Logos 4: Keyboard Shortcuts

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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

As I was growing up in Nashville, TN, my father was truck driver. He knew every back road in our area. As a result, when I learned to drive he was constantly asking me, “Do you want to know a shortcut to the store? How about a shortcut to the park?”

If you’ve ever attended one of our Logos training seminars called Camp Logos you know I’m all about shortcuts. At least I come by it naturally.

So do you want to know a shortcut to the Home Page? How about to the Library? What about to start a Search?

Well here are some keyboard shortcuts to save you some time:

  • Alt + H opens and closes the Home Page
  • Alt + L opens and closes the Library
  • Alt + S opens the Search panel

For an extended list, check out the Logos 4 Keyboard Shortcuts article.


  1. What are the Mac equivalents?

  2. Steve Maling says

    Thanks for the updated list at the link. It is very convenient to have the results in the left-hand column instead of beginning with the keystrokes.

  3. Free: Get a nice, printable Logos Keyboard Shortcuts with Bible Abbreviations for free, by clicking the url above.

  4. when will you get the one verse per line on the new software as i really miss it , will you eventually get this feature , i miss it , its available on free bible software and on the old libronix , will the new one catch up or am i going tohave to live with it

  5. Do these work in MAC

  6. In L4/Mac, these are the equivalent keyboard shortcuts to the Windows shortcuts shown above:
    Shift + Command + H opens and closes the Home Page
    Command + L opens (but does not close) the Library
    Shift + Command + S opens the Search panel
    The link to the extended list in the post above goes to a page titled “Logos 4 Keyboard Shortcuts” but really this is a list of “Logos 4/Windows Keyboard Shortcuts.”
    If a similar list were created for Logos 4/Mac, I think it would be shorter, but I also assume it will grow. Perhaps the current list could be modified to include current shortcuts for both platforms.

  7. Arcado Gomez says

    I just loaded ver 4 upgrade last night. It installed a separate program from the red Libronix Digital System that I already had.
    On my old system I had access to e-bible deluxe, e-bible platinum and the Leaders version. Is version 4 a whole separate program?
    Also, in the older version, 3.?? I had a schedule bible reading of the New Testament in one year but that reading plan was not transferred over to version 4.
    Can you point me in the right direction for assistance?
    thanks, Arcadio

  8. Hi Arcado,
    Logos Bible Software 4 is all new and doesn’t disable your Libronix DLS 3.x installation. So when you upgrade you don’t lose anything—you can continue to use LDLS 3.x for anything that doesn’t yet have a Logos 4 equivalent! And as long as your licenses are synchronized, your eBible collections and your Leader’s Library will work in Logos4.
    As for reading plans, they are not setup to transfer at this time. You can setup a new reading plan in Logos 4, or you can continue to use Logos 3 for that purpose. To create a new reading plan, watch the Bible Reading Plan video under the Tutorials section of the videos page. Then, familiarize yourself with Logos 4 by going through some of the other videos.

  9. Lynn Hardaway says

    I miss the Logos add-in which made it possible to copy into Word without having to go back into the program and do it the long way. Is it possible to do the same thing in Logos 4? Copying verses into my Word documents in Logos 4 is cumbersome.

  10. Hi Lynn,
    We are working to release better printing support for Logos 4 in the first quarter of 2010. Unfortunately, I do not have details regarding what will be updated. If you have not uninstalled Libronix, keep in mind you can continue to use LDLS 3.x for anything that doesn’t yet have a Logos 4 equivalent!

  11. Hi Darren,
    I couldn’t say exactly when the one verse per line option will appear in Logos 4, but it is coming. If you have not see our Features Coming Soon to Logos 4 page, please take a look. Until then, our suggestion is to continue to use Logos 3 alongside Logos 4.

  12. The keyboard shortcuts need some work. Some of them are far from intuitive. For instance, to copy a Bible passage without using the mouse:

    1. Ctrl-Alt-B to open Copy Bible Verses (this is documented, works fine)
    2. Enter reference and hit enter to change the selected text (this is counter-intuitive – in 3.0, enter copied the verse, tab changed the passage).
    3. Hit tab twice to get to style (tab moves right to left from reference to the window icon, then left to right across Style, Version, Destination – this is counter-intuitive, and a standard usability faux pas.)
    4. Hit space on style to open the style menu, select style with arrow keys, hit ESC to select the style (this is counter-intuitive – in most apps, the Escape key cancels your selection rather than keeping it. Tab and Enter do nothing in that dropdown.)
    5. Hit tab 3 times AGAIN to get to the Bible version dropdown. At least the Bible version dropdown (usually) works intuitively.
    6. Hit tab 4 times AGAIN to get to the destination dropdown. Space and enter do nothing, the only thing that changes the selection are up/down and left/right arrow keys. The list is also not sorted alphabetically. It’s sorted by priority, which is fine if you can see the list, but when you can’t see it, you aren’t sure if you’re moving towards the option you want or away from it.
    7. Finally, hit tab and enter to actually copy your verse.

    It took me a long time to figure all of the above out. I strongly suspect that most people would give up and use the mouse, which works fine, but is much slower. Which leads me to ask – are you really testing these keyboard shortcuts, or are you just putting them in there to look good in the documentation?
    I love Logos, and 4.0 has great potential, but please review the keyboard shortcuts with full usage scenarios to make sure they actually work. (here’s a suggestion – have your testers unplug their mouses and see how much they can accomplish without them!)