Taking Advantage of Video Tutorials

Video Tutorial

We are amassing quite a collection of feature and tutorial videos for Logos 4. At present, there are over 80 videos covering a variety of topics aimed at helping you get the most out of your Logos 4 experience. If you are looking for some help understanding things like Passage Guides, Layout Management, or Customizable Guides these video tutorials provide a wellspring of information. Would you believe there are six videos alone aimed at helping you use the Notes feature to the fullest!?

We would love to see all Logos 4 users seeing these videos as a valuable tool in their Logos 4 arsenal. Each video is—on average—a four minute investment into using your Logos 4 software to its fullest. An investment which is promised to pay huge dividends in your devotions and study time. In fact, we are so convinced of this that we intend to feature these videos here on the blog site on a semi-regular basis. Stay on the look out for more featured tutorials.

Before You Install Logos 4

If you are considering an upgrade—or a first time purchase of any Logos 4 Base Package—then you are going to want to take a couple of minutes and watch this video. It will walk you through installation, setup, your Logos.com account, resource downloads, and indexing. This video is a great tool to help kick off your Logos 4 experience.


  1. Praise the LORD!!!
    I plan on watching most all of them, but die to my computer’s great lack in the graphics department, I’ll have to await another day. I’m truly enjoying the great changes made in L4, but must admit,there are still features in L3 that I miss. I know that these will be coming in time and do look forward to being able to use them in the new format.
    I’ve one great idea for another package, but won’t elaborate, because I’d like to be the first to receive it as a rendering for giving it to the company. then again maybe someone already has thought of it. LORD only knows:)))
    GOD bless and good day,
    Rev. Marshall Barth
    Vine of CHRIST Ministries

  2. John Kaess says

    I really, really wanted to go to Morris’s 2 day class in Tampa this week, but a visit from my son who lives in CA made that impossible. I am grateful for these videos as a stop gap until Morris comes to northern FL again.

  3. It’d be nice if Mr. Proctor came to West Palm Beach. It’s kind of tough to go anywhere else. But anyway, videos are excellent, plus playing around with the program also allows you to discover a few things. Keep the good videos coming!

  4. Michelle Gordon says

    THANK YOU!!!