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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

When you first open Logos Bible Software 4 you come to the Home Page. This screen may not resemble anything you’ve ever seen in software before. It should look very familiar, though. It looks like the front page of a newspaper or the home page of a web site.

Think with me about the newspaper analogy. Each day we pick it up to read, we see the front page lays out the same yet contains different content. We always know where the title of the paper, the edition, the weather, and so on are located. Yet the articles are never the same. Who wants to read the same articles day after day?

The same is true for the Logos Home Page. At the top in the “ribbon” you’ll see features that stay the same day in and day out: your Preferred Bible, Reading Plans, and more.

In the lower section, however, you discover content that changes every day. It’s just like the front page of your very own Bible study newspaper! You see articles from books, images, maps, this mp|seminars Tips blog post, or most anything.

When I first saw this Home Page I did a double take. I wasn’t sure I liked it. I want things to stay the same. Now I understand, though, it’s not supposed to stay the same. It’s supposed to change.

Every day we’re to have our sanctified imagination and curiosity motivated to dive into God’s Word perhaps in a way we never have before. I encourage you, each day look for something different and follow a link to where it takes you. You never know what you’ll learn about the Bible with Logos Bible Software 4.


  1. I will be the first to admit that initially I missed my old home page(s) and some of the features that, for the moment are not available-especially my prayer lists! That being said, I have very quickly come to appreciate the “something new” as I open Logos 4 each day. My library is huge so, with this marvelous newspaper I am exposed to those books and references that might otherwise lay hidden until I need them. And now, I know when Morris posts something that I know is going to improve the usefulness of my Logos!

  2. It should be mentioned though that this does not happen “yet” for the mac users who upgrade. I have a fellow pastor friend on my team at church and he is a pc user and it works fantastic for him (and I have to work hard and not coveting). But when I upgraded as a Mac user it does not do this yet, but I have been told that it is being worked on.
    Great upgrade from what I can tell and I can’t wait until the Mac version does everything as well.

  3. I like the newspaper look.

  4. Adam,
    I also had the same reaction….what? What in the world would this be good for??
    But…it’s grew on me and I find myself going down interesting avenues that I would NEVER have taken on my own….
    This has become a welcome feature for me….it’s much appreciated.

  5. Glen Kaiser says

    Is there a way to move article to where I want them?

  6. It should be noted that only the first page has new articles. Other pages have previous days articles. The last page could have articles shown several days earlier.

  7. Gary Kniseley says

    I purchased the Mac version and Logos graciously took it back because I am too dependent upon many features that are still in the works and may be for some time. I still run Parallels for that very reason and all works fine. Good to see your post.
    Gary Kniseley

  8. Gary Kniseley says

    I do miss the information window. Although there are many interlinears, it does not indicate what part of speech you are hovering over. It only gives you the abbreviations and you must always remember the order for what they are.

  9. Hi Gary,
    The Information window still exists in Logos 4. With your Bible or other book open, you can right-click on a word and at the bottom-right of the pop-up menu select Show Information. Upon hovering over a word with the Information window open, the interlinear Bible resources will generate parts of speech information as well as provide definitions and other content you may want.
    You can also access the Information window from Tools | Lookup | Information.
    Be sure to watch the Featured Video: Information Window

  10. Arranging the home page articles in a preferred order is not possible. The program will layout the content to best fit the home page. You can, however, select the types of content you want to appear.
    With the home page open, click Customize in the bottom-left corner of the screen. This will bring up the Content list. You can then check or uncheck the items you want.
    Hope that helps!

  11. Can I change the ribbon content? The “features”. I do not want the Lectionary there. Can I replace it with something of my interest?

  12. Hi Tony,
    At this time, the ribbon content is not customizeable. That is, you cannot remove and replace content. I cannot say whether this will change with future updates, but feel free to send your suggestions to

  13. I love the new format. I am a MAC user and look forward to the day that everything works in that version. I am currently using it on my MAC running Parallels and it has worked flawlessly.
    It took some getting used to, but I find it much friendlier than Logos 3 (if that was possible). Keep up the good work.

  14. I liked the interlinar inline that you guys have in logos 3.Can you guys bring back this format for logos 4 and the number under the individual words. Thank you

  15. Hi mdjones,
    We do have Features Coming Soon to Logos 4 for the reverse interlinears. The feature won’t look exactly like it did in Logos 3, but I’m told we’re adding the ability to view the reverse interlinear data in the primary, wrapping text window, as well as in the strip below (the current option).