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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

As you study the Bible with Logos Bible Software 4, you’ll find yourself with numerous resources, tools, and guides open on the screen. Now it’s time to close the panels and move in a different direction. You can of course close each panel individually, but that may take a while. So here’s a quick way to close everything on the screen and return to the Home Page.

Type close all in the Command Bar and press the Enter key.

For more commands to use in the Command Bar, read the Command Bar training article and watch the tutorial video.


  1. Roosevelt Gibson says

    Why I can still load the old Libronix Digital Library System? Also under that system I had notes and highlights throughout the KJV which I have lost. I also had a scheduled reading plan that I can no longer use. Where can I look in Logos 4 to see which version I have? I thought that I had “Platinum” but I am not sure.

  2. Another way to do it is to click on the home page icon and it will bring you back to the home page, then type your new passage and it will automatically move on to your new research information and you don’t have to worry about closing them all, all the time. Have a great day!

  3. John Blake says

    My lap top with 1 1/2 gig’s of memory only with logo, takes much to long to use, it simply isn’t practical! Do you have any other suggestions? I’ve done all I know to do to speed up my computer!
    John Blake

  4. dmbarnhart says

    I always enjoy Monday mornings for more neat tips (and reminders). Since I’m so lazy typing to clear the workspace, I created a blank layout and put its icon on the top of my page. Works great. L4 is quite flexible for various preferences.

  5. The Command Bar is useful and powerful, but I know many users would prefer not to have to type commands to get the most out of Logos.
    Luckily, it’s easy to achieve the same results as ‘Close All’ using just your mouse. Here’s how to set it up:
    1. Close all the resources, either manually or by typing ‘Close All’ in the Command Bar.
    2. Click on the Layouts menu.
    3. Click on the pencil icon beneath the thumbnail of your empty worspace.
    4. Type ‘Close All’ and press Enter.
    Your empty workspace has been saved as a layout named ‘Close All’. You can now quickly close all your resources by selecting this layout from the Layouts menu.

  6. Hi John,
    The first thing I would suggest is comparing your computer’s system with our recommended system requirements. If you still have questions after that, please give our Customer Service department a call at 800-875-6467.

  7. Great minds think alike. ;)

  8. Hi Roosevelt,
    Please give our Customer Service department a call at 800-875-6467, or send them an email at customerservice@logos.com, and they can help you figure these things out.

  9. Don Walker says

    Here’s an EASIER WAY to Close All. Close all panels and books the way Morris describes. Then go to “layout” and save your blank screen as “Close All”. Drag the icon for you layout to your tool bar. When it’s time to close, click on the layout icon you’ve named “Close All” and everything closes with ONE click of the mouse.

  10. But greater minds “break the mold” Hehehehe…your blank lay out is good, but I prefer my own. This various posts sure help. Maybe us “users” should put our own DVD and sell it to help pay for our libraries…hehehe. Maybe not, but one thing is for sure, in my opinion, the “save your own layout” is better and less complicated than the previous “workspace” on the Libronix 3 version of the software. You can work so much faster and access your particular work faster also. Thanks and keep the good logos 4 tips coming.

  11. Glen Kaiser says

    How do you get a blank screen? When I close my last book it automatically goes to the Home Page. I can do that in one click on the house icon in the upper left corner.

  12. Hi Glen,
    Type close all in the Command Bar at the top, then hit Enter on your keyoard.

  13. Peggy McAulay says

    I am having the same problem. No matter how I close all windows it returns me to Home Page without saving a blank work space. Any suggestions out there

  14. Peggy McAulay says

    I had the same problem. Go into the customize on the face page and unclick the square at the bottom of the page so that the home page doesn’t start up automatically. Then go through the procedures of “closing all” in one your layouts. Bingo blank page without returning to home page. After I set it up as a layout I re clicked the button on the home page customize for automatically opening homepage at start up.

  15. I found that you can “drag and drop” the “close all” command to the Logos toolbar and it creates an icon. From then on, just click the icon and the job is done.