Logos 4: Introductory discounts end January 31st!

Growing up in a household of seven—five kids, and my parents—I didn’t always get what I wanted, but I found that if there was something I believed I “absolutely needed” (in my adolescent opinion), I did what it took to get it.

In high school, a few friends and I were really into bodyboarding, the sport commonly known as “boogie boarding.” While at my favorite local surf shop one day, I found the board I had to have. This board was the Logos Bible Software 4 of bodyboards. I was able to set the board on layaway with a down payment, so I knew it would eventually be mine. From there on out, every dime I got went toward that board. I stashed away my lunch money, money from chores, and change from the couch—I was on a mission.

Eventually the day came when I had enough saved up. I was so stoked to be riding waves on my new board. It was well worth the wait, well worth not blowing my money on smaller things (who needs to each lunch anyway?) so I could have a really cool, brand new bodyboard. I still operate with the same mindset all these years later—just ask my wife. My point is, if I have to choose between buying smaller things I’m sure I would enjoy, or saving up for a more rewarding, cooler purchase, I will almost always save my money for the more rewarding purchase. I see it as an investment. I see it as going without until I can afford what I really want.

Whether you find yourself agreeing with my purchasing mentality or not, I would approach owning a Logos 4 base package the same way I did while trying to purchase my bodyboard. I would do what it takes. And better than layaway from my high school days, Logos has payment plans which allow you to start using your software right away, while spreading out your payments over several months.

There are many reasons why you should upgrade or purchase a new Logos 4 base package.
Previous posts like The Best Reason to Upgrade, Upgrade Illustrated, How to Get the Most Out of the Logos iPhone App, and 4 Ways to Move to Logos 4 have already given detailed reasons.

So here’s one straightforward reason: Introductory discounts end January 31st.

Come February 1st, we hope no one will say, “I didn’t know. Why didn’t you tell me?”
We also hope your friends and family will not discover you to be a Logos user who never told them how Logos Bible Software 4 could transform their Bible study—and that if they had bought before February, they could have saved 25% on their base package. I can’t say it more emphatically. If you can, do what it takes to get Logos Bible Software 4 before the end of the month.


  1. John M Kight says:

    I think i am going to waiting for the L4 Mac…will that be discounted when it is released full Production?

  2. I just wish that for the bigger packages you gave a 2 year payment plan instead of 1. Imagine having to pay for Portafolio in one year, even if you got the 25% off plus 60 payment fee you would still have to pay $273.12 a month. There are only a few that can afford that. Maybe logos should come up with a “Logos Credit Card” that will allow you to get what you want at smaller monthly payments. But yeah, I understand, money wise, it wouldn’t be good for the company. But hey, I’m happy with the Platinum for now and that’s all I can afford at the moment. Maybe when I’m done paying for the platinum I’ll do the Portafolio one. After all, I gotta be responsible with my finances. Have a great day!

  3. Hi John,
    When you purchase a Logos 4 base package or upgrade now, you are purchasing the full license for Mac. Because Logos 4 is multi-platform software, it does not matter if you are looking to run it on a Mac, a PC, or on an iPhone or iPod Touch. Then, as the full Mac version is available, Logos 4 will update automatically, so you will have the full version as soon as it is released. (Check out our Mac disclaimer for more details.)
    As such, the discounts we are offering are the discounts for the “full production” release of Logos 4 for Mac—which means when these discounts end on January 31st, that’s it. These really are the best prices. If you have any more questions, please feel free to give our sales department a call at 800-875-6467.

  4. John M Kight says:

    Thank you for the info! you just saved me.

  5. Michael Scoggins says:

    I hope this does not mean the discount you get from upgrading from Logos 3 to Logos 4. I have many pastor friends who cannot upgrade at this time because the economy is so bad right now. All of them have taken at least a 10% cut in pay just to help their church survive. So please keep the state of the world in mind when pricing things.

  6. Keep in mind that Logos employees need to make a living too.

  7. Wolf Corduan says:

    Just a thought . . .
    There are some of us who, based on biblical principles, will not purchase what we cannot pay for at the time. Would you consider allowing someone to do essentially what you did with your surfboard, i.e. make a downpayment and save up for the entire amount? The item would not be shipped until all payment is received. But the purchaser would have the advantage of having secured the discounted price. I can envision some problems which could be minimized by strict guidelines.
    BTW – I am not asking for myself.

  8. My personal view is that Logos has already done an immense amount for us. I would never imagine being able to purchase all those books/resources in the packages given the price I have to pay even without the discount. Of course, I would dearly love to be able to upgrade to the portfolio package myself, but I have to be realistic. Do I really need to right now? I always carry this thought with me, ‘If God wills it, then eventually I will get it. Be patient.’ So I continue to work with what I have got at the moment and I am glad knowing things will improve later. Thanks Logos for the great job! Thumbs up.

  9. Joseph D. Blanton says:

    I need to know what new books have been added to my library in all of these massive downloads I am doing. I have System 4 Gold, and like the others, would upgrade to Platinum or Portfolio if I could, but I may have to work without pay. I am bi-vocational, but I do not have the money for Portfolio right now. I do hope I can upgrade to Portfolio at a later date. As I said previously, this library enables me to get a lot done in a short period of time. I am in a rowboat in a storm with one broken oar. System 4 Gold saves me huge amounts of time, and I can’t thank God enough for this tremendous blessing. May God continue to bless Logos and all who labor there. You have no idea how great a help you are providing.JDB

  10. Adam,
    I’ve purchased the upgrade to L4, but didn’t obtain the books in the discount package. can i purchase the books in the discount package, which was 161, for the difference? thanks, jph

  11. Hi John,
    I am not exactly sure what the discount package is that you are referring to, sorry. If you are missing books, I would first point you to our Customer Service department, and if you want to purchase additional books in an upgrade, then you’ll need to contact our Sales department. Either way, call 800-875-6467 and ask for the department you wish tp speak with first.

  12. Douglas R Allen says:

    I have now used Logos 4 for about eight weeks and it has been brilliant. I recently was asked to prepare a Bible Study on Matthew 16:13 to 33 – who is Jesus – and the information that I gathered through Logos 4 was almost overwhelming. I produced a 12 page (A5) handout that has been well received and the one main comment has been the background information on such words as “Messiah” and what it meant in its Jewish context. I purchased the Bible Study version and am sure this will exceed all my needs for however long I have to offer the Word of God to others.
    Thanks for your great work.

  13. I am running Logos four times (logos 3 and 4 on PC and 3&4 on MAC). When will the logos 4 be able to import the logos 3 notes for PC/MAC? So far my MAC versions are light years behind the PC one in both 3 and 4 but I’m sure you already know that.

  14. Importing notes from Logos 3 to Logos 4 is at the top of our Coming Soon list. Since Logos 4 updates automatically, as soon as it is possible to import notes, your software will update to enable such functionality.
    As for the Mac version, new features and functionality are released every week or so, and again, your software will update automatically. Just make sure you are connected to the internet, and under Tools | Program Settings, make sure Automatically Download Updates and Use Internet are both set to Yes.