Using Your iPhone or iPod Touch to Share the Bible

Bible App Sharing.pngOne of the great features in the Logos iPhone Bible app is the ability to share Bible verses with your friends, family, and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and by email. Not only does the Logos iPhone Bible app make this easy to do, it does so in a way that is easy for your friends and family to engage with God’s Word. More than just sending a scripture reference, the iPhone app uses to convert the verses into clickable links. The advantage is that you offer people an easy way to get right to the verse you want to share.

We’ve included a tutorial video below to show how the share functionality works for the iPhone and iPod Touch. If you use our iPhone app, watch the video and start sharing God’s Word! If you haven’t grabbed the free Bible app yet, then go download it today and start sharing.

Note: For non-iPhone users, you can use Logos on your web enabled phone by visiting


  1. Philana Crouch says

    This is such a wonderful feature! Being able to share Scripture with others in a quick and easy way is such a great tool! Thanks Logos!!!!

  2. Kevin Greene says

    Great feature! Hope to see more of this kind.

  3. When will you have this for the Droid?

  4. Kenneth Carter says

    Good job! Any plans for an Android app?

  5. Ken and Kenneth, no plans at this time. You can, hoever, check out from your phone.