Free Logos 4! T-shirt

Free Logos 4! T-shirt Offer

We’re giving away free Logos t-shirts and making it as easy as possible to get ’em! Just spend $50 or more on Logos March Madness deals, or subscribe to Bible Study Magazine. No limit, while supplies last, no rain-checks, just cover S&H. Get your free Logos 4! T-shirt in either blue or green—or both—today!

Starting today, as the Logos March Madness Final 4 round starts, every $50 spent on Logos March Madness titles, and every subscription to Bible Study Magazine (with auto-renew selected) will qualify for a free tee. There is no limit on how many free t-shirts you may get—so don’t hold back. Get one for yourself, your spouse, your children, your staff, your friends!

There are two ways to get this special offer:

Logos March Madness purchases over $50:With limited time left in Logos March Madness competition, all new orders over $50 qualify—until March Madness ends. Every $50 increment gives you a coupon code for a free t-shirt. That is, $50 orders get one free tee, $150 purchases get you three coupon codes for three free tees and so on. Simple enough, right? Check out our Current Coupon Codes list now and place your order!

Simply forward the order confirmation receipt we send to your inbox
to with “Free T-shirt” in the subject line. Once we receive your proof of purchase and verify your order, we’ll respond with single-use coupon codes that you can use to order your free Logos 4! t-shirt.

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Subscribe to Bible Study Magazine:

Every order of Bible Study Magazine (with Auto-Renew selected) from now until the end of April will get you a free Logos 4! T-shirt. If you already subscribe you can also give a gift subscription of Bible Study Magazine, then get the free t-shirt for yourself. While placing your order, just change the shipping information to the recipient’s name and address. After your order is completed, simply forward the order confirmation receipt
to with “Free T-shirt” in the subject line. Once we receive your proof of purchase and verify the order, we’ll respond with a coupon code that you can use to order your free Logos 4! T-shirt.

There you have it.

Take advantage of all the current Logos March Madness coupon codes or subscribe to Bible Study Magazine now and be sure to email us your order confirmation!

Please note our shopping cart limitations: When using multiple coupon codes during checkout, please keep in mind you can only apply one coupon code to one item at a time. That is, you cannot use multiple coupon codes to get the same item within the same order. You can, however, use multiple coupon codes to get different size/color t-shirts. Simply add the items you want to your cart, type in the custom, single-use coupon code that we email to you, separating each of them with a comma (example1, example2), and click Update Cart. To get the same item twice (2 Large blue tees), two separate orders will need to be made. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Offer details:

  • Limited to qualifying subscriptions of Bible Study Magazine from 3/30/10-4/30/10.
  • Limited to qualifying orders (in $50 increments) of Logos March Madness titles from day blog entry posts–to time coupon codes are retired.
  • Offer ends 4/30/10 or while supplies last and is limited to on-hand stock of Logos 4! T-shirts in blue or green. No rain checks, no substitutions.
  • Customer is responsible for emailing order confirmation receipt to to receive coupon code. Once we receive your proof of purchase, we will respond with a single-use coupon code that you can use to order a new Logos 4! t-shirt for free.
  • Customer is responsible for all related shipping costs.