Save up to 75% on 64 Logos Titles

We’ve hand-picked 64 titles to compete in the 2010 Logos March Madness tournament and it is up to you to decide which one we should sell at 75% off!
The premise is simple—at we’ve taken 64 titles available in Logos Bible Software and split them into four divisions. You vote for your favorite titles in each division and the ones with the most votes at the end of each of the six rounds advance. Titles that don’t advance are then offered at a discounted rate between 25% and 50% off the retail price. The title that gets crowned the champion will be discounted at 75% off!
Voting is now open for the first round, and will remain open thru March 20th. The complete schedule is as follows:
Round 1: March 18-20
Round 2: March 21-23
Sweet 16: March 24-26
Elite 8: March 27-29
Final 4: March 30 – April 1
Championship: April 2-5
See the full brackets
As I said, the titles that don’t get enough votes to advance out of a round will be offered at a discount. Here is how the discounts will break down:
Titles not advancing out of round 1 will be 25% off.
Titles not advancing out of round 2 will be 30% off.
Titles not advancing out of the sweet sixteen will be 35% off.
Titles not advancing out of the elite eight will be 40% off.
Titles not advancing out of the final four will be 45% off.
The second place book in the tournament will be 50% off.
The tournament champion will be 75% off.
So, go check out the full list of titles being offered and vote for your favorites. Of course, if you really want a title to win (so you can get it for 75% off) be sure to spread the word to all your friends and family and tell them to go to and vote for your favorites!
So, what are you waiting for?


  1. Now you’re making life really difficult for us! I make my picks for the NCAA tournament for the fun of it, and I don’t put any money on those picks. However, these picks involve both money and desire for certain books.

  2. Well, I own most of those books and the ones I don’t own only a few have caught my attention; e.g. Cornerstone on Luke & Acts, AT Robertson on Matthew and Unger’s Bible Dictionary, other than that I have most of those in the Platinum Edition. It would’ve been great if the Theological Lexicon of the Old Testament had been included – but hey, I can get that later. Thanks for the sale! I’m sure it will help those who don’t have those resources. Have a blessed day!

  3. Alberto, thanks for the comment.
    To the best of my knowledge we don’t have any titles in the Logos March Madness promo that are in the Platinum base package. One or two might be in there, but the majority of the titles in Logos March Madness aren’t in any of our base packages, including Portfolio. That was actually one of the criteria by which we filtered out list.
    I don’t want you to miss out on any of these great deals, so you might want to check the titles against your library.

  4. Sorry Ryan,
    I ate a word that was supposed to be included in the following sentence: “other than that I have most of those ADDED in the Platinum Edition.” Meaning I have platinum, but I’ve added most of those titles to it. Sorry for the confusion. I will still be on the look out for the titles I’m interested in, so don’t worry, I’ll be buying some of those when we get the final results. Thanks for your kind response!

  5. No worries. I figure that is what you meant. I just didn’t want anyone reading to get confused. :o)

  6. Everyone loves the Butlers and UNI’s of the world, but 64 of them? Where are the perennial powerhouses, the Logos Dukes & Kentuckys? If it’s not hugely succssful, don’t dump it. Just throw in some big dogs and it will be real March Madness :)

  7. Steve, what “Dukes” and “Kentuckys” would you have liked to see?

  8. I wouldn’t have minded to see a sale like Wordsearch is having: Both OT & NT college press NIV sets for $299.95 or the NT set for $139.95 and the OT set for $239.95 if purchased separately — I’m sure Logos could do so much better or at least match this sale and other great sales going on on fully searchable commentaries. I would also love to see the “free books” section back. I remember when Logos had that section and though the books were not all high quality (e.g. Scripture Alphabet of Animals, christmas carol, fact book, etc.)I know they can do better. Anyway, so far I’m really hoping to get Spurgeon’s works, AT Robertson and others at a really low price. Thanks!

  9. Well, for those of us who could not care a less about Duke or Kentucky, thanks for giving us something fun to watch and play for a week or two! I’d love to grab those MacArthur commentaries to add to my library for a good steal!
    Thanks Logos!
    ps – keep rockin out the Mac version, I can’t wait till its finished