Logos 4: Instant Concordance

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

One of the most popular types of Bible study is concordance work. A concordance is a book that lists every time a word appears in the Bible. For example, you can use a concordance to locate the word love all throughout the Bible.

By reading various verses about love you gain a greater understand of what love is, whom we’re to love, what we’re not to love, and so on. In Logos Bible Software 4 you want to utilize the Search feature for your concordance work. Here’s how easy it is to locate every time a word appears in the Bible:

  • Click the Search icon on the Logos toolbar
  • Select Bible as the search type
  • Select All Passages for the search range
  • Select a Bible to search like the English Standard Version
  • Type a word in the Find box like joy
  • Click the Search arrow

Almost instantly Logos lists every occurrence of the word. Click a Bible reference in the list to jump to that location. This search features provides you with an exhaustive concordance for every Bible in your library!


  1. Roy Peacock says:

    Does LOGOS 4 have something similar to the Englishman’s Concordance found in previous versions?

  2. Stu Heiss says:

    Can one create a verse list similar to Young’s Analytical Concordance using a method like this? What would be the steps? How might you tie this to BDAG or HALOT?

  3. Hi Roy,
    In Logos 4, simply right-click on a word and select Search this resource, and you will get a search result list giving you every occurrence of the selected word.

  4. Don Filcek says:

    Unless I am missing something, this still doesn’t produce an Englishman’s Concordance because it is looking for the English word instead of the Greek or Hebrew Word occurance. Even when I have tried this int he interlinear it still only produces occurances of the english word in the english text rather than tracking with the Greek or Hebrew word which is the whole point. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Hi Don,
    Sorry, after you right-click on the word, find Lemma on the right side and click it. Then, click Search this resource to the left and you should have a Search results list of all occurrences of your word.

  6. Can the concordance be instructed to search any Bible translation found in my Bible study package? I have and prefer the English Standard Version, but could not find it in the list in the concordance search.

  7. Bret Avlakeotes says:

    In version 3 I could use “find” to find a word in an open window. If I was in a passage it would continue finding the word through book as i requestd. I have not found an equivalent “find” in version 4. I don’t want to have use the “search” everytime I need to find a word in an open window.

  8. Hi Bret,
    Right click on the word in your book you want to find matches for, and in the pop-up menu, select Search this resource. This will highlight the word throughout your open resource. Or, you can use in the active window to bring up a Find box. Then type your word and it will find the closest match in the section of the book you’re in. You can then use the up or down arrows to find other matches. Hope that helps.

  9. Doug Bassett says:

    I went through the steps above exactly for the word “Love” but zero results were returned. Only if I enter Love in the Home search field and hit “GO” do I get some results (4). Platinum version on Windows 7.

  10. Hi Doug,
    I have tested the same steps Morris provides and i get 745 results for love. If you try again and get zero results once more, please give our customer service department a call at 800-875-6467 and they can make sure your software is indexed correctly.

  11. I have the same problem as Doug Bassett. I did exactly as the procedures said. but there are no results. however, i see that if I change the version to NLT it works. however ESV and NAS95 among others do not work. is there something wrong with my index? I’m using Logos 4 on Vista.

  12. Hi Simon,
    It very well could be an indexing issue. The first thing to do is to check your version of Logos 4 under Help | About Logos Bible Software. The latest version is 4.0a SR-3. If you do not have that, in the Command Bar, type update now and hit enter. (Before doing so, make sure Logos 4 is connected to the internet and under Tools | Program Settings, Automatically Download Updates and Use Internet should be set to Yes.)
    After the update is complete, return to the Command Bar and type rebuild index. Now depending on the size of your library, this can take some time, so rebuild the index at a time you will not need to use your computer, possibly overnight.
    If after reindexing, you still have this issue, please give Customer Service a call at 800-875-6467 and they can help you further.

  13. I don’t get anything on my Mac either.

  14. Actually I have version 4.0a SR-2 ( however when I typed update now I get a box that says “No Updates Available” Both “Automatically download” update and “Use internet” are checked as “Yes”
    should I try to reindex wihtou updating or is there another flag I need to toggle to update?

  15. Simon,
    First download the latest version of Logos 4. Then, reindex with the steps I provided before. If you are still not able to update, please call Customer Service and they can help further.

  16. Lloyd Claycomb says:

    I don’t see Lemma anywhere. But I think I found another way to do it:
    With the KJV Bible open,
    1. Right click the word you want to do an Englishman’s search on
    2. Left click “Strong’s” on the right half of the dialog box
    3. Left click “Search this Resource”
    And it should pop up. Not exactly the same as Logos 3, but it still works. I think I might like it better because now I can add other versions besides the KJV.
    This is what I found to work, but this might not be the best way.

  17. When I search the NIV for holiness, I get 675 some odd references, but the majority are for the word holy… I know they are almost synonymous, but I want Logos to search for the specific word I enter and not provide me with all the words in a word group. How do I limit the search to the specific word? I have been using Bible Gateway for this but it would be great if Logos would limit the search to what I am actually looking for, without having to go through a huge list to cull out what I need.


  18. RC Olsen says:

    I would still be just as pleased to actually have the Strong’s Concordance. I know how to use it, I like the way it works, and I just want my software to enable that.
    I’ll note that following the various suggestions above don’t get me anywhere near the level of information Strong’s gives you, particularly if you are working off the Strong’s number.