Calling All Forum Newbies


This post is aimed specifically at those of you who have never posted on, or perhaps, have never even read the forums. That’s right noobs, I am looking at you!

As Phil stated in his recent blog, Getting the Most Out of the Forums, the forums are an important place to learn great new tips, get your questions answered fast, and join a wonderful community of people who—like you—are using Logos Bible Software to help facilitate their Bible study.

Maybe you have checked out the forums and you were a little confounded by some of the tech talk there. You might have thought to yourself, “Hmmm, this is a little overwhelming.” Let me assure you, with more than 10,000 people posting on the forums, statistically speaking, you cannot be the least tech savvy person there! There is a need for people of all skill levels to be chiming in, asking questions and building community. It is a way to facilitate becoming more technologically astute and, at the same time; helping to encourage discussions that others of your skill level may need to see.

Getting involved in the forums is so easy. It is simply a case of signing in. You will use the same email and password that you use to sign in to and Logos 4. If you don’t have a account yet, you can easily create one.

If you are brand new to our forums I would like to help propel you forward. I have started a thread on the forums expressly entitled, Newbies!! It is a nice place to jump in and get your feet wet. Tell us a little about yourself and how you got involved with Logos Bible Software.

I can promise you that there is no entrance exam and no learning curve. You just have to make that initial jump. You will be glad you did.


  1. Logically speaking, SOMEBODY has to be the least tech savvy person there…. :-)

  2. Jim,
    I was hoping that logic would escape everyone! Let’s say, statistically speaking, it is highly unlikely. Thanks for reading the blogs Jim.

  3. Yes but it will only be ONE person and it comforts us to know it is unlikely I’ll be that ONE.

  4. How do we use the greek and hebrew software and the greek lemmas

  5. I am very interested in the writings of N T Wright, the ones on pre-pub. Are there others out there wanting to see them become available on Logos asap?

  6. Damon,
    Thanks for your question, and in keeping with this specific blog, I am going to point you toward the forum. I did a quick search for lemmas and came up with many pages of information that could help you out!
    Good luck,

  7. Ronnie James says

    Hello Jim… yourself I enjoy the writings of N T Wright. I’m assuming that the ones in the pre-pups you’re referring to are the “Christian Origins and the Question of God Series” titles. Another great series to look out for is the “…for everyone” guides to the books of the New Testament by this man. I don’t see them listed anywhere in at the moment but they may well become available in the future – I do hope you’re listening Logos! I’m quite content using my paper versions at the moment but would dearly love to have them in electronic format.

  8. Thanks Logos for all that you have done and all that you are doing to help in the aid of Bible study! One of the key features that I really get a kick out of is being able to float the pages over to the other monitor that I have. I am not as quick with this new software and am slowly learning some of the ins and outs of this software. The question I have is when the passage guide is used, I know that Logos 3 has the illustrations tab, I cannot find this on the Logos 4. Not too impressed with the topic tab, guess I am an oldy goldy who likes the old passage guide from Logos 3. I still have Logos 3 installed and will continue to use that until I can learn the ropes with this one…God Bless You all!