One Last Time

last-chance-end.pngI know it seems like we’ve been beating the same drum on the blog this week, encouraging everyone to take advantage of the introductory pricing for Logos 4 that expires on Sunday at midnight, but the truth is there are still people who haven’t heard and we really don’t want them to miss out.
Here’s some proof. Yesterday afternoon I saw a tweet from someone saying how much they loved Logos Bible Software. I replied to the person, and we had a few back and forth messages. Come to find out, she didn’t even know Logos 4 existed! THIS WAS YESTERDAY! This person is one of our users. This person loves Logos. And yet she has managed to miss Logos 4 up to this point. I sent her a link to the Logos 4 demo, and she was blown away and said she couldn’t wait to get it on her computer.
That’s why we’ve been pushing the last chance offer so much this week. We don’t want anyone to miss out. The deals really are going away on Monday morning and we simply don’t want to have to break the bad news to anyone that they missed these amazing prices.
So, this is the last “last chance for introductory pricing” blog post you’ll see.
But can you do me one favor?
If you know anyone who is a Logos user or who has been thinking about becoming one, please send them the link to and let them know that this is the best deal they’ll see on Logos 4. Write a quick blog post, share on your Facebook wall, tweet it up on Twitter.
The introductory pricing will be gone on Monday. Tell a friend!


  1. Hey :-)blog(-:,
    Is there any way for our son to get another reduction on this great, last chance offer for Logos 4 today? I’ve loved Logos BS since the late 90’s & would love to see him get in on the basics of Logos 4.
    Church planting missionaries in Brazil,
    Rique from Rio

  2. Richard J. Shannon says

    I was using WordSearch as my main Bible program, when I had Logos 3. When I upgraded to Logos 4, the improvement was so great that I now use Logos 4 as my main Bible program. It’s a great upgrade, and the Home Page has been excellent!

  3. Alphonso Keith says

    I have been a LDLS user since it was introduced some years ago and have welcomed each upgrade . I have recently installed LOGOS 4 and WOW ! I am very impressed , your best yet ! But I cannot find the font expander , this feature is very important to many users .Please let me know where to locate it.
    May GOD continue to bless your ministry .
    Alphonso Keith

  4. Garry Sherrill says

    Thank you for offering these products at a discount prices. However, at this time it is not feasible to upgarade to the Gold product. I hope to some day. As I use the current system I see a need to improve speed and aquire a larger screen. When I purchasesd my computer 5+ years ago, I over bought the need. Now it is out dated. I hope to upgrade soon and then look at upgraded Logos software. I hope that the future will bring windows of opportunity for discounts.

  5. Richard Robinson says

    This letter is to everyone that had a hand in putting together LOGOS 4.I was thrilled with Libronix Scholar;however, as good as that software is , LOGOS 4 in my opinion is so much more.
    Logos 4 even allow you to hear the correct pronunciation of a greek word.I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate the hard work I know had to go into this BLESSED work.
    I believe this software is God wrought.
    Thank You

  6. Jamie Macleod says

    After all this “drum beating” you had better not come back with the same pricing in the future. No one will believe you anymore.

  7. Sorry Richard, these are the best prices we can offer.

  8. In your command bar type “set program scaling to ___%” In the ___ enter how much larger you want to display to increase.

  9. I can’t seem to get it to do increments like “Set Program Scaling to 130%”. I also can’t seem to do custom “Set Default Text Size to 210%” Is there anyway to do this? Going from text size 200% to 240% is a huge jump.

  10. JM,
    If you’re on a PC and “set program scaling” is not working, please leave a comment in our forum ( or call tech support (800.875.6467). If you’re having this issue with the Mac, I believe it is because the command isn’t fully working in the current Alpha version.