Logos 4: Searching an Author’s Books

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

If you’re like me, you have a favorite author. For me, I have a lot of A.W. Tozer books in print. Outside of the Bible, his writings have influenced my personal walk with the Lord more than any other author. But have you ever tried to find everything Tozer says about Psalm 42, or all that John Piper recorded about Ephesians 1? This type of research is impractical in print. With Logos 4, however, it’s practically instantaneous.

First, you want to make a collection of resources by a specific author:

  • Choose Tools | Collections
  • Click New
  • Name the collection something like Tozer Books or Piper Books
  • Type author:Tozer (where Tozer is the specific author) in the Start with box

All of the author’s books are listed in the Resulting Collection section. That’s all there is to making an author’s collection.

Now to search those resources for a biblical reference:

  • Choose Tools | Cited By
  • Click the Cited By panel menu and select the author’s collection to search
  • Type a reference in the Find box like Ps 42 or Eph 1
  • Click the search arrow (or press the Enter key)

Listed will be every occurrence of the reference in your favorite author’s works. I only wish I had this when I was turning hundreds of pages looking for that perfect Tozer insight!


  1. Stanley Brown says

    I am having on problem with Logos 4 that i don’t have with Logos 3 and that is copying excerpts from books so that I can compare statements and opinions on scripture and subjects. Sometimes I want to quote an author but it seems you can only copy quotations from Logos 3, Logos 4 only lets me copy quotes from my bibles. Am I doing something wrong? When working offline there is no help on how to accomplish these tasks. I had that problem preparing a funeral eulogy and there was a small poem I wanted to quote but I could not copy it to word. So I typed it word for word, with notations for the author. I am still sometimes just having trouble finding books by various authors, although I have favorite authors I don’t like to be over familiarized with just one so that God can work with me but sometimes that’s all i can find w/Logos 4. I’ve had it since day one but it’s just not clickin so i spend more time w/Logos 3. Not complaining just a little frustrated

  2. Chester Estes Jr says

    Mo, wow oh wow! What a Bible Logos 4 is and I cannot wait for you to show me how to us it. I’ve bought both MProctor Training Manuals (1/2) and am working through them, presently. I am looking to be in Seminar at Mid-America in 10/’10(?). Mean time, wow! Are you working on DVD for L-4? If so, when will it be available?
    Oh, too, is there a source for Morris’ “Tips, Tricks and Teezers” (my take on your expertise) either in print or DVD/CD? Stay safe and stay in touch. God Bless. c.
    chester >> “This FISH never looks left – always to the Right!”
    AFA/AFR Volunteer Engineer L-1, 91.7fm, Decatur MS

  3. Thanks for posting this handy tip.

  4. Hi Stanley,
    Copying and pasting a selection still works in Logos 4, though complete printing functionality from Logos 3 has not been implemented. While trying to copy and paste an excerpt from a non-Bible book in Logos 4, highlight your desired section and hit keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C. Then in your word processor, hit Ctrl + V to paste the section. (You can also use the right-click popup menu.) We are working to release betting printing support (Second Quarter 2010).
    As for searching for authors, when you have your Library open, toggle the View button in order to arrange your books by categories. You should automatically see an Author category, but if not, right-click any category and you can select it in the popup menu. Then, click Author to browse your library by author.

  5. WENDELL LEE says

    i am so new at logos 4! i get so lost at times. i sometime wonder if i made a good choice in purchasing logos4? it like i purchase this program for help with my studies in school and i find out i am needing help this program more than my studies. some of the is here, some of it isn’t..Lord help me.

  6. I cannot select a collection under Cited By. They are all grayed out.
    Also, when I enter a search word and then select search – it changes the search query to todays date.

  7. Hi Wendell,
    As you can see, there is a learning curve with Logos 4. We have tried to equip Logos 4 users with as much training material as possible in order to get familiar and comfortable with the new interface. If you are not aware of our training resources, let me name a few. We have:

    If possible, I would highly recommend attending Camp Logos. They are the best way to learn how to get the most out of your investment. In a couple months, Morris will be holding Camp Logos in Philadelphia, PA., just a couple hours north of you.
    As you work through these materials to better familiarize yourself with Logos 4, please keep in mind that you can continue to use Logos 3 alongside Logos 4 in order to get your work done in a timely manner.

  8. Hi Keith,
    The grayed out collections indicate the verse(s) you are searching for are not cited in your particular collections. Try revising your search query and see if your search yields results.
    For a demonstration of the Cited By Tool, watch the free training video of the same name.

  9. James Harrington says

    Hi Morris,
    The collections tool didn’t work for me. I have 12 of the “Be..” series by warren W. Wiersbe and followed your instructions, but the only works that came up were three: The Complete Word Study Bible, The Elements of Preaching, and, Prayer: Basic Training. Everything else was not in the “resulting collection.” What am I doing wrong? Your help is appreciated.
    Jim Harrington

  10. Hi James,
    In the Start with resources matching: box, do not put a space between author: and “author’s name.” That is, use author:warren or author:wiersbe instead of author: warren.
    I duplicated your results when a space was inserted. Removing the space gave me the more accurate list, yielding all the Warren Wiersbe books I own.
    From there, you can drag and drop the few titles you mentioned above to the – Minus these resources: section to remove them from your collection.

  11. Colin W. Brathwaite says

    I have tried to make a library of EG White’s books by just using the authors name you only get a limited number of books. Any suggestions.

  12. Thanks Adam.
    Here’s what I get.
    I open John MacArthur’s “The Gospel According to the Apostles” and go to chapter 5 which discusses repentance. I highlight the word “repentance”, then go to “Tools”, “Cited By”, it puts the text “Surah 9” (which I have no idea what that means.)
    If I try to change it to “repentance” – it changes it back to “Surah 9”.
    Little perplexed here…

  13. Keith,
    Thanks for clarifying. The Cited By Tool is for finding places in your library where a specific Bible reference or passage (such as John 3:16) is cited.
    To find where a word like repentance is used, you will want to run a Basic Search. You can run this search on all open resources, your entire library, or on a collection you have created, like a MacArthur collection. I hope that helps.