Hundreds of Baker Books Coming Soon to Pre-Pub!

Baker Announces Partnership with Logos Bible Software

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Baker Books and Logos Bible Software. In the next few weeks, we will begin to convert hundreds upon hundreds of Baker titles into our electronic format. This list includes brand new releases, commentary series, bestsellers, and top books from the field of biblical scholarship and theological study.

This is a major partnership, and one of the biggest agreements we’ve ever reached with a publisher. So big, in fact, that if you’ve ever requested a Baker title, it will more than likely appear on the Pre-Pub page in the coming weeks.

For years, Baker has published books and ministry resources for pastors and church leaders, concentrating on topics such as preaching, worship, pastoral ministries, counseling, and leadership. Their academic division publishes scholarly works in the field of biblical studies, history, theology, and more. The new partnership with Baker means that you’ll soon be able to add many of these books to your digital library.

The first books have already been posted on the Pre-Pub page, and this is only the beginning:

Here’s what you can do:

  • Pre-order the books you’d like to add to your library! Just like other Pre-Pubs, we will begin converting the titles to our format once we have enough interest in the project. Place your pre-order to move each collection along.
  • Support the project. By pre-ordering, you are also sending a message to Baker that you’re interested in seeing more of their books available in Logos.
  • Stay on top of the titles. You can be the first to know when new Baker titles are posted by subscribing to the Pre-Pub feed. As soon as a new title is posted, you’ll see it right away in your RSS reader.
  • Send your suggestions to for any Baker books you’d like to see. Although we can almost guarantee that your title will appear on Pre-Pub very soon, your feedback will help us prioritize our work and shape the direction of the partnership.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Pre-Pub page to check out the new books!


  1. Are you guys planning to post bundles or individual books ? I would love to see some sort of bundle pack.

  2. One of the claims to fame for Logos books is how much cheaper they are than the electronic. These Baker books look like they are more expensive. Are the prices going to be a little more competitive? A typical Kindle books is 9.99, and the hard copy through Amazon is cheaper than the Logos equivalent.
    Who’s Afraid of PostModernism
    Retail; $17.99
    Logos: $17.00
    Amazon paperback: $12.23
    Amazon Kindle: $9.99
    WTS Books: $11.51
    Not much of a savings from Logos and much better savings from Amazon or Westminster.

  3. Is there any chance of us getting a discount when we purchase a Baker book in pre-publication?

  4. David Cortes-Fuentes says:

    This is good. I like many of Baker’s books, especially the academic publications. For sure I will be looking in the pre-publication page and update some of my hardcopy books.

  5. What exciting news! Another great publisher! Keep up the good work!

  6. Anonymous says:

    How come the books are all at list price? Not much incentive to pre-order…

  7. This is awesome. Please, though, keep us posted on what books are released when they are. If “hundreds” of Baker books are indeed coming, they’ll get lost in the plethora of books already waiting to get out of Pre-pub.

  8. Kent Hendricks says:

    We’re still looking into collections and bundles. Keep an eye on the Pre-Pub page.

  9. Why are there no price breaks on the Baker PrePubs?

  10. I would like to see the “Advance Hebrew Supplement” on download format. After all, the disc says is for version 3.0 and we’re already in Logos 4 – why install libronix so Logos 4 can read it when we could just download that bundle and others and save the process of installing and re-installing libronix 3.0. This is a great suggestion for all the bundles and disks that still run on 3.0. I mean, I’ve seen all the books (HALOT, Theological Lexicon of the O.T., etc.) that come in the bundle as individual downloads, so why not put a link to download them as a bundle and save some shipping and handling and waiting time. Again, this is just a suggestion, there’s probably a reason why you haven’t done it yet. Anyway, I may just wait and buy it when is available for download. Thanks Logos!

  11. Great news! Go for Crossway next

  12. Great news! Very excited about this and the Zondervan agreement!

  13. I look forward to the other 6 volumes of BECNT that aren’t currently available…

  14. Dan Pritchett says:

    There is a thread on the Logos Forums about this topic, that would be a great place to jump in and be a part of the discussion.
    To get straight to the answer to your question you might want to start with Logos’ president’s post:

  15. Bill, Dan P. answered that in a post above your with a link.

  16. Dan P. answered that in a post above your with a link.

  17. JM, Dan P. answered that in a post above your with a link.

  18. basilides says:

    Good news, but please finish all your other more important (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) pre-pubs first, namely, the much needed “Göttingen Septuagint” (65 Vols.) and the “Septuagint and Hebrew/Aramaic Index to the Septuagint,” which, incidentally, has been under development for about three years now! “Under” is the right word.

  19. Kent Hendricks says:

    Thanks for your comment. For the bundles, like the Advanced Hebrew Supplement, we physically bundle the products, ship them to you, and give you a discount. Downloads present licensing issues that we are still looking into resolving.

  20. Hello, Basilides. I tried to reply to your other comment about the Gottingen Septuagint, but the email addresses you provide don’t seem to be real.
    I know waiting is hard when there’s a book you’re really interested in, but the Hebrew/Aramaic Index was only posted on the pre-pub page in January 2008, and it only had enough orders to change from ‘gathering interest’ to the ‘under development’ status around May/June of 2009, so it’s been less than a year ‘under development’. Files are back from keying and we’ve been discussing the value-added tagging we’re going to do to this book, so it is progressing.