Upgrade Illustrated

180.jpgWe offer some great deals at Logos, but Phil’s post yesterday reminded me exactly how amazing the deal is when you upgrade your Logos base package. While Phil did all the number crunching, I thought I’d show you exactly what we’re talking about here.

In the picture here, you’ll see me standing next to four stacks of books. That’s 180 books to be exact. To help you gain a little perspective on how tall those stacks are, I’m 6’2″. Now, these stacks represent the number of new resources you get when you crossgrade from Scholar’s 3 to Scholar’s 4. As Phil pointed out yesterday, that crossgrade will only cost $127.50 (or even less*). Can you imagine walking into your neighborhood bookstore, carting all these books to the cash register, and saying, “I’ve only got $127.50. Will that be enough?”

Now, Phil’s post went on to explain that when you upgrade from Scholar’s 3 to Scholar’s Gold 4 you get more than 650 new resources for only $720 (or even less*). At the bookstore, that looks something like this:


While $720 is a bit of a price jump from $127.50, keep in mind that we’re talking about 650 resources. Not to mention that just one commentary set in the package (New American Commentary (37 Vols.)) would cost you nearly $720 all by itself… and you’ll be getting more than 600 more resources on top of this. What an amazing deal!

Then, there was Phil’s final comparison, upgrading from Scholar’s 3 to Scholar’s Platinum 4. In this upgrade you get nearly 950 new resources for only $907.54 (or even less*). That’s $.96 per volume and, in print, looks something like this:


Sure, quantity isn’t everything. Which is why I loved how Phil pointed out just a few of the quality resources from each package that prove the point that upgrading to Logos 4 is simply an amazing deal.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, today’s a great day to do it! Simply visit www.logos.com/upgrade to see the custom upgrade price for you.

* Your upgrade price might be even lower based on several factors. Visit our customized upgrade discounter to see your low prices. Also, these pictures are representative and the stacks do not contain the exact titles included in the base package upgrades. At 180 books, we disrupted our electronic text development department enough just making the first stack. Also, in case you couldn’t tell, we had to photoshop the stacks for 650 and 950. While we certainly have enough books in the building, we really started to feel bad for being such a distraction and, honestly, we were pretty afraid of seeing 950 books accidentally fall over on the floor. So, we hope you “get the picture.”


  1. Awesome!!

  2. Matthew C Jones says

    I just LOVE it! But my wife still doesn’t “get the picture” about how many hardbacks she does not have to look at on the shelves. You see, I upgraded to the Portfolio package. (You can put them all back now.)

  3. Why do I see a pattern in the stacks of books?

  4. I knew I got a few new books but WOW! Now those stacks are only approximations as our new books could be more pages than those that are stacked up! I am sure I will never read all these new books but it will be fun looking everything up!

  5. I’m sure glad I didn’t have to move all those books in boxes a couple of days ago. All those fit on my laptop and the same amount of books remained in my office at the church’s building. So it’s like having two sets of the same books — ONE FOR THE OFFICE AND ONE TO GO ANYWHERE!!! No wonder people call Logos 4 the “Cadillac” of Bible softwares. It’s just too amazing! Thanks again Logos and I’m really looking forward to add more books when the Spanish version of Logos 4 comes out. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  6. Bill Gordon says

    Somebody at Logos is really skilled with Photoshop.

  7. I just have to say, Logos 4 is light years beyond any previous version. There are a couple of tweaks that would make it near perfection (especially in the link sets functions and multi-volume search), but it is definitely worth getting the new software!

  8. You guys are great! I knew I had ALOT of books, but seeing these pics is incredible. I also have the Spanish collections and Platinum (that’s over 2,500 resources…) I’d need a separate office just for my LOGOS books. Thanks! You’ve enriched my life and my ministry.

  9. RamboPreacher says

    to the photochop comments. yes it is obvious, but the point is the representation involved here. They never said these _are_ the books. They said that this is a representation of the number: “…these stacks represent the number of new resources you get when you crossgrade…” there is no deception; it is simply a way to show the number of books in a physical, visual, representation.
    I think it is very effective. accurate? probably not, since the books in the collections are going to vary in length and “thickness”, etc. Again, though, it is not supposed to be accurate (necessarily), only a visual, representation. I would like to extend my thanks for this visual. It helps me to understand my portfolio upgrade.

  10. Great visualization to let people see what a digital library can really save in space, paper, and lower expense.

  11. I don’t believe Logos software can be beat! But with all the new interfaces, etc., I’m having difficulty figuring the Logos 4 out. It is awesome to have so many books, but it is challenging for guys who aren’t so tech savy.

  12. Hopefully it is just a matter of adjusting to the interface changes. Most users who have been with Logos 3 for a while have a little learning curve. In the end, we believe that Logos 4 is much more friendly to the non-tech-savy crowd than Logos 3 was.

  13. Nice reminder of how much space we’re saving!
    I do think it would be pretty amazing if you put together stacks of all the resources we actually have and the photos of those. That would be some sweet marketing there.

  14. This is cool, I wish that there was a pic for the silver upgrade. Looks like that one was overlooked.

  15. To my understanding, existing LOGOS software allow user to use personally at Desktop PC as well as notebook. Currently, I have a BibleTools 4 (Chinese) by Almega Systems Co. (HK) that will incorporate Libronix 3.X version but not 4.0 version.
    Please advise when I upgrade to Logos 4 at my notebook, could I still use Logos 3.0g at my desktop PC or vice versa. Also, will Logos 4 compatible to Win 7 even though I think it will.
    Jonathan Cheung (Hong Kong)

  16. Logos 4 and Logos 3 install beside each other. So, no problem there. You can use both. Also, Logos 4 is completely Win 7 compatible.
    Hope that helps.

  17. Rev. Raymond Gabel says

    I own an older version (E Bible Deluxe Edition), Libronix Digital Library System. I am interested in adding Bibles to It and upgrading.

  18. I have a very old Libronix Digital Library System Scholar’s Library (RA). I have not been able to install it on my Windows 7 Netbook. I recently tried to do so and got an error code 0 and it refused to install further. Any suggestions as to how I could continue using this edition as I find the options given on your site too expensive .