New Anchor Yale Bible Collections

Anchor Yale Bible: New Testament (26 Vols.)

The Anchor Yale Bible is a prestigious commentary series of 84 volumes, and it represents the pinnacle of biblical scholarship, drawing from the wisdom and resources of Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish scholars from around the world. It includes Jacob Milgrom’s 3-volume Leviticus commentary, Joseph Blenkinsopp’s commentary on Isaiah, Joseph A. Fitzmyer’s commentary on Luke, Raymond E. Brown’s commentary on John, and a lot more—84 volumes in all.

Many Logos users picked up the entire set last spring when it was on Pre-Pub and got a great deal. But, for whatever reason, some missed out.

We’re now pleased to announce that the Anchor Yale Bible (84 Vols.) is available in two separate collections—a 26-volume set of New Testament commentaries, and a 58-volume set of commentaries on the Old Testament and Apocrypha. Even better, though the end of February, you can get these two new sets for an additional $200.00 off the sale price listed on the product page through the end of the month. Use coupon code ANCHOROT for the Old Testament commentaries and ANCHORNT for the New Testament commentaries. If you missed out on the Pre-Pub deal last year, this is your chance to add the Old Testament or New Testament commentaries of the Anchor Yale Bible to your library and get a great deal.

The combined sale prices for the Old Testament and New Testament sets are a little higher than the whole series together, so the entire 84-volume set is still a better deal if you want all the commentaries. But if your research interests lie in a particular genre of Scripture—like the Pentateuch—or you’re a pastor and you want to expand your library of commentaries on the Gospels or the Pauline epistles, then consider getting one of these sets while they’re on sale this month. The sale prices expire on February 28, so don’t wait!

All the commentaries in the Anchor Yale Bible are also among the 3,000 books (and counting) you can access in the Logos iPhone app. That means you can now access the entire set—84 volumes, 43,315 pages, and 160 pounds of print books—all in the palm of your hand, wherever you take your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Remember, this sale expires at the end of the month, so order now! Use coupon code ANCHOROT for the Old Testament commentaries and ANCHORNT for the New Testament commentaries at checkout to take an additional $200.00 off the sale price listed on the product page. Even better, you can use a payment plan to spread out the cost over the next several months. This is also a great way to apply your monthly or quarterly book budget to a new set of Anchor Yale commentaries.

Head on over to the product pages to learn more:


  1. Question: Having the Platinum Edition with all dictionaries and encyclopedias: Would it still be necesary to have the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary? Many of the entries in all the dictionaries and encyclopedias are very similar (some word for word similar) — So I was just wondering if it would be worth spending the money on another dictionary. Yes, I know we’re talking about AYBD, but still, it is a dictionary after all. Just wanting to get some feedback. Thanks!

  2. Jim Holsinger says:

    I noticed at SBL last November that there were three new volumes to the Yale Anchor Bible that were not part of the original set I purchased. Are they available in an electronic format? If so, can I order them through LOGOS? Thanks a bunch!

  3. Dan DeVilder says:

    Logos! Thank you for offering the breaking of the “package” and the sale! Great news! Unfortunately, I can not purchase at this time. Probably for the rest of the year, unless I come into some serious money, lol! But I have my heart set on the NT selection at some point!

  4. Jim Lowther says:

    I sort of wish that you all would also consider packaging the Apocrypha/deutero-canonical books separately as well. Some of us who are “New Testament” still appreciate the work done in the series on those works genreally written between the testaments, but might not wish to purchase all of the Old Testament volumes.
    Best wishes,
    Dr. Jim Lowther

  5. Steve Maling says:

    It’s great to see progress toward the possibility of acquiring selected volumes of the Yale/Anchor Bible Commentary. But when will we be able to buy individual volumes of the Anchor and Hermeneia Commentaries the way we already can purchase individual commentaries from the Word, International Critical, and New International Greek Testament Commentary series?

  6. Robert E. Carter says:

    Has any thought been given to making the the same material available to iPhone also available to Blackberries so that those who have Blackberries already wouldn’t have to go out and spend more money and buy an iPhone to take advantage of the wireless capability? As you must realize I’m the one that has access to a blackberry and not an iPhone but would like to take advantage of the “portable” capability.

  7. Kent Hendricks says:

    This is something we’re looking into. In the meantime, check out on any mobile device.

  8. I would also like to add the new Android operating system. It is growing exponentially and is a perfect platform for the mobile edition (and, yes, I have a phone that operates on Android!) Thanks!

  9. JAMES RENFRO says:

    I have the Anchor Bible dictionary
    How is this different?
    James G Renfro

  10. Kent Hendricks says:

    The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary is a multi-volume reference on topics in the Bible. The Anchor Yale Bible, however, is a mult-volume commentary on the Bible.

  11. Kent Hendricks says:

    Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll look into this.

  12. Kent Hendricks says:

    At this time, we can only offer the Anchor Yale Bible as an 84-volume collection, and in the Old Testament and New Testament collections.
    Also, keep in mind that many of the print volumes in the Anchor Yale Bible are very expensive. Some are listed at close to $100 each. Depending on which volumes you’ve got your eye on, you could get a better deal with one of the Anchor Yale Bible collections this month while they’re on sale.
    Hope this helps!

  13. Kent Hendricks says:

    The three new volumes in the Anchor Yale Bible are now on Pre-Pub:

  14. Kent Hendricks says:

    Absolutely! The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary has more than 6,000 entries from 800 leading scholars. It’s a massive reference work, with six volumes of around 1,200 pages each. It’s also widely regarded as the standard for biblical scholarship.
    You may also want to post your questions about the AYBD in the Forums. Lots of Logos users would be happy to weigh in and help you make the right decision.

  15. Is there a 30 day money back guarantee on the AYBD? — I would love to try it first, before spending that much money. Don’t get me wrong, you feed back is GREAT, but you also work for logos…LOL…so any sale for the company is always good…hehehe.
    A friend of mine owns the print edition and he loves it, but his advice was, “Buy it only if it’s a requirement for a course.” I don’t know what he meant by that. Anyway, thanks for your feed back!

  16. Kent Hendricks says:

    There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on the AYBD.
    Also, keep in mind that the Logos edition is far more useful than the print edition, because it contains extensive tagging and linking, it’s searchable, and it integrates with the rest of the books in your library.