Logos: Rising Above a Sea of Apps

iphone-small.pngI love a good giveaway! The day Apple announced the iPad we decided it was something we needed to provide an opportunity to win. I spent some time on Apple’s site that day—reading their copy and watching the videos—and thinking through the implications of a more accessible, mass-market tablet. I did smile at the promise of 140,000 apps at your fingertips, from day one. I wondered, “What percentage of those apps will actually add value to owning an iPad?”

When iPhone’s software development kit (SDK) was made available to third-party developers in February 2008 it allowed them to create applications to be sold through Apple’s iTunes store. On November 29th, 2008 Apple celebrated reaching 10,000 apps in the iTunes App Store. By June 10, 2009 they were just shy of 50,000. It is a little more than seven months later and there are 134,215 applications currently available for download from iTunes. By the end of this year there is a projection that over 300,000 apps will be available for download. The app industry is a juggernaut and—with the introduction of the iPad—it shows no sign of slowing.

It would seem the iPhone ad slogan, “There’s an app for that” could not be more true. In fact, there is probably a couple apps for that. With over 100,000 apps there is no question that quite a few similar styled apps are vying for your attention, loyalty, and dollars. And then there are applications for things that are . . . to be quite honest . . . dumb. One app promises that the various types of inaudible high and low frequencies emitted by the app promote blood circulation around hair roots and under the scalp encouraging hair growth. Another promises to use the iPhone’s vibration utility to vibrate your love handles away. SilentLogic Studios, a company built entirely around iPhone app development, has a little productivity gem that generates office sounds—paper rustling, mouse clicks, keyboard taps, coughs, and pencil sharpeners—so that you can sleep in your cubicle in peace.

In a marketplace where there is an ever-widening gap between high-quality and filler, Logos Bible Software’s iPhone app is one of those remarkable applications that delivers unique value, productivity and excellence. What makes Logos’ iPhone app even more exceptional is its unbeatable price point . . . free! Having an application that delivers important, constructive components and content already raises Logos into the upper echelon of developers for iPhone apps, but then being willing to give it away? Well, that’s something else entirely.

One can not help but be impressed with features like:

These are just some of the free features that come with downloading the application. And if you simply sign up for a free Logos account you instantly add over 30 free books like the LEB English-Greek Reverse Interlinear, Commentary Critical & Explanatory on Whole Bible, and Strong’s Concise Dictionary of the Words of the Hebrew Bible and the Greek Testament.

That’s a lot of functionality and content for free. If that were all there was to the Logos app it would still be pretty impressive, awesome even—but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are a Logos 4 user, the iPhone app becomes a sophisticated Bible study machine. Many of the books in your library will become available* on your iPhone. Logos 4 syncs your library on your desktop, laptop and your iPhone or iPod Touch. It saves your last location in each of your books allowing you to leave your desk and pick up right where you left while you are on the go.

Many of the features that make Logos 4 such a powerful tool are available to you wherever you are when combined with the Logos app. With any Logos 4 package, your iPhone is capable of more immersive Greek and Hebrew word studies, and your Passage Guide collates the most relevant information in your library for every passage you are studying. The possibilities for personal and academic study, as well as preparation for sermons and other ministry opportunities are endless.

It’s funny, deciding what apps and content you are going to put on your iPhone is a lot like deciding how you are going to fill up your day. There is no end to the opportunities and temptations to either add value to—or diminish the value of—your time. If you look hard enough you will find those little items that make things a little simpler and make your day a little brighter and, just like in life, the best of them are free.

*Currently there are almost 3,500 Logos Bible Software titles that will work on the iPhone. More titles are being added regularly as we secure rights and convert titles.


  1. The real question is what does Logos on the iPad look like?

  2. I have been tinkering with the new Logos app and love it! Now when I am away from my office computer or don’t want to drag my bulky laptop everywhere I can just use my iPhone. While waiting at hospitals, for meetings, even at home, I have used the new app to continue my sermon work. I love it! Thanks Logos for making an excellent product even better with the iPhone app!

  3. Chris Myers says

    How do you register to win the iPad??

  4. Hey Chris,
    The first link in the blog takes you to the iPad giveaway page and the answer is right there.

  5. That’s a great question James.
    Our iPad app will be the functional equivalent of the iPhone app, but take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen size and have an interface that is more suitable to a larger format.
    Due to the way that the Apple application process operates, as well as the fact that we do not have access to any pre-production iPad devices some of the details are still being worked out.

  6. George Flanigan says

    Question with the Ipad can one use it not as a phone but just as Logos 4 . I already have a Blackberry Phone .

  7. George,
    The iPad is a tablet and not really a phone. The iPod Touch is another great way to go if you really are not in the market for a phone. You can run most of the iPhone apps on it. I have one, and it has become pretty important part of my day—from Bible study in the morning to tracking my productivity throughout the day.

  8. Justin Bradley says

    The iphone app is awesome. I just wish that there was something for the many logos users that dont use apple products. Most of the people i know use blackberry or windows mobile. Or get the library.logos.com updated with the same functionality becuase its not getting the job done for study on the go.

  9. Justin,
    Thanks for the comment. As you can imagine, we get all kinds of requests for an application in whatever format is used by the commenter. We are actively looking into other options.
    Library.Logos.com—which is available to anyone able to browse the web on any device—does provide you with access to your *personal library, Passage Guides, Word Studies, Text Comparison, and Search functionality.
    *This is from the 3500+ books we have the rights to offer in this format.

  10. How many books can you access with the iPhone app in the offline mode? I have noticed some books you can turn on the offline mode and they are available others you turn on the offline mode and they still are not accessable offline. Any suggestions?

  11. Joe,
    Thanks for the comment.
    There is currently around 3500 books available to be read on the iPhone, and every one of those resources should be available for offline reading if you have the license for them.
    You must have a Base Package in order to take advantage of offline reading. If you have a Base Package and you are still having troubles you might want to make sure that each resource is fully downloaded before you switch off the program. When you move the “Available Offline” slider to the on position you will still need to wait for the book to download. There is an arrow that points downward indicating that your resource is downloading and it turns to a white airplane when it is available for offline viewing. You might want to try downloading one resource at a time as it might be creating some issues downloading multiple items simultaneously.
    If this does not solve your issue you might want to head over to the Forums and post a thread there. Chances are, someone has experienced the same issues and might know of a solution or one of the dev team that frequents the Forum might have a suggestion for you.
    Thanks and God bless…

  12. David Parker says

    My questions:
    1. Does work on the iPad app slow down the work for Logos 4 on the Mac? I just went to Camp Logos and am just floored about the differences between version 4 on Windows and even version 3 on the Mac.
    2. I will be purchasing some mobile device for Logos 4 Mac when it is available — or when the Notes feature is implemented. I have been leaning to the MacBook Air. The iPad would be even more mobile, but I would need to know if Notes would be available — it doesn’t seem to be with the iPhone app — and would a strong internet connection be needed to get to my notes.
    3. Would the iPad app allow the user to cache books and *notes* when there is a broadband source (like at my house) for times when there is no internet connection, or a weak one, like when at most churches.

  13. Michael Lumpkin says

    Please add cut & paste features to the new iPad version. One of the kickers for me in using this product will be the usability of iWork. I, like many pastors, include bringing our reference info into a single document to work from the rest of the week. To take the iPad wherever and be able to do moderate typing while cutting and pasting resource info from Logos would be long-term goodness!

  14. Bob McKenney says

    OK. This was the last straw. The Logos 4 iPhone app caused me to give up my other smart phone and purchase and iPhone. The Logos 4 app alone made it worth it. Thank you Logos for creating such a great tool for ministry!

  15. Paul Burgess says

    Just bought a netbook to use for Theology Studies as I head back to college, at 55….shame the same feature and functionality isn’t available on that…I just can’t lug my main computer around to classes.

  16. David,
    Thanks for the comments.
    1. iPhone/iPad development is done by an entirely different team than Logos Mac development.
    2. I would not be surprised if you were to see notes in the iPhone app in the near future.
    3. The iPhone app already allows offline viewing of books (provided you have a base package.) The iPad app will definitely have that same functionality.

  17. Yudah Soetopo says

    Thank you Logos….
    Just wondering IF we put all our library to the IPhone Apps…. will it used up the memory? Can we ‘select’ certain books to be included?
    Thank you

  18. Yudah,
    Great question. As a default all books available from your library are available for viewing when you are connect to the internet. You can set whichever books you would like (provided you have a base package) to be read offline.