Logos 4: Prioritized Resources

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

You and I have a lot of books. Then we have our favorite books. For example, within Logos Bible Software 4 we have a boatload of Bibles. Yet we also have our favorite Bibles. We have considerable commentaries. Within those, we have our favorite commentaries. These favorite resources in Logos are called Prioritized Resources. These favorites are then opened first in various places throughout the software. The good news is you get to designate your priorities. Here’s how:

  • Open the Library
  • Click Prioritize on the right to open a pane called Prefer these resources:
  • Now drag and drop your favorites from the Library to the list on the right

I suggest placing your Bibles at the top, then Bible dictionaries, then commentaries, and so on. This way your list is neatly organized so you can easily change it if you wish. Remember, within the list you can drag and drop resources to a new position.

The next time you launch a Bible study from the Home Page, notice what commentaries appear first in the Passage Guide. Notice which five of your top Bibles open first in the upper center tile.

You can edit this list as much as you want!


  1. I would like to “prioritize” commentaries for each of the books of the Bible. Is there an easier way to do this than the process you’re describing above? In Logos 3, creating parallel resource associations worked beautifully.

  2. Gerry Mullins says

    Thanks Mo, your insights are always excellent!
    Another critical feature of populating “Prioritized Resources” is that after we’ve done it, the left and right arrow keys will allow us to move to the next or previous resource just as they did in Logos 3. For me, this is an incredibly helpful way to skim through books that are all opened to the same verse or topic.

  3. David harp says

    I’m so impressed with Logos 4 – can’t wait to go to Camp Logos with Moe teaching more and more.

  4. When Bible verses, graphics or pictures are copied into PowerPoint the progam insists on putting then on a new page instead of placing them on the page selected.

  5. Say you like the New Americain Commentaries. Do you have to drag every one of them over (for each book in Bible)to have the set be prioritized?

  6. Hi Scott,
    It is quite easy to prioritize an entire collection such as The New American Commentary on CD-ROM (31 Vols.).
    Here’s how:
    Open the Library and Find one of the volumes included in the series. Right-click on the title and in the pop-up menu, select Prioritize this series.
    That’s it! Repeat this with any of your other favorite collections.

  7. Pam Larson says

    Scott, you can prioritize a commentary series. Right click on any book in the series and the option to prioritize the series appears.

  8. David Cortes-Fuentes says

    I wish to know if there is a way to have something equivalent to the “load workspace” from the previous version of Logos. I have to configure the layout and load the resources one by one every time. It takes time.

  9. David,
    The Workspace concept in Logos 4 is done by saving Layouts. Open the resoruces you want, in the configuration you want, and in the top-right, click Layouts. When the panel opens, rename the Snapshot based on your layout. When you return to Logos 4 at a later time, return to the Layouts panel and on the left side you will see your Named Layouts.
    For a brief video, watch the Layouts video under the Tutorial section of our Videos page.

  10. Hello Morris,
    That was a great help. I have over 3000 resources in my Logos 4 library and wonder if there is a way to bring up all the Bibles at the top and then commentaries etc. i.e. a way to sort the library by type. When I typed in NIV in the topic it brought up all the books with NIV but what I want is only the Bible to be shown.

  11. After upgrading to Logos 4, can I delete my Logos 3/Libronix from my computer? Both icons appear on my toolbar. I don’t know if the software interfaced or not.
    Thanks for your reply.

  12. Dan DeVilder says

    Yes, and to add to Adam’s reply, if you want to save changes to the layout, you have to edit the “snapshot” title of the layout you are “resaving” by naming it with the same exact name/spelling of the layout (workspace) you are wanting to update.
    So, if you have a “Prayer & Devotion” layout to update, and you are currently “in it”, then look under your layouts pull down menu and rename your layout from “snap shot” to “Prayer & Devotion”. But be sure you don’t type “Prayers & Devotions” or “Prayer and Devotion” because you will in effect be creating a new layout. Only by typing exactly “Prayer & Devotion” as you originally did will you overly that layout with the changes that you made.

  13. Is there a way of grouping the books you want to drag into a collection you are forming (by using the control or shift keys, or whatever), or do you have to select each volume one by one? The latter is really time consuming compared with being able to whiz through the library selection and choose the ones you want to group together before moving them. Or is that a feature that will come in time?

  14. I found the answer to my earlier post on another blog. Sorry for posting it here, since it was on a different topic.

  15. Hi Kurien,
    To find all the Bibles, in the Library’s Find box enter type:bible. This will find all the Bibles. Then, to just find the NIVs, add niv after the type so that it looks like this: type:bible niv. You can then prioritize your resources as you wish.
    For more information, check out the Library: Advanced Features video on our videos page.

  16. Hi Robin,
    Yes, you can remove Logos 3. Please keep in mind however that several features and user-created materials will not appear in Logos 4, at least not yet. So if you need specific functionality from Logos 3, it may be best to keep both on your computer for a time. Check out the Features Coming Soon article to see if there are items you use in Logos 3 that are not yet in Logos 4.

  17. Owen,
    I would suggest watching the tutorial video Dynamic, Rule-based Collections from our videos page. This should be able to give you the collection you want without having to select resources one-by-one.

  18. Hi,
    I just bought your Logos program…but to be honest, I am not enjoying it. It’s so clever it’s not helpful. I don’t find it at all intuitive. I tried looking up a basic basic bible verse and it couldn’t find it…grrrrrrr

  19. Hi Julian,
    We appreciate your honesty and your willingness to let us know your thoughts.
    I would highly recommend taking the time to go through our Logos 4 videos. This is the best place to learn how to use Logos 4. Start with the Featured Videos and work your way down the page.
    If you are still not able get the results you want after watching them, please give our Customer Service department a call (800-875-6467) in order to determine if Logos 4 is set up properly.

  20. Allen Waldrep says

    Thanks for that great pointer, will be watching the videos soon.
    I just tried prioritizing number of series, Love it! It is great to be able to read this blog to learn from others!
    However, selecting the series is not an option for the “Life Lessons” series by Max Lucado. How do I find out if this is a bug or intentional, what are the appropriate steps for me to follow.
    Again thx for the help!

  21. I’ve just created two videos about prioritising resources, which take you right through the basics and advanced features of prioritisation.

  22. Hi Allen,
    Not all series are set up to work using Prioritize this series. In cases like yours, what you want to do is to create a Collection by going to Tools | Collection, and make your own collection for Lucado’s Life Lessons.
    Start by inserting a title, maybe, Max Lucado: Life Lessons. Then in the Start with resources matching: field, enter author:lucado life lessons. The Resulting Collection will be all your Lucado Life Lessons resources.
    Finally, when you go to run a Passage Guide, Add or edit the Collections section to the report and change the Settings for that section from All Resources to your new Max Lucado: Life Lessons collection.

  23. Great videos Mark! Very well done.

  24. Hi Justin,
    What you could do instead of prioritizing a bunch of individual resoruces is create (specific book of the Bible) collections. Then, when you run a Passage Guide, Add or edit the Collections section to the report and change the Settings for that section from All Resources to your specified collection.

  25. I wonder the outstanding orders which are supposed to be shipped in CD will hereafter come in Logos 4 or 3 format. Some of my orders are in production, some have not started production etc. as per the Logos website. If I wish to keep both the versions updated for sometime, I would expect the CDs to be in Logos 3 format and Logos 4 files will be automatically downloaded. Is this assumption correct?

  26. Hi Kurien,
    Yes, the Pre-Pub discs you have ordered will work on both platforms. You will want to load the discs in Logos 3 as you normally would, making sure you synchronize your licenses during installation. Once your licenses are sync’d, open Logos 4, and it will recognize there are new resources and will begin indexing the new books.

  27. Will doing this enable me to navigate from one commentary to the next by using the arrow keys? For example, I have found great benefit for my research if I’m studying, say John 3:16, to open up Kostenberger’s BECNT volume, read the appropriate section, and then press the right arrow key and move to Brown’s Anchor volume, and then press the right arrow key and move to Calvin’s Commentary, and so on. Having the sequence of volumes prioritized by me is the primary benefit, but navigating by simply using the arrow keys speeds up my research immensely. So, is that scenario possible with Logos 4?

  28. Justin,
    Yes, this works the same way. Just prioritize your preferred resources in the order you would like them to appear.

  29. Despite the organization tools (prioritizing, custom libraries, etc.), I want to streamline my searches by removing certain books that I will never use. How can I delete them? OR, even BETTER, is there going to be an archiving process that allows books to be archived if they are not normally used, and can be restored on unusual occasions when they might be needed?

  30. Hi JIm,
    Yes, in Logos 4 you can easily hide resources you do not normally use. And at a later time, you can restore it if you find the resources could be helpful. Here’s how:
    Go to Tools | Settings | Program Settings and at the bottom find Hidden Resources.
    Next, open the Library and drag the unwanted titles into the Drop resources to hide here box in the Hidden Resources section. That’s it. You will have to restart Logos 4 for the changes to take effect.
    To restore the resources at a later time, return to the Hidden Resources section and to the right of the title, click the X to remove it from the list.