Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos Bible Software

Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos Bible Software

Reliance on Greek and Hebrew for sermon content is in decline. At Logos, we are aware of the research which suggests less than 20% of pastors who have had biblical language training actually use that training on a regular basis. We’ve also taken note that many schools around the country no longer require Greek and Hebrew for seminary or pre-seminary training.

We hope to do something about that. Introducing a brand new series of lessons on using the biblical languages tools in Logos: Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos Bible Software. This is a complete set of video lessons in HD, which covers all the basics of interpreting the Bible using the Greek and Hebrew tools in Logos Bible Software. No prior knowledge of Greek or Hebrew is required, and even English grammar is explained. Even better, there’s no rote memorization of vocabulary lists, grammatical forms, or paradigms.

Dr. Heiser, one of the instructors, has done translation work in roughly a dozen languages—among them Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Ugaritic cuneiform, Akkadian, and Sumerian. He recently sat down to talk about non-traditional methods of language learning in general, and this project in particular. Check out the complete video:

If you’re a pastor, these lessons are a great way to refresh the Greek and Hebrew skills you learned in seminary or Bible college. If your ability to study the Bible in the original languages has slipped in the years or decades since seminary, these instructional videos will get you back on track.

If you’re a lay leader who’s thought about seminary, but it’s never worked out, then this is your chance to learn how to use the Greek and Hebrew tools in Logos for your Bible study. With these videos, you can learn at your own pace, and avoid the stress of a college- or graduate-level classroom environment. Pause lessons, review previous material, and move on to the next lesson at your convenience.

For professors, Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew with Logos Bible Software is perfect for teaching preparation in your courses that focus on Greek and Hebrew tools for English readers. Use the videos to prepare your lessons. Learn new teaching methods, and glean ideas for your own teaching and research on the original languages. Professors teaching traditional first-year Greek and Hebrew courses can use the videos for showing students how to use their language training for exegesis. These lessons are also a great way to integrate technology into the classroom. Supplement your teaching and lectures with HD video. Help your students use Logos Bible Software for studying the Bible with the original languages.

We’ve already begun initial work on the project. The final videos will be in HD, but you can see some very rough previews right now posted on the product page. While you’re there, be sure to place you pre-order to show your support for the project! You can also interact with the instructors and ask questions about the project in the Forums.


  1. Thank you,
    I love studying the orginal text but never had opprotunity to go to seminary. I am looking forward to this course. sounds like it is just what I need.
    Rev. Dennis D. Caldwell

  2. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!, You (Logos folks) continue to blow me away with your commitment to helping “the little guy” seriously study the scriptures. Our Father’s blessings to you all.
    William Lynch
    (First Year of 10 year plan) MINTS Seminarian

  3. Joan Korte says:

    Although I did preorder this, I would still love to see a table of contents or something similar since I do not want to have to return the resource to Logos because it doesn’t fit where I am. Thanks!!

  4. I have also wanted to go to a seminary to get some more “formal” instruction, but currently my resposibilities do not provide the opportunity. This, if nothing, else will help me use the tools at my disposal with better understanding. I see it as a growth potential.
    Thanks Logos, and Merry CHRISTmas.

  5. Kent Hendricks says:

    Hi Joan,
    As we get closer to finishing this project, we’ll post a more complete and finalized outline of the course. We’re still tweaking some of the specifics as we’re getting underway.

  6. Kent,

  7. Wow! Great tool! I’m also thankful to Logos that their 12 days of logos sale is being a great success. I was so blest to purchase the commentary of the NT use of the OT by Beale & Carson — that was about 60% off – way cheaper than the introductory price!!! I can’t wait for the last day of logos sale. I hope is something really good so I can add more to my library. By the way, I love the update on the passage guide. Finally, the results only display a few commentaries and then asks you if you want “more” instead of showing ALL the commentaries at the same time. I can’t wait for all the updates to be finalized – It’s gonna be an even greater marvelous experience to study the Bible — and with this Hebrew & Greek DVD coming soon, Logos will be the supreme Bible software in the world with no one to ever be able to match it. Thank God for Logos Bible software!

  8. I think this series is a must have for everyone! This will be amazing and the price is phenomenal!!!!

  9. Rick Ratzlaff says:

    A hearty heart filled AMEN – as I kinda said in another blog.
    Being a 60+ layman whose never had the privilege of formal training, but listened to hundreds of hours of John MacArthur and John Piper.
    Book shelves are over bloated with people’s opinions and often subjective insight. And as an owner of ver. 4, Leaders Library, I find literally dozens and dozens of mans reflection that I’ll NEVER open. I’d far rather have more tools and purchase books as I saw need. But that probably has negative financial ramifications. My Bible is the “LIVING WORD OF GOD” and I desperately want to plumb that into my life so God can plumb it out. Hence, even the “VERSE LIST” from ver. 3 was exciting to use as I find verses that speak to an issue, I am building my own trail of growth mile stones that change me so God can plumb out what I learn. Please hurry with the “Verse List” function.
    Not to be too hard on academia, I fear that a lot of the stats you quote above is a result of mans efforts to impress self, and a cop-out for hard time labour digging for the real nuggets. Too much “sermon preparation” and not sufficient personal preparation, too many parrots, with no substance.
    Thank you Logos – your tools have enabled me to new exciting and motivating growth as I fall deeper in love with my wonderful Saviour.

  10. Kent Hendricks says:

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying Logos 4! You may have some books you rarely use, but a large library helps you discover resources, tools, and insights you might not have found otherwise.

  11. Shannon Bond says:

    I have two years of Greek and one of Hebrew at the seminary level. Will this help me go deeper in my understanding of the languages?

  12. William Fu says:

    The screen clarity on Logos 4 is low. Logos 3 is much better on the same computer. Is there a way to improve the screen clarity for Logos 4?

  13. Kent Hendricks says:

    Absolutely! Keep in mind however, that this is geared toward helping you use the original language tools in Logos for Greek and Hebrew study. It does not replace a course you would take in college or seminary, but it will certainly help you go deeper in your understanding of the original languages.

  14. Kent Hendricks says:

    Try adjusting the Program Scaling. You can find this under Tools | Program Settings. Hope this helps!