Pre-Pubs Shipping Soon!

Tyndale Commentaries CD-ROM (49 Vols.)

Our number one priority for the past couple months has been the launch of Logos 4 and keeping our customers happy. We’ve devoted our entire company to ensuring that this happens.

Now that Logos 4 is launched, our electronic text department has returned to some other projects. They are wrapping up several Pre-Pub books and collections, and many are projected to ship in the next few weeks.

You still have a little more time to pick up some great books at a steep discount. Don’t pass up these deals!

Speaking of discounts, don’t miss out on the Logos 4 introductory discounts. The introductory offer expires soon, so don’t wait!


  1. Mark Stevens says:

    Hi, I have pre-ordered the Tyndale commentaries but I noticed there is no download option. I don’t have L3 on my new computer. How will I be able to load them into L4?

  2. Please step up process of N T wright 3 volumes.
    I love Logos 4…

  3. Kent Hendricks says:

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Logos 4!
    The N.T. Wright books are currently under development. We’ll add a projected ship date to the page when we get closer to finishing it up. Keep an eye on the Pre-Pub page.

  4. I was wondering when the Logos will be fully developed for MAC? I’m excited to use Logos4,as I recently purchased the software. Also, when will the NIV New Testament Commentary’s be available to ship? Is the O.T. under development?

  5. Hello there!
    Are these the only titles that will be coming out within the next few weeks? The reason I ask is because I have a prepub order on the Hebrew Pronunciation Addin & Thayer’s Lexicon. It’d be nice to have those sometime soon. But anyway, with the holidays’ expenses, I guess I can wait another month or two, but I’m sure it’s gonna be longer than that for some reason. Oh well, it’s ok. Thanks for the hard work you’re putting in to make these and other resources available in Logos format. I’d like to see David Chilton’s “The Days of Vengeance – an exposition on Revelation” available. It’s on a public domain. In fact 4 of his titles are on Public domain: 1) The Days of Vengeance, 2)The Great Tribulation, 3) Paradise Restored and 4) Productive Christians in an age of Guilt-Manipulators. Imagine, these could make for a “David Chilton’s Collection” now on Prepub! Hehehe…anyway, also, if you can look into Burton James Coffman commentaries on the Old and New Testaments, it’d be great too. Thanks!

  6. Brad Hilderbrand says:

    I can’t wait for the Wright trilogy! I love the Logos Pre-pub program!

  7. Chuck Kiser says:

    I hope you are stepping up the process for releasing pre-pub orders placed in September. Seems like you should give us some idea of the lead time on pre-pub orders. If it will be about six months out, let us know at the time of ordering. I like Logos 4 so far.

  8. Don’t feel too rushed to get the prepubs completed, I’m still recovering from NICOT/NICNT and L4 upgrade to Platinum.
    Is there anyway to know several months before the Anchor Yale Reference Library is ready to ship. I’m able to start setting funds aside, now that Christmas is past, I’m just curious how much time I’ve got. I know this may not be possible, if so I understand.
    Thanks for the great resources!

  9. Still no love for those of us waiting for The Greek Testament by Henry Alford. :( Patience, patience. Patient since May, 2008.

  10. Kent Hendricks says:

    Thanks for your suggestions. I will certainly forward them along to the right people.
    As for Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and the Hebrew Pronunciation Addin, both of those are still in development. We’ll post a projected ship date as soon as we get closer to completing those projects.

  11. Kent Hendricks says:

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Logos 4!
    We prioritize Pre-Pub projects based on a number of factors, including the date it was launched on Pre-Pub. Usually we don’t project ship dates for more than a month out. Even projected ship dates sometimes get pushed back so we can address last minute issues.
    Hope this helps.

  12. Kent Hendricks says:

    The Anchor Yale Reference Library is well underway, and we’ll add a projected ship date to the page as soon as we get closer to completion.

  13. Kent Hendricks says:

    We’re hard at work on The Greek Testament by Henry Alford. It’s a massive project, as I’m sure you’re aware. We’ll post a projected ship date as soon as we get closer to completion.

  14. Kent Hendricks says:

    We plan to have an automated solution in place before the Tyndale Commentaries ship on Friday to make the process simpler for you. You will receive an email with instructions as soon as your Pre-Pub order is processed.
    Here is the typical way to get new CD-ROM products to work in Logos 4:
    You can install Libronix from the Tyndale CD-ROM and sync your licenses. Then, when you start Logos 4, it will automatically find your new resources. (You can also type “Update now” in the Command bar.)
    You can also contact Customer Service at 800-875-6467 or, and we’ll manually get it to work in Logos 4 for you.
    Hope this helps.

  15. Hans Stout says:

    I’m loving Logos 4 too, have the Wright set on pre-pub, and can’t wait to integrate it into my library. Hopefully I can use my Wright set this upcoming semester.
    Thank-you for your great products!

  16. Kent Hendricks says:

    We’re working hard on establishing parity between both Mac and Windows platforms. Check out this post for an answer from our company president, and this post for more details about specific releases and other Mac-related questions.
    The development of the Zondervan titles is well underway. We’re not ready to project an exact ship date, but it won’t be too much longer. If you haven’t yet pre-ordered, you’ll want to do it soon.

  17. I know this one is not on pre-pub, but I’m really looking forward to the new Logos 4 in Spanish. Can’t wait to add extra books. One of the things I’ve been reading about and will probably be included in the new collection is “The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge” in Spanish!!! along with other great resources. I’m certainly enjoying Swanson’s Dictionary of Biblical Languages (Greek) in Spanish – I hope the Hebrew and Aramaic come out soon. It’s always helpful to have both the English and the Spanish version of them. Have a great day!

  18. Bruce Cullom says:

    When are the Sproul commentaries coming out? Also, the ESV study notes?

  19. How about Driscoll’s sermon collection?