Logos iPhone Bible App Version 1.3 Released

Version 1.pngYesterday we blogged about how you can share Bible verses with your friends and family using our free Bible app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Today we wanted to let you know that we’ve released an update to our Bible app and it is ready for you to download today. The update, version 1.3, includes some really cool features like:

  • Orientation lock
  • Devotionals on the home page
  • The ability to delete reading plans
  • In-book information
  • Improved connectivity with Twitter and Facebook
  • and more…

Here’s a brief video overview of some of the new features and functions. (Note: Some of the new features, like devotionals, require you to sign in with a logos.com account to access them. If you don’t have a free Logos.com account, you can get one here.)

Like Version 1.3? Rate it!

If you like the new features and functionality in version 1.3, then head over to the app store and rate this version. Even if you’ve previously rated the app, Apple allows you to rate each new version. So, if you like what you see, please go and update your rating for version 1.3.

Don’t forget your iPad!

It’s getting really close to Apple’s ship date for the iPad and we’re busy putting the finishing touches on our iPad Bible app. We’re so excited about the iPad and our app, we decided to give one away. If you’d like to win an iPad, enter today.


  1. Jason Kuo says

    What happened to the page numbers in resources (I used to be able to see where I was by swiping up).
    Thanks for the great work!

  2. Rory Lennox says

    What a great tool for Bible Studies and just having the opportunity to consult Scripture or good commentaries when having discussions away from home and office. It still boggles my mind. Go Logos!

  3. Logos 4 Is Awesome Well done!!!
    I have an HTC Mobile phone with Windows OS
    Now the ?
    Please :)
    Is it also available like for iPhone?
    Please :)
    Thanks again for an amazing bible experience

  4. Rob Tevis says

    So anything for us Blackberry users?

  5. Jason,
    Not sure on that one. I’ll try and look into it for you.

  6. Pieta,
    No firm plans for HTC version. However, you can use http://library.logos.com on your HTC.

  7. Rob,
    No firm plans for Blackberry version. However, you can use http://library.logos.com on your Blackberry.

  8. Pieter de Wet says

    Iphones are too expensive. Do you have any plans for Nokia phones with Symbian software, viz the Nokia E series of Business phones?

  9. I’ve notice in Logos 4 and in the iphone app that select a word to see the Greek isn’t handled smoothly. For example, if a greek word corresponds to two english words, they don’t both highlight together. They do show you a single greek lookup. This can be confusing and time consuming. Let’s say you’ve looked up a word and found what it means in greek. Then you go back to your text and see that ‘oh’ when I click this next word, the same greek explanation comes up. You then surmise that both the words together matched the greek or that one word in english was added for clarity.
    I believe when you select a word, the selection should expand to select all the words that match the associated greek word.

  10. Paul Widen says

    Any plans for the Droid?

  11. Gary Butner says

    The log on screen kept rejecting my password, however it finally loaded even after rejecting my log on.

  12. Hi, I’ve been using Logos for a long time and now Im delighted to see a version for the Iphone. However, I want the experience on the Iphone to be as close to the experience in the PC as possible. For ex. it would be wonderful if all my highlights on the PC would show in the Iphone and viceversa. That way I could read in either place, mark what ever and be sure not to lose my work.
    Do you know if that is planned?
    Another question is that the versions I use most on the PC are spanish versions “Dios habla hoy” (DHH) and “Nueva Version Internacional” (NVI). Do you know if these are available on the Iphone? I have been using Olivetree because of that.

  13. You can visit http://library.logos.com on any web enabled phone.

  14. Good point Bill. Generally, our developers don’t follow the blog comments very closely, so I’d recommend posting this suggestion in our user forums (http://community.logos.com/forums/74.aspx). We have on for the iPhone app and the dev team keeps close tabs on all the comments and suggestions.

  15. No firm plans for a Driod version. However, you can use http://library.logos.com on your Droid.

  16. That’s odd. You can always check/reset your password at http://www.logos.com/register

  17. We’re working on more features and functionality in the iPhone app, but it will never be able to do all the desktop can do. I’m not sure what all is in the queue for 1.4 at this time.
    As for the Spanish titles, neither appears to available for our app at this time.

  18. When can we expect to see highlighting and notes integrated? I would love to see the ability to make a note sync to another app to be accessed when logos closes. That would make sermon prep so much easier.

  19. Billy Stevens says

    I cannot download Oswald Chamber on it – actually it is not available in the online library. It is on my Logos v3 & v4 but not on the iphone/ipod library.
    Please help!!!
    Billy Stevens

  20. Michael Ayres says

    i have a HTC win mob device, can multi task much beeter than an i phone i know the i phone has an appeal but it also seems there are more comments about the win mob folks that are loyal customers who are also wanting this functionality … you all need to revisit the no plans comment and come up with a how long date???.. :)

  21. I’m enjoying version 1.3, but here’s one beef. If I want to share a verse, I don’t want to share that I’m reading something on Logos. I want to share the verse. So, when I want to tweet a verse, I get out of Logos, go the the YouVersion Bible app for iPhone, and tweet it. Why? Because people reading get scripture instead of an ad, and by tweeting a scripture, my only design is to get the scripture in front of the eyes of those who are following me.
    Could you alter it so we get scripture instead of an ad?
    Thank you for the iPhone app. It’s a great tool!