10 Reasons I Love Working at Logos

It was recently announced that Logos is included on BCWI’s 2010 Best Christian Workplaces list. As I was writing the press release about the news, I couldn’t help but think about how grateful I am to work at such an amazing company. Logos truly is a great place to work. In particular, here are 10 reasons I love working at Logos:
Note: If after reading this post you think you’d love working here too, then you’ll be happy to know we’re hiring!

  1. Passion – The people at Logos are a passionate bunch. From syntax to source code, design to delivery, there is likely someone at Logos who is passionate about that area and working to deliver the very best to our customers.
  2. Software – This is a pretty selfish one, but if you’re a Logos user you’ll know where I’m coming from. I love our software and I love building my digital library. While I’m not giving you the exact details, let’s just say that the software perks for employees is very nice.
  3. Challenges – Logos isn’t interested in the status quo. It is great to work in a place that has fun, but at the same time drives you to deliver the very best.
  4. Fun – The first snow day of every year Bob buys everyone soup. Every summer we have a huge company picnic, complete with bouncy house, climbing wall, and amazing food. Five times a year we have a company wide cook-off. We have a bike shop in the office. Free childcare during the Christmas party. The occasional company outing to see a Bells game. Ping-pong table, scooters, free coffee and snacks, the list goes on and on. We work hard around here, but there is also a lot of fun to be had.
  5. EntrepreneurshipBob Pritchett, Logos’ president, is an entrepreneur and that spirit seeps down into every department in Logos. Forging new ground and pushing the envelope of possibility means there is rarely a dull moment around here.
  6. Vision – The saying goes, “Go big or go home.” I love being in a place that has an enormous vision for the future. More than that, it is having the courage and wisdom to actually seize that vision. Being in that environment is pretty inspiring.
  7. People – There are a lot of great people at Logos. Not only that, there are a lot of brilliant people at Logos. Whether you need an expert in Semitic Languages, data systems, literature, programming, or even UFOs, there is probably one right around the corner. And, yes, we really do have a expert on UFOs here.
  8. Benefits – As we say on our jobs page, we offer competitive compensation and a comprehensive benefits package including healthcare, dental care, and 401(k). Gotta love that.
  9. Innovation – eBooks are a hot topic these days. But Logos has been in the digital publishing industry for over 18 years now. While everyone seems to be oohing and aahing over basic eReaders, Logos is constantly pushing the envelope of what can be done with a digital library. We’re pushing into new platforms, delivering content on the web, mobile devices, Macs, PCs, iPhone. This isn’t just about digital books. Logos is leading the way in digital library systems and research.
  10. Customers – I absolutely love hearing about how Logos has helped our customers get more from their time studying God’s Word. Every day I see things on Twitter, Facebook, the blog, and elsewhere about how much Logos means to our customers. For me, this is a huge reason I love working here. I love knowing that I work on a product that truly helps people study the Bible.

I guess I share all this not to toot-our-own-horn, but to let you know that while you love using Logos Bible Software to study God’s Word, we love creating it for you. Logos is a great company that is committed to delivering the best Bible study software in the world. Logos loves its customers and it loves its employees. That’s a pretty good combination if you ask me.
And don’t forget, we’re hiring!

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  1. Ryan and in my dealings with Logos over the years proves what you are stating time and time again. Plus you are in a pretty beautiful part of the country. :)

  2. Martin Weber says

    I can personally affirm what a great place Logos is. As an editor, I toured the facility recently and met everybody, including the tech support people. Everyone seemed to love what they were doing. It was a place of genuine spirituality and busy purpose–yet lots of relationality among staffers and caring, starting with the CEO. Great blend of high tech and high touch. If I wasn’t needed where I am, I would definitely want to work there.
    Martin Weber,
    Editor of Outlook magazine
    Assistant to the prez, Mid-America region of Seventh-day Adventists

  3. Great post! Here are my 10 reasons why I would like to be a part of Logos – Don’t panic, I’m not turning in my résumé…hehehe:
    1. Software – Yes, I, too, would love to build my library some more. While I’m not giving away any details, Logos has given me the oportunity to add some extra great quality resources to my library, but I’m sure that if I worked with them, the resources would just keep adding up…LOL
    2. Spreading the Logos 4 bug – what I mean by that is to make sure everybody (both english & spanish in my case) hears the news about Logos and what a great tool for Bible study it is.
    3. Benefits – Yes, I wouldn’t mind having some.
    4. Team-work environment – I’m sure every body has their own responsibility, but I’m also sure that team-work plays a big role to keep a big company going for so long.
    5. Great time – I really enjoy reading about the picnics and cook-offs and days at the office. I’m sure all that really motivates those who work at Logos. I can cook a mean salsa too.
    6. Learning – Working there must be a great learning experience.
    7. Giving my best and then some – The challenges must be so that giving the best and then some is the ONLY option. My two favorite quotes are: “Use your talents or lose them!” & “To get there early is on time and showing up on time is late.”
    8. Customers – “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them… ” (Matthew 7:12, ESV)
    9. Long term commitment – It must be nice for some to be able to say they’ve been with the company for 18 years…But, it’d be even nicer to say you retired in a company after working a life-time with them.
    10. Help the great comission – Logos 4 is a great tool to help accomplish this task. Christ said, “Go and make disciples…” What better way to do this than using the software to prepare life changing lessons for those who are lost without Christ.
    Alright, that’s all folks! Have a great day!

  4. David Buckham says

    HA! So I got an email in my junk email address, which Logos does not have, for Facade the Book. Since it was my junk email address I downloaded the free chapter. I don’t think I read the chapter and I thought I won’t order this as it was probably written by some crazy. I think I will go back and read it now. And now that I know Facade is connected to a Logos employee I want to go order it…and my birthday is coming up!
    all about Christ,

  5. David Garrett says

    Sounds like a great place to work. I’ve been a software engineer for almost 25 years, mainly Windows, and have lately dabbled in programming for the MAC and iPhone. I love Logo’s software, love the Lord, and love Bible study. I’m currently waiting for the Greek video training pre-pub. I’m excited to learn Greek and Hebrew. I would send in my resume, but my wife says it is too cold in Bellingham. She does agree it is very beautiful there. We currently live in Southern California.
    In Christ,

  6. Ryan, your post, all that you said, is reflected in your product.
    A month ago, I ‘jumped in’ and grabbed the Logos4 Mac (yes, Mac!) product. I know it’s Alpha, but after doing all (years’ worth, actually) the research, I just felt like it was the way I wanted to go. Boy, am I glad I did. Okay, it (the Mac Alpha) may yet lack a few features, but what’s there is well-designed, well thought-out and shows great attention to detail and functionality. It works, I love it, and obviously I’m thrilled beyond words. (And needless to say, my favorite new thrill is to watch for the L4 updates to roll on down!)
    Before pastoring, I spent more than ten years heading up very large testing departments for two Fortune 100 companies (not at the same time–ha!), so I have some idea of what it takes to get this stuff out the door, and I’m impressed. (Yes, I get ThinkGeek’s email newsletters too!)
    For all these reasons, I’m very glad you love where you work. My hat’s off to you and the whole team. Thanks for making Logos4, the first thing I look at in the morning (after my Corn Flakes). You’ve all made me a better pastor… and a better Christian too, I think.
    Many blessings to you all.
    Don Godwin