More Bibles for the Final Great Bible Giveaway


hcsb.gifWith only 14 days left in the final month of the Great Bible Giveaway, we’re excited to announce that we have 6 additional Bibles to give away. The good people at Broadman & Holman, who have partnered with Logos to bring the HCSB to both our free iPhone app and, have sent us 6 HCSB Legacy Bibles to add to the prize list. That means we’ll be giving away 18 ultra premium Bibles this month!
To learn how to enter, visit the Great Bible Giveaway page.

December Prize List

  • 1 ESV Study Bible, Black Calfskin (Retail $239.99) from Crossway
  • 6 HCSB Legacy Bibles, Black Genuine Leather (Retail $100) from Lifeway
  • 1 KJV Cambridge Premier Concord Reference, Black Goatskin (Retail $199.99) from Cambridge Bibles
  • 1 NASB In Touch Ministries Wide Margin Edition, Burgundy Calfskin (Retail $149.99) from Lockman Foundation
  • 1 NASB Large Print Ultrathin Reference, Black Calfskin (Retail $149.99) from Lockman Foundation
  • 1 NASB Side Column Reference Wide Margin Special Limited Edition, Black Calfskin (Retail $149.99) from Lockman Foundation
  • 1 NIV Archaeological Study Bible, Venetian Brown Renaissance Fine Leather (Retail $109.99) from Zondervan
  • 1 NIV Study Bible, Black Renaissance Fine Leather (Retail $124.99) from Zondervan
  • 1 NIV Study Bible, Burgundy Goatskin ($229.99) from Cambridge Bibles
  • 1 NKJV UltraThin Bible Signature Series, Tan Calfskin (Retail $129.99) from Thomas Nelson
  • 2 NLTSB Tyndale Select, Black Calfskin (Retail Unavailable) from Tyndale
  • 1 TNIV, Black Renaissance Fine Leather ($99.99) from Zondervan

November’s Winners

Congratulations to the 12 winners from November.

  • 1 ESV Study Bible – C. Woodruff
  • 1 KJV Concord Wide Margin Reference – B. Lowe
  • 1 NASB In Touch Ministries Wide Margin Edition – N. Lentfer
  • 1 NASB Large Print Ultrathin Reference – R. Marx
  • 1 NASB Side Column Reference Wide Margin Special Limited Edition – D. Langston
  • 1 NIV New Women’s Devotional – T. Barcak
  • 1 NIV Study Bible – D. Knight
  • 1 NIV Thinline – M. Litzinger
  • 1 NKJV UltraSlim Bible Signature Series – L. Paschke
  • 2 NLTSB Tyndale Select – P. Shirley and C. Terry
  • 1 TNIV – A. Hart

The Great Bible Giveaway began in July, and since starting the promotion we’ve given away 60 premium Bibles worth nearly $10,000! Read our first Great Bible Giveaway blog post to see how it all began.

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  1. I love the blog. It is great way to communicate and find new programs for my system.

  2. Once again, thanks Logos!

  3. I would love to win one of the luxury Bibles!

  4. I like Bibles
    Yes I Do
    Small ones Big Ones
    Nice Ones Too!

  5. James Swain says

    Thanks for this offer. What a great way to share the Christmas spirit!

  6. William Dirr says

    Sing me up, and use capital letters so I have a better chance of winning :-)

  7. Peter L. Dorn says

    Logos is the best software for everyone from the beginner to the Scholar. The software is user friendly all you have to do is point and click which makes bible study a breeze. If you have Logos 4 WOW what a system it automatically updates itself. I wish I could do that with my brain, usually it’s Ctrl,Alt and delete. But because I have Logos 4 no need just keep it in the file.

  8. This is wonderful. Not only can we get the best in study software, but also receive an amazing hard copy version of God’s word. Thank you Logos for being so faithful to the ministry that the Lord has put before you.

  9. Believe it or not, my last Bible got destroyed recently, and I’m going to need to buy a new one. Would you please consider saving a college kid another expense this holiday season and bless me with another Bible? I admit that in the past I was asking for a luxury when I was asking for one of those other Bibles, but that’s not the case anymore! Right now, I’d take anything, which would include a HCSB––I’m a median-translation (not absolutely formal or dynamic) kind of guy anyway, which the HCSB or NIV translate according to.

  10. Joseph Grigoletti says

    Don’t forget to enter the great Bible giveaway!

  11. You guys are the best!

  12. Hi Everyone! I’m a newbie here. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, and I’ve NEVER used a blog before. (Now you know I’m over 20… 30…40.. Oh never mind!) But I thought it would be worth it to try this out. I’d love to win one of these bibles … I’m hoping for the ESV Study Bible. I lead a women’s bible study and do all of my research on logos — I don’t know how I could ever do without it! But it would be great to have a Study Bible that I could hold in my hands and take with me. Thanks for the chance to win one of these.

  13. Thanks for sharing God’s Word in so many wonderful ways! By-the-way, I love Logos 4!!!

  14. It is awesome news that B&H Publishing has gotten involved this month. I would love to have one of the Holman Legacy editions of the HCSB. Thanks to Logos and the Publishers for making this contest possible.

  15. Philana Crouch says

    Thanks for such a great contest and great software. I hope I win.

  16. Luuk Dondorp says

    Almost half a year of hoping…maybe this time. Well, I would love to win one of those bibles so that I can compare it to my dutch study bibles. Yes, of course I can do this in Logos4 and I am doing this already. But to have the very Word of God in my hands, smell it and..almost eat it, is like tasting honey. And that is actually what the Word says about itself. Psalm 199: 103 In any language, even in english!

  17. Hope to win a Bible as well. Thanks for doing this.

  18. Thanks again Logos for the Great giveaway!! please sign me up!

  19. L. A. Fletchall says

    I want to win

  20. You guys ROCK. Thank you so much for making God’s Word available through a variety of methods including Logos 4! Please enter me into the Bible Giveaway!

  21. Daniel Foster says

    Bible me!

  22. Thank you Logos for the Great Bible giveaway!

  23. Love Logos!

  24. The Great Bible giveaway, what a nice way to celebrate Christmas. Please sign me up.

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    Sign me up!

  26. Thanks for sharing God’s Word in so many wonderful ways! By-the-way, I love Logos 4! Just keep on doing what you are doing!

  27. Thanks for all the giveaway stuff. Looking forward to a nice Christmas with family–maybe with a new Bible coming.

  28. Thanks for the great software!

  29. Jeremiah Morris says

    Can’t have too many Bibles!

  30. mike Sanders says

    I would love to win one the bibles.

  31. Milford Charles Murray says

    All I want for Christmas is ………
    Well, Peace and Joy – Peace of Mind and Peace of Heart for me and my Loved Ones!
    Peace and Joy and Love to SHARE with all …… especially those lost and burdened with sin …….. Christ Born for us is GOOD NEWS indeed! *smile*
    Wouldn’t mind a nice Bible from Logos! *smile*
    Thanks to Logos for all you do, and thanks to God for the fine company you are!
    ….Yours in Christ
    …….. Mel

  32. Me too

  33. Logos is the Best EVER!!!

  34. As a Ministry student at Bethel College, I have found LOGOS to be an indispensible tool for writing essays and sermon preperation. Now that I have recently purchased Scholar’s Gold 4.0, I have found myself getting lost in a sea of knowledge. The new interface is absolutely phenomenal! Thank you for your unending commitment to excellence.

  35. Mark Foster says

    Wow! The great bible give-away is the best ever!

  36. Tudor Lance says

    Free is good! I love free! Thanks logo and your partners for making free the best ever!

  37. Bobby Terhune says

    Thank you Logos for the Great Bible giveaway, and Logos 4!

  38. I just upgraded to Logos 4 — Very Cool! Lots to learn! I too would love to win the December ESV Study Bible, Our church just switched over and my adult Sunday School class would prefer that I put away my NKJV. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  39. Logos 4 just takes things to another level! Great work! Thanks for the Bible Giveaway…hoping I get one!

  40. I just converted to Logos 4. Thank you for the very powerful study material and study tools! Here is my entry for the ESV Study Bible drawing. And, I am well aware of Proverbs 16:33 which says: “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is from the LORD.” May the name of Jesus receive the Glory that it is due!
    The Holy Bible : English Standard Version. 2001. Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.

  41. The ESV is a very nice translation.
    I have had one for years but only recently began using it.
    It was given to me by my auntie on my mother’s side. It is a small pocket version and the colour is red. It is very simple and basic. No red lettering, no margins or margin notes, only a basic version with very basic cross referencing.
    Might I share; the ESV has become my first choice at the present time as it is the one the Lord speaks to my heart with the most illumination and clarity.
    It would not be my first choice, normally, but when one chooses to follow Yeshua from the heart, there isn’t a choice; you follow the shepherd and eat from that which He feeds you.
    Other versions the Lord has fed me via are the NASB, my first pasture ground, and my second feeding pasture the NKJV. The ESV is now my third pasture since 1992, the year I was born from above.
    I am still amazed how the Lord directs me to each feeding ground.
    Be encouraged my fellow saints.
    Lastly my brothers and sisters in the Lord; be patient, for He is the one who will give you what you need, exactly through that which He ordains, for He is sovereign. He knows the condition of your heart and what it needs for Him to be your soul desire.
    Be blessed; but more so, pass that blessing onto thy neighbour.
    ALL who have made this possible, thank you.
    Yeshua be glorified!
    Your fellow brother-in-Yeshua

  42. Please count me in! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!

  43. Surely this is the month that I win a new Bible! :-)

  44. This bible giveaway just goes to show what I have been saying for the better part of a decade.
    Logos always goes above and beyond to show their customers how much Logos appreciates their business.
    Keep up the good work!

  45. Kathrine Dietz says

    Thanks Logos. The Bible give away is awesome. Merry Christmas!

  46. I would love to win one of these “Great Bibles”

  47. Ronald L DuPlanty says

    I sure would like to win a real nice bible?

  48. Wow… What an upgrade. Thanks Logos for the continued fine work you do. Thanks for the Bible give away too.

  49. George Stadler says

    I’ve been trying to win one of these for two months, have put info on my church website and have followed on Facebook and nothing yet, but we do not loose hope! This is the month and a great Christmas present. Can’t wait. At least I’m praying for it.

  50. John T. Sneed says

    I just found this blog on Christmas Eve. Wow! Good stuff here. I am excited about your free Bible giveaway too. Please enter me if there is still time for one more to get in on that. In the meantime, dont stop what you are doing. I look forward to checking out this site in 2010.
    John Sneed

  51. I love Logos4a it is the best tool I have ever enjoyed to open God’s word in depth! Thanks for the continuing updates. I’ve enjoyed the value of Logos since it was just a floppy disk study tool.

  52. Dear Logos,
    Thanks for allowing me to enter for several months in the Great Bible Giveaway. Thanks also for the beautiful ESV Study Bible in buffalo calfskin, which I won in November. Me! The old guy! I only recall winning a box of donuts once. This is certainly better than a box of donuts!

  53. Thanks for the contest.

  54. Logos is one of the best resources available, short of a library. Thank you for everything. I look forward to seeing who wins.

  55. I would love the single column

  56. What a great idea to give away a real leather bound ESV. Thanks for the Logos software. I would not consider my Bible study complete without it.