Logos 4: Display Your Books by Type

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

You no doubt have at least one bookshelf in your home or office that houses your books. In Logos 4 you have an electronic bookshelf simply called the Library. This amazing tool allows you to display your resources any way you want including by Type of resource. The Type classification is an internal organization of books as developed by Logos. In other words, you can see all of your Bibles together, all of your grammars, and so forth. Here’s how to use it:

  • Press Ctrl + L to open the library in a floating window
  • Right click on a column heading of information such as Author or Title (if these various columns are not appearing click the View icon to toggle between a simple and detailed view)
  • Select Type (right click any column heading for a drop down menu of various categories of information that can be displayed)
  • Once the Type column is displayed you can drag that column heading to a different position within the headings
  • Click the Type heading and you’ll see a little arrow icon appear next to it indicating this category is controlling the display of resources

As you look in the display area you’ll see various types of resources including Bible, Grammar, Lectionary, and so on.

If you just want to see your Bibles in the Library enter this in the Find box:


To locate your harmonies enter:


To discover your timelines type:


Please remember this Type filter can also be used to make your search collections!


  1. Michael Fuentes says:

    I love it! Logos keeps getting better…

  2. Now if only I could organize my library search RESULTS that way, that’ would be great! (and to be able to collapse individual books as well). Currently when my results return 20 pages worth of finds, I rarely make it beyond page 2 before becoming overwhelmed…
    I’m really enjoying my new Logos 4, but I do wish the “Entire Library” search was more practical in that way…just a suggestion for future updates.
    Thanks for the blogs!

  3. Thanks for posting these tips!

  4. Johnny,
    Yes you can organize your library search RESULTS that way (at least in a similar way). All you have to do is create your own collections and custome Bible study guides. At least that’s how I do it. I have created collections (e.g. theological volumes, comentaries in Spanish, commentaries in english, Dictionaries, favorite author, etc.) when I want to search a particular term within those resources, I click on the search “my commentaries in Spanish” and I only get results contained within those resources. I hope this helps.

  5. This is really helpful thanks!

  6. I have been using Wordsearch 9 for a long time even though I’ve had Logos in the Libronix format. I rarely used Logos. Since upgrading to Logos 4 I rarely use Wordsearch 4. Even though I have alot of the same resources in WS9 the Logos 4 set is powerful and rather intuative. Now, I am a Mac user. So let’s go Logos, get that Mac format done!

  7. Thank you for your suggestions. Yes, I am familiar with that option and it is a helpful tool. But sometimes I really do want to search my entire library, I just want to be able to organize those result and seek out the information I want more efficiently.
    And even with searching within predefined collections, it would still be nice to have the ability to collapse my results, to get to information faster, and view them by “type” or by “author” the way I can when looking at my library…
    Thanks for your comment though :)