Morris, How Do I…?

Logos 4 Bible Software Training Manual: Volume 1

Monday’s posts are usually from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Today we introduce the Logos 4 Bible Software Training Manual: Volume 1, by mp|Seminars. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

The all-new Logos 4 Bible Software Training Manual: Volume 1 is here, complete with step-by-step instructions and helpful screenshots to guide you visually!

This 27-section manual, the most thorough manual to date, covers everything you need to become familiar with the new Logos Bible Software 4. Morris starts by giving you an overview of the Logos 4 desktop to familiarize you with the User Interface. From there, he provides an introduction to the Home Page and Home Page Bible Study before diving into sections on the Passage Guide, the Exegetical Guide, the Bible Study Guide and so much more.

Like attending Camp Logos, Morris provides plenty of tips and reminders which will allow your Bible study to become more productive as you learn timesaving tips and keyboard shortcuts, more focused as you learn how to access the specific Bibles, commentaries, and resources pertaining to your areas of interest, and more fruitful as you spend more time studying and less time searching for study material.

After you order your copy of the Logos 4 Bible Software Training Manual: Volume 1, round out your training by watching our training videos, and of course, check the Camp Logos Calendar for the next event near you.


  1. Great Tool – Shame it isn’t “Logosified”. Can we have it in .logos4 format please?

  2. Mark Stevens says:

    I went to purchase the manual and it will cost me more for postage than what is charged for the book. Are there any alternatives for overseas customers?

  3. Hi Mark,
    During checkout, try selecting the Priority Mail International option when prompted to select a shipping method. For international orders, I am told it is the cheapest delivery option. Hope that helps.

  4. Mark Stevens says:

    Thanks Adam, I did that (it is the only option available) and it was $33 for one or $46 for both manuals. It looks as if I will have to rely on user learns and the videos that are out there. Thank you for getting back to me.

  5. Can I make a suggestion? Make this a free book for all purchasers of Logos 4. We paid alot of money for the upgrade and it is a totally new product. The only documentation we’ve been given is to refer to the video tutorials. Video is great if you have lots of time, but, all the better to search it. What do others think?

  6. Hi Chris,
    We do not produce the training manuals ourselves. They are produced by certified and authorized trainer, Morris Proctor, and his company, mp|Seminars. The manuals are the result of his time spent learning the ins and outs of Logos 4 and developing something for other Logos users.
    The training resources we do have, such as the Logos 4 training videos you mentioned, as well as the training articles and blog posts are free. And for user generated training material, you can always check the Logos Forums.

  7. I agree with Chris, the upgrade was a lot of money and the videos are great. However, the videos are only touching the tip of the ice burg. I know there is a lot more the software can do. Is there a plan to release more videos to help users? I would also recommend organizing the videos so you can see how they build off of one another, like a class.
    When I upgraded in the past, I was sent a DVD with the software in addition to the basic video tutorials on a disk. Has logos stopped doing this?

  8. Hi Mike,
    Since the launch of Logos 4, new training videos have been released as well as training articles and blog posts. As more content becomes available, they will be added to these locations.
    We still send a tutorial disc with all CD-ROM base package orders. For those who order the download, no content is shipped, but the same videos are available to watch or download in the Featured Video section of the videos page. And for those who would like a replacement disc or who ordered the download and would like a hard copy, we sell the Video Tutorials: Logos Bible Software 4 (PC Videos) disc for $4.95.
    Finally, for more videos tutorials, check out the blog post Show Us Your Best Logos 4 Videos which highlights user-created Logos 4 training videos.

  9. Adam,
    Thanks for the info; the “Show Us Your Best Logos 4 Videos” link was very helpful. I didn’t know there were more videos such as these. Adding a link within “training” to this section may be useful for other users.
    Thanks again,

  10. Dear Logos,
    With the international priority mail, Logos charges us more than other companies. I bought CDs from Nelson Thomas bible software and they charged $28 dollars instead of $33 and the same cost for 2 discs. Why is there a difference since the package is bigger and heavier with Nelson Thomas Products?
    With the Morris CD’s. I bought the training manual for logos 3 in the past as i was unable to attend Logos Camp from Australia. It was not as good as i expected and infact a waste of money. I found the free videos are more helpful.
    Thuy Le Australia.

  11. Hi Thury,
    I am not sure why there is a difference in shipping fees between Thomas Nelson and us, but we do not set the shipping and handling fees. We charge the rates set by the shipping company used.
    I am sorry you found the training manual to be less helpful than expected and I appreciate your feedback. I hope our Logos 4 training materials, particularly the free training videos, are better assisting you in your studies while using Logos. And if you have not already visited the Logos Forums for tips by other Logos users, feel free to search topics of interest to you.

  12. Tim McCullough says:

    I agree with some of the others. I ordered Logos 4 Silver and took advantage of some of the Chrisitmas specials such as the Yale Anchor Bible Dictionary, the and the Word Commentary. In other words, I have invested about $1500.00 just within the last month. I think the manual should be free to Logos 4 users as well. When I did go to order it, it is now on back order. How long will it be on back order status??

  13. Is there any discount for previous attendees of Logos training camp? Especially in the last year and a half? The information at those seminars was great, but is now pretty much obsolete?
    I wonder also if Morris has considered doing a webinar?

  14. Hi Tim,
    We should have new training manuals in next week. Until then, please take advantange of our free Logos 4 training videos, articles, and tips from our blog.

  15. Hi Jason,
    Until the end of the month, there are discounts available for both existing Logos customers using our customized discount upgrader, and for new Logos users on purchases of any of our Logos 4 base packages. There really is no better time to upgrade.

  16. It’d be nice for a live training camp to be recorded and put on DVD, that’ll help those of us who can’t attend the camp due to hotel expenses, training camp expenses, the whole trip in general. Just a thought. Thanks!
    By the way, the training videos are just perfect. You can still learn and figure out a lot of things on your own by watching them.

  17. Funny – quite the salesman! But I’ve already upgraded to Logos 4, Platinum.
    I was referring to discounts on the subject of this blog – the Training Manuals.

  18. Ha ha! Sorry for the misunderstanding Jason. No, there are no discounts on the training manuals.

  19. Ann Horton says:

    Hi! How do export my favorite verses and bookmarks from Logos 3 to Logos 4. I guess I thought that would be done automatically.

  20. Hi Ann,
    Importing Logos 3 content into Logos 4 is something we are still working on. Take a look at our Features Coming Soon to Logos 4 article for a rough outline of features coming to Logos 4.

  21. Margaret Makewell says:

    Why can’t I control how much I download the updates at a time?
    I only get 5GB per month and need to control my usage.
    I was offered over 3GB in one download and didn’t even realise it was coming.
    Why can’t my library from Libronix 3 be just transferred on my computer?
    I am beginning to wonder why I upgraded.

  22. Hi Margaret,
    With Logos 4, there is no way to select parts of an update. The only option is to download the full update or not update at all. You can set Logos 4 to not automatically update in order for you to control when updates happen. Do so under Tools | Program Settings, making sure Automatically Download Updates and Use Internet are both set to No.
    As for transferring your Logos 3 library to Logos 4, I am not sure how exactly you mean. If you are referring to your books, yes, they transfer over. Because Logos 4 is a completely new program it requires its own updates apart from Libronix. Depending on which upgrade you purchased, your upgrade would have given you the new Logos 4 User Interface and new content for your library. If you want to use the new books within Logos 3–until Logos 4 wins you over–read our previous blog post, Using Your New Logos 4 Resources in Logos 3 or Logos for Mac 1. I hope that helps.

  23. Kyle Lewis says:

    I agree with a lot of the others. I was pretty good with Logos 3 and just upgraded to 4 and now feel like I am looking at a brand new program. A manual would be a great help but all of this is adding up! I will try the videos and hopefully they will show me how to use it.