How to Change Your CD-ROM Pre-Pub Orders to Downloads

Change Your CD-ROM Pre-Pub Orders to Downloads

Whether you use Libronix or you’ve upgraded to Logos 4, downloads are the better delivery method when you place Pre-Pub orders. Installation is faster and easier. You don’t pay for shipping costs. And you can get your books the moment they’re available. There’s no need to wait for a CD-ROM to be mailed.

If you’re a Logos 4 user especially, downloads make the most sense. Logos 4 is a powerful web-based application. Installing new resources from CD-ROMs to Logos 4 takes extra time and adds several steps to the installation process. However, if you download your new books, you’ll receive them automatically as soon as they are available. You don’t need to do anything. It just works.

This past week, we created download options for all Pre-Pubs that were previously CD-ROM only, and launched a new tool you can use to change all your pre-orders to downloads at the click of a button.

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit the Downloadable Pre-Pubs Tool page. (Make sure you’re logged in.)
  • You will see the list of your CD-ROM Pre-Pub orders.
  • Simply click the Submit button, and you’re all set.

Even better, when you convert your Pre-Pub orders to download, you’ll still get the same price for which you originally pre-ordered them. Pre-Pub prices often go up over time, but you will still pay your original price. For example, if you pre-ordered the CD-ROM of Hengstenberg’s Commentary on the Psalms for $20, you can still get the download today for $20, even though the price has gone up. Nothing changes except for you how receive your Pre-Pubs—via download instead of a shipped CD-ROM.

Please note that this process is irreversible. Once you have changed your orders to the download option, they cannot be changed back easily.

We have also created new download options for the following Pre-Pubs. If you haven’t yet placed your pre-order, do it soon!

Head on over to the Downloadable Pre-Pubs Tool page to change all your Pre-Pub orders to downloads now!


  1. Great! I had cancelled my Hebrew Pron. Addin order because no download was available, but when I saw the download option, I re-placed my order. Thanks! I must confess I was against downloads, but when I experienced how convenient they were, now it’s all downloads for me. I wish the IVP Reference and other bundles and collections had a download option also. But anyway, for now, Hebrew Pron. Addin should do. Thanks!

  2. I am not experienced in computer literacy. I have lost my files before and only revived them with a CD or DVD. The thought of lossing something without a backup frightened me. I prefer to order the DVD for backup. Shipping and handling is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Can I have both methods available to me?

  3. Kent Hendricks says

    Good news! With Logos 4, your software is automatically kept up to date. If your computer crashes, all your books will automatically re-download with the latest version.

  4. Kent Hendricks says

    We are working on creating download options for every book we sell. All Pre-Pubs are now downloadable, as well as several hundred new books and collections.
    Most of the remaining exceptions are third party products. We are working with our publishing partners to make these books and collections available for download as well, and we’ll do so when we’re contractually able.

  5. Greg Sarwinski says

    Does this mean that if I buy a new box (computer) that I don’t need to worry about transferring the info from one hard disk to the other? Logos 4 works just fine on this machine, but it takes FOREVER for the home page to load. That is the same case with the passage guide when I am doing my daily Bible reading. The Bible reading section is open and waiting for me, but the passage guide is–to quote the computer from the original Star Trek TV show: “Working.”

  6. Kent Hendricks says

    That’s right. If you buy a new computer, download Logos 4, and log in, all of your resources will begin downloading automatically. You won’t need to worry about transferring anything from your old hard drive to the new one, or try to find your old installation disks. Everything works automatically and will always be up to date. You don’t need to do anything.
    Remember, Logos 4 is a powerful, web-based application. Check out the System Requirements to learn more about the optimal configuration for your system.

  7. Our ADSL download server is very slow and when we downloaded the upgrade to logos 4 it took 60 hours to download. I am therefore not keen to do anymore large downloads as we also have power cuts in South Africa and i would hate to have one happen while downloading.

  8. Kent Hendricks says

    You can get updates shipped to you on the Logos 4 Media Only DVD. We update this DVD every few weeks with the most recent build of the resources and of the software itself.
    It’s not quite as up-to-date as the automatic downloads, but it is an option for users without a reliable internet connection.

  9. David Emme says

    As always, as much money as some of us spenmd at Logos-it is good to see I spent several hundred dollars on a product-nice to see something in your hands.
    Sometimes when I do the easy prepub it orders in download. Is there something I can do to change this?

  10. Kent Hendricks says

    The easy pre-order button will order the download. To pre-order the CD-ROM, you’ll need to go to the product page and click on the order button next to the CD-ROM.