It Takes a Lot of Coffee to Run Logos

idea-de-luxe[1].jpgI’m a coffee drinker, and perhaps, have a small-to-medium addiction to it. I make myself feel better by reading medical studies that highlight the fact that drinking coffee could lower my risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, colon cancer, as well as lift my mood, treat headaches, and lower my risk of cavities. My personal issues aside, we drink a lot of coffee at Logos and 2009, with the launch of Logos 4, was no exception. So, with 2010 upon us, I thought we’d take a stroll down Logos’ coffee lane.
On June 21, 2004, Logos received its beloved Coffee Machine. To be precise, it is a Saeco Super Automatic IDEA De Luxe espresso machine. Since the initial purchase, this magnificent coffee making machine has made over 106,000 cups of coffee! That averages out to more than 73 cups of coffee EVERY WORK DAY!
As far as I can tell, our first public mention of the coffee machine was back in October, 2005, when, after almost a year and a half of service, the machine was taken in for repairs. According to the blog post, we had already consumed 20,000 cups of coffee. That’s about 57 cups per work day.
Since then we’ve blogged about it a few times, showing pictures of coffee and using it as an opportunity to sell Logos branded merchandise… which, by the way, how would you like to buy a very nice Logos glass coffee mug for just $6.95?
While the public blog didn’t cover much more about the coffee machine, I did come across an internal wiki that chronicles some of the machine’s past. It would appear that the time between its October 2005 fix and the next service was about 2 1/2 years. In April, 2008, we sent the coffee machine off for a number of issues that had sprung up, including a “loud noise, followed by clicking sounds,” “brownish water coming out of the steam wand,” “an error message which states: load circuit,” and several of other problems. Perhaps the problem was that we had now consumed 72,907 cups of coffee. That averages out to, over those 2.5 years, about 81 cups per work day.
coffee.jpgLater in 2008 the machine was again sent in for repairs. Despite the initial diagnosis that the turbine needed to be replaced, it was in fact a clogged brewer unit. In those brief 5 months we managed to drink another 7,842 cups of coffee, or about 71 cups per work day.
Which leads us to today. As we enter 2010, we have collectively consumed over 106,000 cups of coffee. That’s about 73 cups a day over the last 5 1/2 years and about 83 cups a day since October, 2008.
If you’re looking for something more inspiring than the history of our coffee machine, then I highly recommend you open Logos 4 (upgrade if you haven’t already) and get into God’s Word in 2010 and reflect on His goodness in the year ahead.
And, if you need a cup of coffee to sip during your study, we’ll be open until 5 p.m. PST. You’re welcome to stop by and add your cup to our running total.


  1. Wow! That’s a lot of coffee drinking. I prefer to drinking tea over coffee but once in awhile I won’t say no to a good cup of aromatic coffee. It is always so nice to hold a cup whilst skimming through the resources in the Logos 4 software that I haven’t read before

  2. Jack Nørdam Pedersen says

    I would love to have a look inside your building, just to meet some of you or to see, where Logos is developed, and drink a lot of coffee :) but I unfortunately live in Denmark, so that will not happen :(
    God bless your work,
    Jack Nørdam

  3. Thanks Ryan,
    I love me a good cup of coffee. In fact I’m enjoying a cup of extremely bold straight out of my french press.
    Praying for all at Logos today!

  4. William Butler says

    I too like coffee – alot. Go to a new non-profit using the profits for ministry. It is some of the best coffee I have ever enjoyed. It is organic and fair trade. Hope you will try it.

  5. Wayne Quernemoen says

    I wonder if this coffee machine’s 50Hz specification has caused any problems? As you probably know, US electrical supplies are 60Hz.

  6. When I worked at Logos, an experience I will always cherish, circa 1998, we still made coffee from the hopper of grounds into eh giant carafes. That was during the big 32-bit upgrade. I wish we had a counter on that one. :)

  7. I just thought I would show you my espresso machine. I don’t have that many “clicks” however :)

  8. Gary,
    We’ve got quite a few tea drinkers in the office, but their consumption levels are a little trickier to calculate. A big tea fan is the editor of Bible Study Magazine, John Barry.

  9. Have you seen our employee highlights on the blog?

  10. Nice! Though, automation has spoiled me.

  11. William, thanks for the tip. We actually get our coffee from a local Bellingham company: Onyx Coffee.

  12. Bura Lee Robinson III says

    Can we get a bundled deal for say 8 of the clear glass coffee mugs?
    4 for work
    4 for home.

  13. Sorry, no bundled deals on the mugs. At $6.95, were basically just covering costs. :o)

  14. It’s probably worth pointing out, since the volume of coffee consumed is an element of this story, that there is at least one other coffee machine in another building that produces 20-30 cups per day of drip coffee in addition to the awesome machine in the main building.

  15. The wiring isn’t the problem. Even my Faema has a multitude of ways in which to wire the plug. But, a machine like that, it came stock and ready for US 110v or 220v.

  16. True… perhaps if you guys got a Saeco Super Automatic IDEA De Luxe espresso machine too, we could get better stat tracking.

  17. Ryan, you guys need to find a Clover. You can’t buy one new anymore after The Empire ($B) purchased the company, but they make a mean cup of brewed coffee. I bet Bob would just love that purchase order flopping down on the desk. A used clover will go for what a new one went for: $10k+.

  18. Carmen Gauvin-O'Donnell says

    Oh Mylanta! A coffee machine with a COUNTER?! You people are OBSESSED!
    Good on ya!! :-)

  19. Margaret M. Mallory says

    Will someone tell me how to get logos4 on my Blackberry. All the information seems to be intended for the iPhone or the iPod and I have neither. I do have a wonderful Blackberry Curve that I would love to use to study while in the doctors office or away from my office.

  20. Margaret,
    Check out on any mobile device.

  21. Can I recomend an intraveinous drip for your caffine.
    if the Starbuck terminology same Stateside as in UK, I need 2x Venti 4shot Hazelnut Latte’s before I even start making sense in the morning.

  22. David A. Peterson says

    As I read this, I am waitig for my first cup this morning in my brand new Logos travel mug that arrived yesterday!