How to Get the Most Out of the Logos iPhone App

Logos Bible Software iPhone App

The Logos 4 release has been big news for the past seven weeks since it first came out. Response has been overwhelming, and we’ve been so busy with the release of Logos 4 that we haven’t had much time to talk about the other big project we recently launched—the free Logos Bible Software iPhone app.

Begin reading the Bible, searching, comparing versions, and setting up reading plans to keep you in the Word every day. Anyone with the Logos iPhone app may instantly access around 30 Bibles to read on their iPhone or iPod Touch.

Tens of thousands of people who had never even heard of Logos, before the iPhone app, have already downloaded the free app, and love it. Many users have gotten even more out of the app by registering to gain access to more than 30 additional free books. Again, you don’t ever have to register. You can keep using it free and anonymous forever if you prefer, but by registering you are able to access a total of more than 60 books, plus the app itself—all without spending a dime.

However, when you upgrade to a new Logos 4 base package, you get a key which tells our servers to grant you access to all the books that you have ever purchased for Logos Bible Software old or new, as long as our publishing partners have given us permission to display each title on the iPhone.

This bonus feature in the new Logos 4 base package allows you to access up to 3,000 of the titles you own on the iPhone—not just books in the new base packages, but also books you may have purchased ten or fifteen years ago. And we’re making new books available regularly as we secure rights and convert titles to the new format.

Even better, the iPhone app isn’t just about reading books. It also incorporates many of the features and tools you’ve come to love about Logos Bible Software:

  • Bible study anywhere. Now you have access to many of the books in your library wherever you go.
  • Syncs with your desktop application. The app remembers your favorite resources, bookmarks, and settings across all platforms. Logos 4 even saves your last location in each of your books, so you can leave your desk and pick up your reading right where you left off using your iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Stay up to date on your daily readings with a Bible Reading Plan. As a Logos 4 user you can complete your reading on your computer or iPhone and both will keep your plan up to date.
  • Learn more about a word by running a Bible Word Study. Get a report with links to dictionaries, lexicons, verses using the word, and view various translations of the Greek or Hebrew word.
  • Like the desktop version of Logos Bible Software, the Passage Guide allows you to enter a verse and get a detailed report that includes relevant commentaries, cross references, literary typing, media resources, and interesting words.
  • Learn more about the original language words behind the English translation. Tap and hold any word in your Bible and Logos Bible Software will look up the word and deliver the manuscript, lemma, and morphological information on the Greek or Hebrew word.
  • Just feel like reading a book? Browse through your library and open one up. If you’ve opened the book before on your iPhone or computer, it will pick up right where you left off.
  • Lots more! Check out the iPhone page to see all the other features, screenshots, and more, or take a look at the iPhone posts in the Community Forums.

Many of the people who have never heard of Logos and started using the iPhone app have enjoyed it so much, that they’ve purchased a Logos 4 base package—just to access all the new content. They aren’t buying a Logos 4 package to use the desktop app, they are buying Logos 4 simply to access a ton of great books on their iPhone.

And the ability to access many of your titles on the iPhone is just one of the hundreds of brand new features that come with each Logos 4 base package or base package upgrade. So think about it: if people who’ve never heard of Logos are buying Logos 4 base packages just so they can access additional books on their iPhones, imagine the benefits you will get—as someone who is already an experienced Logos user, and already aware of all the great benefits of using Logos on your desktop—when you upgrade to a new Logos 4 base package.

We’ve decided to extend the upgrade discounts through the holiday season. That means you still have a little more time to save on an upgrade to a brand new Logos 4 base package.

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  1. Esther Jones says

    Send some Blackberry love, please?!?!?
    Still waiting…

  2. Kent Hendricks says

    Check out on any mobile device.

  3. Are there any plans to have the ap sync with the Mac package?

  4. I tried to go to but the Opera browser can’t find the site and the BB browser gives an error message (gateway timeout). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I don’t like the app because it does not store your books on your phone. Everytime you access one it redownloads the material. This is fine for those in US, but in other countries this can prove to be a very expensive exercise. You should be able to connect your iPhone/ iPod touch to your computer and be able to transfer the books you want to take mobile directly onto the device. Until the product reaches this level of maturity I wouldn’t consider using it or recommending it to others.

  6. Jack,
    Thanks for the comment. As of today there is an update to the iPhone/iPod Touch app that makes books readable offline with a simple switch. Find more information on the forums here.

  7. Rod,
    I am not sure what to tell you about this one. I have just accessed from a couple different browsers and didn’t have any problems. I did check Opera and it wasn’t loading there for some reason, we are currently looking into it. A co-worker is sitting next to me browsing on his BlackBerry, so that is working.
    Thank you for the heads up!

  8. Tami,
    We are still hard at work on the Mac version of Logos 4, but rest assured that Logos 4 is a multi-platform software that syncs your resources from your account. The iPhone app pulls your resources from your account online no matter what platform (PC or Mac) you are using.

  9. Has anyone experienced problems with the reading list descriptions not matching on the iPhone versus the PC/Mac software descriptions? I have been experiencing this problem since 1.1 and above for the iPhone, and it has caused countless new reading lists to be created and then synced back to the Logos 4 software. When renamed on the computer, they don’t necessarily transfer back to the iphone. Some rename, but if not, new ones are created. It ends up renaming with (2), (3), and etc after each newly created reading lists. Then, these new lists are both on the PC/Mac software and the iPhone. I’ve tried delting the iPhone app from the phone and reinstalling, but I’ve had no luck. Also, does anyone know how to delete reading lists? This way I can at least clean up the reading lists until new updates are available.
    Thanks for your help.

  10. I find a lot of the books in my library don’t display properly. Hopefully there are plans to fix this.

  11. Google phone app?

  12. Any chance there will be a Palm Pre app?

  13. Kent Hendricks says

    At this time we’re exploring apps for other mobile devices. In the meantime, check out

  14. Kent Hendricks says

    We are exploring apps for other mobile devices, but the iPhone app is the only app currently available. In the meantime, check out

  15. I upgraded to Logos 4 but never got the Iphone enablement key. Is there a way to get that?

  16. Kent Hendricks says

    iPhone enablement comes with all Logos 4 base packages, whether you’ve upgraded or you’re a first time user. Just download the free iPhone app on your iPhone or iPod touch, then sign in, and you’re good to go! Check out or visit the iPhone forums.

  17. I discovered and started using the iPhone app after upgrading to Logos 4. I liked Logos 4 from the beginning but the iPhone app really added a lot. I really enjoy being able to keep up with my daily reading on my iPhone when I am away and then have everything synchronized when I return home to my laptop. It’s really great to see a software product work so well. Thanks!

  18. Is logos 4 going to support Android ?
    I am going to get a google phone, and I really really hope I can use my logos 4 on my google phone as well.

  19. Kent Hendricks says

    We’re still looking into developing apps on other platforms. For now, you can visit on any mobile device. Or check out the Logos Mobile Web forums.

  20. I downloaded the free upgrade of just the program. Is it included with that as well?

  21. I’m enjoying reading the bible on my Iphone. I have several comments.
    1 Although I have it in my collection of Logos titles, I can’t seem to download the NAB for Catholics. I really like that translation as well as the notes on that version. Any thougts?
    2. Noticed that the bible in a year readings are not the same on the Iphone and my version on my computer?
    3. Lastly I don’t seem to be able to get certain other books on my Iphone
    Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

  22. Tom R. Hawkins says

    I talked to Blackberry the other day and they informed me that they now have available Greek and Hebrew for their phones. If Verizon will support it for my BB storm, then all we need is for a developer to give us some language support for the BlackBerry Storm.
    One of the reasons I bought it is because of the bigger screen. I am using Olive Tree Bible software, which works very well but would like to have more options, including the languages. Look forward to you getting something developed like you have on the iphone.

  23. You said you were trying to get books to be available off-line… Did I just find out that you can use some of the logos books on the iphone off-line? It looks like I was able to get my ESV and Grudem’s Systematic to be available offline!
    Fantastic and do you have a list of which books are available offline?
    Thanks and a huge download tonight as well (on New Year’s night here in Korea that is). May the Lord bless you folks abundantly.

  24. Rod Staton says

    I finally got it. Thanks.

  25. I’ve been playing around with the iTouch version of this software and are really impressed with it. As a long time PocketBible user, this is more what I was looking for… using my Logos library away from my PC. However, many of the books I routinely use including the Book of Concord and Luther’s Works are not available yet. Any idea when they may become available for the iPhone app?

  26. I see BHS and LXX as available iPhone app books, PLEASE can we get NA27, NA26, GNT4 or GNT3?

  27. Fritz buck says

    You’re probably really getting tired of people asking for diffent platforms – but what about BN’s “Nook”? I would really like for somehow to do that :-)

  28. Allen Waldrep says

    I’m on the Droid phone and checked as advised.
    WOW! 804 of my resources are there so far. WOW!
    This was free service of logos?! OK, I’m impressed!
    Immediately I thought of possibilities which brought me to a desire, I would really appreciate the ability to access my custom reading plan and books in the plan (assuming the books were among those with publisher permission). I can’t say that would throw logos over the top, you are already there, nevertheless I ask :-)

  29. Kent Hendricks says

    That’s right. The latest release of the iPhone app allows offline access.
    You can the complete list of books you can access in this post in the forums.

  30. Kent Hendricks says

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying the app! At this time, we have around 3,000 books available. We are adding more all the time as we secure rights from publishers and convert titles.

  31. Kent Hendricks says

    Thanks for your suggestion! I’ll pass it along.

  32. Kent Hendricks says

    Have you downloaded the latest version of the app?

  33. The NCV (New Century Version) on my iTouch says it is available offlinem, but there’s no slider button to download it. Why is that? (And thanks for providing this program. Amazing!)

  34. Kent Hendricks says

    This is a known issue that we’re currently working to resolve. The NCV should work properly for you very soon.

  35. Kent Hendricks says

    If you downloaded the free Logos 4 engine, then you won’t be able to access your books on your iPhone. You’ll need to upgrade to a Logos 4 Base Package to access your books.
    You can, of course, access around 30 books for free with the app, and access another 30 free books by registering. For the additional books, you’ll need to own a Logos 4 base package.

  36. Kent Hendricks says

    We’re making more titles accessible on the iPhone as we secure rights from publishers and convert titles to the new format.
    Your reading plans should sync across all platforms: Windows, Mac, and iPhone. There could be a number of reasons why you might be experiencing a delay in syncing.
    If this is a regular problem, however, then this is a bug. You can report it at or drop a note in the iPhone forums. Our tech team will take a look at it. Hope this helps.

  37. Conrad White says

    Many of the books and commentaries I frequent are not availible on the iPhone version. Is there a plan to make most of the books availible?

  38. Kent Hendricks says

    We’re adding new books all the time as we secure rights from publishers and convert titles to the new format.

  39. Jim Winner says

    I have had trouble, off and on, with the (iPod touch first) iPhone not staying up to date with my main computer. The daily Bible reading gets way behind on my iPod/iPhone, and I can not check it off on the iPhone either. Am I needing something I am missing?