Announcing the New Interactive Upgrade Discounter

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Based on feedback in the Community Forums, we have made several changes to the Upgrade Discounter. We’ve added new functionality, interactive tools, and an expanded comparison chart that lists even more features in each of the Logos 4 base packages.

The new Upgrade Discounter contains expanded interactive features to help you see what books you already own*, and what new books you’ll get with an upgrade to Logos 4. As you click the different Logos 4 base packages, new rows in the comparison chart are highlighted which show you exactly what new resources you’ll get with an upgrade. Remember, when you upgrade, you keep all of your existing books, plus you get all the new titles that are highlighted.

You’ll also see a savings calculator which changes along with the base package you select. This calculator displays the value of the total content, the approximate value of new content between your old base package and your new Logos 4 base package, plus the upgrade price calculated specifically for you.

Exclusive upgrade discounts are tailored to each individual Logos user. Your upgrade price takes into consideration the limited time introductory offer, the base package you already own, your Pre-Pub purchase history, your overall account history, and more. Using these variables, we calculate the best possible upgrade discount for you. Although we can’t reveal the “secret sauce,” we can assure you that the prices you see in the Upgrade Discounter represent the best upgrade discounts you will see anywhere.

Head on over to the new Upgrade Discounter to play around with the new tools and check out your upgrade options.

*The comparison chart shows you the difference between Logos 3 base package content and Logos 4 base package content. The upgrade calculator takes into account additional resources you may have purchased.


  1. Very nice! Any plans to hyperlink the resources in the comparison chart to their descriptions?

  2. Looks promising. This has got to be be a very useful feature for those planning on updating. As for myself I’ll stick with the OLL for the time being.
    I did notice something, however, that I did not really like. The only resources being marked as “Books you own” are those included in the base package. Those I’ve bought individually do not get marked. This can potensially mediate a wrong message, especially when they get marked as “Books you get”.
    I also think it would be a good thing if I could click the resource title to open the respective product page.

  3. David Pereira says

    What would make the discounter even more helpful would be for it to include ALL of a user’s volumes. For example, my upgrade option shows me getting “The Fundamentals” and “The Humilitation of Christ” but I’ve already purchased those. (Oddly, I’m pretty sure I got those as Prepubs so it seems the discounter would already be set to NOT show them as coming in the upgrade).
    Anyway, having a chart that showed exactly which additional resources could be acquired would definitely make this a great evaluation tool.
    THANKS much, David

  4. David Pereira says

    Actually those 2 volumes were Community Pricing purchases from 2005 and then came through the Prepub system. Since Logos has all of the licenses for me stored anyway, it just makes sense that the Upgrade Discounted would show the actuall NEW volumes that would come in the upgrade.
    You COULD use a different color for these separate purchases, if you think that would be clearer.

  5. It still needs to read our license file and not mark books we already own.

  6. Will you be notifying us when the absolute last chance we can take advantage of the “limited time introductory offer”? I need to buy presents and pay bills for the upcoming holidays. It would be great if you will extend the limited time upgrade discounts into the upcoming new year. And then there’s the Zondervan pre-pubs…Ugh…But keep up the great work you’re doing in offering and discounting new resources! :D

  7. It would Great if you could also assign links to each book to the product description, so we can go view what is in a book. Many of the book offered i am not familiar with.

  8. Rick Powell says

    This is superb. Still, it is only noting the books that are in our base package. If it could read our note our additional purchases, this tool would be even more useful. Thank you, God bless you and keep up the outstanding work.
    Your brother,
    p.s. Perhaps it is my monitor, but it would also be helpful if the colors were a little more differentiated.

  9. Kent Hendricks says

    At this time, the interactive upgrader highlights books you will get if you upgrade from a Logos 3 package to a Logos 4 package. If you have purchased other books, resources, and add-on products, it will not recognize those.

  10. Kent Hendricks says

    The discounts are just that–introductory. Logos 4 was released a month ago from today, so if you’re thinking of upgrading, do it soon.

  11. Everyone is noting the obvious here… the upgrader is not showing books purchased outside of the packages. Why is this? It’s possible that this is simply a lot more coding work in order to read our license files as opposed to a simply checking what base package is owned vs. new package price.
    It’s also possible that they do not indicate it because it reflects poorly on the upgrade cost. I’ve personally purchased close to $400 in additional resources when they were on pre-pub that are now included in the upgrade. In other words I’m having to buy the books twice. Am I going to do this? No way! So I ask if I can sell the additional books I purchased before so as to recoup some of my cost for the upgrade. Logos says, no way!
    When it comes down to it the message is never buy individual books. It doesn’t pay in the end. You should wait for the next upgrade to come out otherwise you are going to be paying for books twice (or in my case not upgrading or investing any more money in a library you have no control over).

  12. Kent Hendricks says

    Your specific upgrade price is based on a number of factors, including your Pre-Pub purchase history. We look at the Pre-Pubs you’ve purchased (plus a bunch of other things) and calculate your discount accordingly.
    The highlighted books only show the new content in Logos 4 base packages that wasn’t in Logos 3 base packages. The price at the top, however, is calculated taking numerous factors into consideration, some of which I mentioned in the post.

  13. But will you be making “Last Chance” for introductory discount upgrading announcements?

  14. It’s also possible that they do not indicate it because it reflects poorly on the upgrade cost.

    That’s not true. Try to add up what will be new (new to you not new to the package) and figure the cost it would be to buy them separately vs the package price. I’d wager you’d be shocked at the extreme savings.

  15. David Pereira says

    After thinking about it more today, I have to say this new Discounter really is just fine. It’s a big improvement and will be a good tool for us now and for when Logos 5 comes around.
    Please forgive me (and any others who feel this way) that your excellent software may get us rather spoiled. Logos 4 is incredible and I’d hate for our unending desires to ever discourage the team from what you’re doing. Keep up the creative work!!
    Thanks much! David

  16. Daniel Finney says

    LOGOS 4 is phenomenal! I like that it is separate from Logos 3 altogether so I keep both libraries on my same computer. So much lighter than the printed text and I carry them all to the Bible College from time to time! Simply a blessing!

  17. dennisschade says

    with the economy being in such ruff shape, would it now be better for you to lower the price and include more books would help every one and you would have more sales. sales by volumes your profit would increase greatly and so would your profit.

  18. Kent Hendricks says

    Good news! The limited-time upgrade discounts are still in place. You could get hundreds of books for pennies on the dollar. Check out your options with the Upgrade Discounter.

  19. I’ve already upgraded to Platinum and now I’m thinking to upgrade to Portfolio. I have the Platinum DVDs. If I don’t want to download off the web, do I need to purchase the Portfolio DVD? Or does my Platinum DVD already contain the Portfolio resources ready to be “unlocked” after my upgrade? I want to save on the shipping costs for the Portfolio DVDs without downloading if possible.
    Will the upgrade pricing last until Christmas when my credit card starts a new billing cycle? :D

  20. Kent Hendricks says

    You’ll need to get the Portfolio DVD if you don’t want to download. It is significantly larger than Platinum, and there is a ton of stuff on it that’s not on the Platinum DVD.
    The discounts are introductory, and 4.0 was released a little over a month ago. If you’re thinking of upgrading to Portfolio, don’t put it off.

  21. Antonio Santana says

    the Logos 4 is by far the greatest Bible software out on the market. The comparasion chart is helpful but does not show your particular library, if you added more books, but just the base package.
    But still very useful. My Upgrade will be the Profolio. Any denoations….