Logos 4: Importing Notes and User-Created Content from LDLS3

Yes, the wait is finally over. Yesterday’s announcement of Logos Bible Software 4.0b mentioned what many have been waiting for: Support for importing LDLS3 user-created content.

Specifically, Logos 4.0b now supports importing notes, highlighting, favorites, and prayer lists. Along with this release, regardless if you are importing from LDLS3 or not, Notes now allow for user-editable titles, as well as creating Notes for a reference range, not just a single verse.

So without further ado, let’s get your notes from Logos 3 to Logos 4.

Since resources have changed over the years because we’ve corrected typos, added new hyperlinks, and made other edits, in certain cases, these changes can prevent Logos 4 from importing notes from Libronix DLS 3 correctly. In order to minimize the likelihood of notes not being transferred, we highly recommend you download the Custom Toolbar for LDLS3 that prepares your notes for importing into Logos 4.

Getting the toolbar:

  • Run LDLS3, and click the newly added Update Notes Now button.
  • When Update Notes Now finishes, return to Logos 4.

Now are you ready for this? In Logos 4 type Import All into the Command bar, hit enter, and sit back. You’ll then see the “Importing…” status message in the upper-right corner of the main window. That’s it.

Content imported into Logos 4 “remembers” that it was imported such that consecutive imports can be run in Logos 4, without adverse effects. Changes to imported content in Logos 4 will clear the link between Logos 4 and LDLS3, so if you edit an imported item in Logos 4, and then re-import, you will see the original item from LDLS3 along with the edited item in Logos 4.This is intentional in order to recover an original note without over writing the new content.

If you no longer want to use some of your user-created content from LDLS3, but want other parts, like your extensive Prayer Lists, there are commands for a more targeted import.

Additional Commands:

Import Notes
Imports only notes from LDLS3

Import Highlighting
Imports only highlighting from LDLS3

Import Favorites
Imports only favorites from LDLS3

Import Prayer Lists
Imports only prayers lists from LDLS3

Import delete (All|Notes|Highlighting|Favorites|Prayer Lists)

Deletes all imported content of the specified type

If you were on the fence about upgrading to Logos 4 because you couldn’t transfer your Notes, Highlighting, Favorites, or Prayer Lists, now is a great time to upgrade to Logos 4. Logos 4 is now better than ever, and you can be sure we’re already working to add additional features.


  1. Scot Hill says

    When I attempt to download the custom toolbar. This is what I see when I click on the link above. (using Firefox) Now what????
    This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

    Update Notes

    Update Notes Now


  2. Couldn’t download the toolbar in Firefox, but it worked in IE.

  3. Jerry Schriver says

    How much do these upgrades cost to install please? Thanks.

  4. Kaye Anderson says

    Worked great! Thanks so much. :-)

  5. gregg farah says

    This is a great day! Thanks for this new update! One suggestion for the less technical like me: instead of saying “Run LDLS3” how about just writing “Open Libronix.” I had no idea what “LDLS3” was and figured it was the file from the download. After no success, I called tech support and was told that was simply an abbreviation for Libronix. Thanks again!

  6. Hi Jerry,
    The updates from Logos 4.0a to 4.0b are free, and the download and installation of the Custom Toolbar is free as well.
    If what you are referring to is upgrading your library collection from Logos 3 (LDLS3) to Logos 4, then there would be upgrade costs, but for that you can visit our custom upgrade discounter or call our Sales department at 800-875-6467.

  7. Just making sure I’m not reading too much into this update, still no verse list importing, correct? My wife and I can’t switch over until verse lists can be imported due to how many we have and how much we refer to them in our counseling and writing.

  8. Hi Scott,
    It sounds like Firebox is trying to open the link instead of saving the file. Right-click on link this time and select Save Link As. Then, save the file in the CustomToolbars folders as indicated in the blog post.
    If you continue to have difficulty with this, either try using Internet Explorer, or feel free to call Customer Service at 800-875-6467.

  9. Unfortunately importing verse lists didn’t make this update. It is at the top of the list for our coming features though.

  10. Sweet. Good to know it’s still planned. Oh, and ask Dan P. how the Flyers could lose to the Rangers on Sunday? That’s just sad.

  11. Do you know when we will be able to download PBBs into Logos 4? I am a new customer and started with version 4, but I have several friend who continue to show me the excellent resources (PBBs) they have been able to add to their older versions. When will I be able to do the same? Thanks!

  12. This worked great for me! Highlighting – notes – all now available in Logos 4 – quite neat :-)

  13. Steve Huffman says

    Do you have any idea when Logos will be available on Android phones. Thanks for 4.0b that transfers notes. I appreciate it.

  14. I also had trouble downloading the Custom Toolbar. I used IE8 (and XP SP3) and selected Save. I browsed to My Docs/Libronix DLS but there was no folder for Custom Toolbars, so I created one and saved into it. Ran LDLS3 but could not locate any new button for Update Notes Now. Suggestions?

  15. You’re a cruel man Mike! :-) The Flyers aren’t doing so well this year. Unfortunately they aren’t doing so bad either… at least we could get some good draft picks! :-(

  16. Rodger Thompson says

    I tried to download it and save it in IE but when it wanted to know what file I wanted to save it to, I do not seem to have a “custom tool bar” file or any other tool bar file under Libronix DLS. I am using Windows 7. Any ideas?

  17. Hi Roger,
    You can create the CustomToolbars folder yourself. Just go \username\Documents\Libronix DLS and create a few folder called CustomToolbars. Be sure to name it CustomToolbars with no space or you will get an error later on. Once the new folder is created, download and save into that folder.
    If you are still having difficulty after that, please call Customer Service at 800-875-6467.

  18. What if you have a notes file on another computer and want to import it. I now have a 3 notes file on my desktop. How do I specify the location?

  19. Hi Cris,
    Logos 4 will look for the files in the “standard” Logos 3 location, which is “(My) Documents\Libronix DLS\Annotations”. Copyin the whole “Libronix DLS” folder from “My Documents” on the first computer to “My Documents” on the second is all that’s necessary. Hope that helps.

  20. Everything worked perfectly for me. This is a great help as I had lots of notes and continue to encourage my students to take their notes in Logos because they will always be able to find them, and often things that I had forgotten pop up to remind me of some exegetical point.
    Great work!

  21. Rick Ratzlaff says

    metoo – I’m trying to be patient for the verse list import. That’s were I put MY nuggets.

  22. Al Imboden says

    I successfully loaded my prayer lists into 4 but the way they are displayed is not going to help me at all. I use the entry as the subject of the prayer and the comments as the body of the prayer. 4 doesn’t display the comment section in its entirety.

  23. Hi Jeff,
    I don’t have details on how PBB is going to work in Logos 4, but we plan to integrate Personal Book Builder the second quarter of 2010. Please see our rough outline in our Features Coming Soon to Logos 4 article.

  24. John,
    Return to the folder location and make sure there is no space in the folder name: CustomToolbar not Custom Toolbar. If there was a space, remove it, and retry the process. If you are still not able to get it to work, please call Customer Service at 800-876-6467 and we can take a closer at it for you.

  25. Steve,
    I can’t give you a definitive answer on an app for the Android, or any other mobile devices for that matter. For now, our alternative for other mobile devices is http://library.logos.com. The interface is different, but you can still access books, run Passage Guides, Word Studies, Compare Text, and more.

  26. Hi Al,
    Prayer List entries in Logos 4 display only one line each, and will include the Prayer name and a clipping of either the Notes or the Answer line. Upon hovering over an entry, you will see additional information, but to see all the text you’ve entered, you will have to click on an individual entry to see the full content.

  27. Where is the Update Notes Now button in L3 that is mentioned above? I do not see it in L3. Thanks

  28. Hi Scott,
    Once downloaded, the toolbar should automatically appear in your Libronix toolbar at the top of the program. If you don’t see it, right-click on the toolbar and look to see if Update Notes is listed, and check it to make it active.
    If it does not appear at all, close Libronix and check the folder to make sure there is no space in the folder name. It should read, CustomToolbars not Custom Toolbars. If you had to edit the name, reopen Libronix to find the toolbar. Hopefully that fixes things. For further assistance, please call Customer Service at 800-875-6467.

  29. Paul Grimmond says

    I have a late question. I’ve just found this and would love to import my notes. My problem is that I upgraded to Logos 4.0 when I upgraded machines and I wiped the hard-disk on my old machine when I gave it away. In other words, I don’t have a version of Libronix 3 installed anywhere. But I have kept my old note files etc.
    Is there a way of getting libronix 3 and installing it to do the conversion, or is there another way of converting the files?
    Paul G.

  30. Hi Paul,
    I have forwarded your comments to our Customer Service department. One of our Customer Service representatives will be contacting you shortly. If you prefer, you can give them a call at your convenience by calling 800-875-6467. If you do call, please do so when you can be at your computer so they can better assist you.

  31. Sam Boodala says

    Can I import PDF files into Logos 4. I have lot of public domain old commentaries and files in PDF format. Can I import them to Logos 4.
    Please let me know. sboodala@yahoo.com

  32. Sam,
    There is no way to import PDF files. A lot of work that goes into making resources function as they do in Logos, so even if uploading PDFs were possible, you would still only have a PDF. None of the content would be tagged or hyperlinked, and a myriad of other behind-the-scenes functions would be lost.
    We would love to hear from you about the commentaries you would like to see available in Logos. Please send a list of titles to suggest@logos.com, and if possible, note the publisher or if a title is public domain, and we can look into making your suggested resources actual Logos resources—with full functionality.