. I truly love Logos and thank God for the work all of you do to make Bible study as easy, educational, and enjoyable as possible.

  14. Roger Jones says

    I also want to thank you for your efford in bring the Mac data up to par. Make God richly bless your work.

  15. Allen Adkins says

    I understand you are working on it. It does disappoint me that you have released an update to Logos 4 for windows when Logos 4 for mac is still in alpha…
    Please move more “programing energy” from windows to the mac platform to complete it.

  16. Varghese Thomas says

    Your dedication is commendable…Your hard work is showing…Your product is unbeatable…Our God is awesome…His Word is powerful…And His people are exemplary… Thanks.

  17. Ralph Schwarz says

    Thanks for letting us work with Logos 4 Alpha for the Mac. It lets us see development is taking place and the direction it is taking. I still use Libronix on the Mac, and bootcamp over to Windows for both the Libronix and Logos 4 versions as there are still some features in the Libronix version I haven’t found in the Logos 4 version yet. One comment though – when an update is received in the WIndows version indexing takes a few minutes. When an update is received in the Alpha version for the Mac indexing takes many hours. Anything that can be done to increase the indexing speed would be much appreciated. I, like many others, look forward to the release version for the Mac.

  18. David Manning says

    Last update on the Blog:
    By Bob Pritchett on March 18, 2010 at 12:00 PM
    Ok what is the update status now? Its now June, and ready. OK i know the Logos 4.o PC is still in the beta stages, why? I know it is because we are on the update BETA Channel on PC version. So we paid good money for LOGOS 4.o PC version and Still in the beta Stages, why?
    But the real question is MAC VERSION, when?