100,000 Downloads of the Logos Bible Software iPhone App

iphoneee.pngWe hit a major milestone this week when our iPhone Bible app was downloaded for the 100,000th time. Launched only four months ago, the Logos Bible Software app has received praise from The Unofficial Apple Weblog, The Apple Blog, AppShouter, and countless individuals who have left comments and feedback in the app store. Which reminds me, If you currently use the app and have never rated the app in the app store, please take a moment and do so. Let us, and others, know what you think of the app.

With 100,000 downloads in just four months, we’re thrilled that so many people are taking advantage of this free download to enhance the study of God’s Word. If you haven’t grabbed the free iPhone Bible app, what are you waiting for? Perhaps you’re someone who got the app a couple months ago, but hasn’t looked at it since. If that’s you, give it another look. Make sure you’ve got the latest version as there are some great new features we’ve added, like offline reading.

If you want to take a look at the app, here is a video demo we put together:

While we hit the 100,000 download mark, here are some other interesting stats from our first four months:

  • There are over 25,000 users weekly
  • Peak usage is at 8:00 AM PST on Sundays
  • 74% of users are on an iPhone, 26% on iPod touch
  • “love” is the most common search term
Are you getting it all?

Along with these stats, we have noticed that about 23% of people don’t sign in while using the app. If you’re one of them, you’re missing out! Like the video mentions, signing in to the app with a free Logos.com account gives you access to an additional 31 Bible study resources and a more rich app experience. Also, if you’re a Logos 4 customer and sign in, many of the titles you own are accessible via the app.

Also, we recently added some functionality to our product pages on Logos.com and now you can see if your favorite titles are available for the iPhone. Simply go to a product page and if the resource is iPhone enabled, you’ll see this icon:

Screen shot 2010-02-25 at 7.44.35 PM.png

What about _____?

Now, before the comment section gets filled with everyone asking when we’re coming out with an app for the BlackBerry, Droid, or any other popular mobile device, let me just say that we don’t have any firm plans at this time. We do, however, have a solution that works on all web enabled devices. Pick up your phone and check out http://library.logos.com. While it is still under development, it will allow you access to Logos from any mobile device.


  1. Congrats! The app is awesome, just like anything we expect from Logos!

  2. I am fussy about what applications I use, especially what to put on my iPhone. I travel extensively in my ministry and have Logos 4 on my Mac notebook, but on the iPhone… one of the best moves I made. That is an 11 out of 10 score as far as I am concerned.

  3. Bob McKenney says

    This is the reason I decided to buy the iPhone and I am so glad I did. An amazing ministry tool in my pocket! Thank you.

  4. Kevin Hardy says

    This will be a great app for the iPad. Will you be developing it more for the iPad?

  5. I’m a Palm Pre and iPod Touch user and I’ve benefited from both. On my Pre, library.logos.com works pretty well. I think my favorite feature is how each book stays synced with wherever I was when I last opened the book. On the Touch the interface is a bit more polished, so I do like it there better, but I’m just limited by being at a place with WiFi or using an offline book.
    Another thing I like about library.logos.com is that it in a sense gives me access to all my book wherever I’m at where there’s a computer with web access. I’ve been able to use it in my browser (Chrome for Mac) and it worked! Morris Peterson mentioned that a webapp is in the works to make the software even more ubiquitous. That’s exciting!
    Keep up the great work! I’ve been a logos user for almost 15 years and I’ve been VERY impressed with every update.

  6. Keith Herndon says

    I have been disappointed with this app as most of the commentaries that I use on Logos 4 are not available on the ipod.

  7. What about _____?
    We do, however, have a solution that works on all web enabled devices. Pick up your phone and check out http://library.logos.com. While it is still under development, it will allow you access to Logos from any mobile device.
    Please explain this further. This came down quickly and nicely on my Dell Axim X51v. How do I interpret that last sentence: “While it is under development, it will allow you access to Logos from any mobile device.” Does this mean that once it is DEVELOPED, we will no longer have access through such devices as my X51v? Hope it will always be available; this is WOW! I’ve been asking this for a few years; even wrote Bob P. about this once. Many thanks to you all for this.

  8. Ken Mazon says

    How about a free app for the Palm Pre WebOS?

  9. Sorry to hear that Keith. We’re working with all our publishing partners to get more and more titles released for viewing within the iPhone. Hopefully we’ll get more of your favorite commentaries in the near future.

  10. Sorry for any confusion there. I was attempting to state that http://library.logos.com is still being developed, meaning it isn’t a finished product yet. It was more of a disclaimer than anything. Once it is finished, you should still have access to the site from any web enabled device.

  11. Michael Valley says

    I love LOGOS 4 on my iPhone. It is easy to use and fast. Will I be able to copy from my LOGOS App. to email or my Notepad in the future?

  12. A.Rivera says

    Are there any apps coming out for other smartphone.. i would love to download this app to my nexus one (android)

  13. Jim Christian says

    Please develope a app for the BlackBerry. I have bought some text from Amazon Kendal and have donloaded them on the BlackBerry.

  14. Rory Lennox says

    I have been using the I-touch and have a Logos 4 account. The only problem is with so many options and so much information at my finger tips I have to go back to the tutorial regularly to see all the great features I have forgotten to take advantage of. It is a really great App. Thank-you Logos.

  15. I do have a droid. Can anyone direct me on how to find Greek and Hebrew Vocab Flash Cards as well as OT Hebrew and NT Greek texts?