Introducing Logos Bible Software 4

Today we are announcing the all-new Logos Bible Software 4, designed from scratch to accomplish our goal of helping more people do more and better Bible study.

The leading Bible software products available today (including our own Libronix DLS 3.0) are powerful tools designed 10-20 years ago. Most Bible software companies were started in a day when users owned screwdrivers for opening their computer case and knew what a DIP switch was. Our software was designed for people who liked technology and were comfortable with it.

Today everybody has a computer, and everybody isn’t a computer-geek. A computer is just one more tool in your life for doing whatever it is you want to do, from Bible study to photography to water skiing.¬†While technology has moved into the mainstream, it hasn’t stopped improving. We re-invented Logos Bible Software repeatedly to stay on the cutting edge of technology and user interface. But the edge keeps moving.

Our last product couldn’t anticipate the incredible inter-connectedness of today’s users, with widespread broadband, wireless, and mobile-phone Internet. Today’s leading programming language didn’t even exist when we designed the Libronix DLS. Apple and Microsoft have changed processors, operating systems, and more. And, most importantly, the customer base has changed: today’s Bible student with a computer isn’t a computer hobbyist. We are appliance users who expect power, elegance, and simplicity. We want computers to be like our toasters, TV’s, and cars. Turn them on and they just work.
This generation needed yet another back-to-the-drawing-board approach to Bible software. And we were glad to do it. Because only by starting with a clean slate can you leave behind mistakes and poor choices. Only facing an empty whiteboard can you design an architecture that isn’t constrained by the limitations of long-gone hardware and operating systems. Only by abandoning your existing product can you truly hear what your users want in a world unconstrained by yesterday’s designs.
Throwing it all away and starting over is incredibly rare in the software world. It is considered a dangerous business decision. It puts years between major releases and increases development costs. And the better your existing product is, the more your new product upsets existing users, many of whom just wanted a few small improvements.
But it is the only way to take advantage of the latest technology. It is the only way to design for today’s users, and their expectations about elegant design, powerful features, and Internet integration. It is the only way to keep some of the world’s finest software developers interested and engaged. (It’s no fun maintaining a decades-old codebase.)
Starting over takes courage, but it is the only way to do something extraordinary.
Logos Bible Software 4 is not an upgrade. Logos 4is Bible software re-imagined. To help you do more and better Bible study.

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  1. denise barnhart says

    Your copy definitely got it right. A new product that’s not an upgrade is a new product and company on its own. Maybe the libraries and church-paid owners are fine, but definitely not me. ‘Technology’ is something Redmond tries to use and it’s wearing out quickly. Better to say ‘we need more money’. At least that would be true, and even fair.

  2. Monroe R. Miller says

    Your sales materials are ambiguous. I own about 1600 resources now. Do I have t buy the top of the line (Porfolio) upgrade in order to keep and use the resources that I have already purchased? Or can I simply buy the Gold upgrade and still use everthing in my current library.
    Your sales materials are too much hype and too little actual information.

  3. Monroe, one of the benefits of Logos Bible Software is that you never lose any books. So when you crossgrade or upgrade you get to keep all the books you have purchased in the past.

  4. Monroe, I don’t work for the company (but used to) and the policy of Logos has always been, “you buy the books, you own the books.” But Logos is constantly adding new and updated resources and tools to their collections, so it depends on how long ago you last purchased your collection.
    You’ve probably already found it, but they have an upgrade calculator here: Just enter your Libronix ID and poof, discount pricing.
    The other option is if you just want the new engine and no (or few) additional resources, use the minimal crossgrade option here for $70:
    Buying a base upgrade gives you the new engine/look to access your already owned books.
    Hope that helps.

  5. Jason McGrath says

    So, I just crossgraded to the mac (engine only); but to get to logos 4 I have to purchase a package? Is there going to be a separate price for those who don’t need or already have the resources? Just wondering if my decision to crossgrade when I did was such a good idea.

  6. My library has been built up slowly over many years. I have never purchased a package because I don’t have large amounts of money at one time for purchasing books. Do I have to purchase a package to get the new software for my existing library?

  7. What about how it was written? Is it 64-bit? Is it written in Cocoa for the Mac?

  8. Furthermore, does it have all of the features that were unavailable in the Mac version, such as the Hebrew Pronunciation Addin?

  9. Bob Pritchett says

    I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but I’d be happy to talk to you about your concerns. You can call me at 800-875-6467.
    What we’re selling today is upgrades to larger collections of books and resources. Our core engine is still free, and we’re even releasing an update very soon to your existing Libronix DLS engine, to ensure it stays compatible with Windows 7, etc. Our core philosophy of selling the books and keeping you up to date on the reading engine hasn’t changed.

  10. I’m somewhat surprised by the criticism here. The first thing I did when I heard the news was click the upgrade button – a no-brainer for me. The vast majority of other companies charge huge amounts of money for upgrades. A few dollars for totally new software is terrific value, particularly when you also get long-awaited resources (such as the reverse-interlinears in most major versions).
    The upgrade does look fantastic, I’m sure there’ll be teething problems, but after using Logos for more than 10 years I trust that the company will put any problems which may exist right.
    While I’m waiting for the download, I’m going to order an iPhone so I can have my library in my pocket…
    PS for Bob/Dale – I do have some sympathy with the nay-sayers, however. This upgrade came as a surprise – even to your sales team I rang first thing this morning! And there isn’t much info available, and of course no public betas. Just as one example of the lack of info, I’ve just spend several hundred dollars on the Portfolio edition, but I don’t actually know what I’ve bought because it’s not in the product comparisons. I’ve paid the money because I trust you – but users with less ‘history’ with Logos will have less trust, and be more suspicious of the lack of detailed information.

  11. I have to say that the initial advertising has confused me. It was only on reading the comments here on the blog (and they were difficult to find) that I realized that I would not have to re-purchase any of my rather extensive Logos library (which goes back years – like to the earliest edition of Logos, well before Libronix). OK, now I have to think through whether I want to purchase a package or just the engine. What I need is something that compares what I have with what is new in the package, for otherwise I have to remember whether I already have what is in package x. There is a lot of stuff in any package that I really have no interest in as a biblical scholar. So the issue for me is whether there is enough to justify the expense? That is not so easy to determine.
    I might add, that since I represent Logos at my university, I will have to field a lot of questions about Logos in the coming weeks, not to mention that I use both Mac and Windows and that I am sure that there will be discussions later this month at SBL.

  12. Downloaded it but it doesn’t find any of my Logos 3 resources. Can’t seem to find my way around this thing.
    I’m not old; just 38, but this thing is not intuitive for me.

  13. Your upgrade calculator (or is it cross-grade, whatever that means) was incomprehensible to me. Also, I have not been able to figure out what this new version of Logos offers, other than a chatty looking home page. Where can I find specs and view new functionality. The on-line video was very confusing.

  14. PastorColin says

    JasonS … I agree with your observation that it is not intuitive. I started searching through the help for “download library” and “discover resources” (two terms I remember seeing in previous versions of the product. I got absolutely no where. I was about to shut down version 4 and call customer support when I noticed a small Libronix icon down in my “tray”. A couple of hours have passed and I’m now at 30% of the 6.4GB that I am supposed to download. I didn’t do anything that I know of to start the download, so I can only assume it happens automatically. We’ll have to see once it finishes downloading.
    To others (not just JasonS). I have been using Logos Bible Software since it came on disks (I started seminary in 1992 and figure I purchased my first copy then.) Having studied Computer Science and been the Director of Research and Development for a small computer firm in Waterloo Ontario CANADA, I want to thank the people at Logos for not creating “vapour-ware” (i.e. the announcement that software is coming but it takes forever to get out). I was surprised by the announcement just like everyone else, but greatful that I didn’t spend days/weeks/months/etc. wondering how bug-ridden it might be after missing promised deadlines. The video looks great and prompted me to upgrade to a bigger package.
    All the previous versions of this software have been incredibly stable products (which when you think that the kitchen table and the garage were some of their first “office furniture” and “warehouse”–if I’m not mistaken). I’m so looking forward to getting the rest of it downloaded and getting on my way with it.
    Peace & Blessings,

  15. I read in reply comments on the first comment, that a Core-update will come soon. Below are a few questions:
    Will the Core-update be free?
    Will the Libronix3 version still be on my computer so that I can switch between version 3 & 4 (i.e. start ver 3, or open another window and start ver 4) ? (some software packages support this, some don’t allow concurrent running at the same time tho)
    Can you give me an ETA on when this Core-update will be available (not totally specific, i.e. before 2010) ?
    My desktop OS is Win2K, I noticed that version 4 does not support this OS. I am currently among the millions of unemployed. I cannot afford to upgrade it at this time. So will version 3 continue to be supported? Will new books purchased run on either version 3 & 4 ?
    Hope that you can answer these questions here on the blog, others my benefit from the answers.

  16. The initial download is certainly not intuitive. Once installed, you will have no resources (the format has changed from version 3 so even existing resources have to be redownloaded). You’ll know if your resources are downloading if you see a blue icon in your system tray (the icons near the clock in the lower right corner of your screen).
    However, there seems to be a bug. In my case the icon was missing, and didn’t appear until I click on the big search icon in Logos 4 and got the yellow “Some search results may be missing”. Hovering over the icon then says how big your download will be (13.3Gb in my case!) and how long it will take to download.
    Once you have the icon and the download commences, you can exit Logos 4 and the download will continue in the background.

  17. Monroe R. Miller says

    I am old (63) and have an extensive library. One of the Logos reps told me that her library is much smaller than mine and it took hers 6 hours to load. I am still unclear whether mine is downloading or not (it has been a little over 7 hours) but right now I still do not have access to resources in Logos 4. The little blue icon in the right hand corner allegedly means that my resources are downloading but every time I check it, it says it has downloaded 0%. At least Jerry in customer service offered to send me the dvd so I can try to install Logos 4 from that. I appreciate his offer and look forward to receiving the dvd.
    In addition to the ambiguous sales material, the complete absence of any information about how long it would take for the resources to be populated (I think Logos calls it “indexing”) makes it feel like there is a bug. If I had known that the download would take so long, I would have just ordered the dvd in the first place.
    Finally, the home page is nonsense. Let’s go back to a page that facilitates Bible study instead of an advertisement for Logos software.

  18. Bob Pritchett says

    Sorry for the inconvenience. The downloading is extra slow today because of all the upgrades happening at once. We’re working to make sure it does a better job of communicating what it’s doing in future releases.
    The Home Page uses content from your library to deliver a page that’s more about Bible study than Logos news. But while you’re downloading content it doesn’t have access to it, so all it has is Logos news. Once your’e done updating it will be a lot more useful.
    We’re working to get more training and videos online; you’ll find some at right now.

  19. I have purchased about #1500.00 of Logos products over the last 10 years but have never bought a base package. I’ll guess I’m the loser for this. So much for loyalty programs. I get no more discount for upgrade than a newby.

  20. Bob Pritchett says

    We are still doing maintenance updates to the LDLS 3.0 engine, though we won’t be adding new features. If you’re on an older system like the one you mention, it’s probably best to stay with 3.0 for a while.
    Unless a book requires Logos 4 functionality, we’ll be building 3.0 compatible versions for a while.

  21. Since my funds are limited right now, if I upgrade to the Platinum for now (from Gold), can I upgrade later to Portfolio using my current Portfolio personal upgrade price minus the Platinum upgrade cost that I’ve already paid? Or will I have to pay more than the difference because the upgrade pricing from Platinum to Portfolio is higher?

  22. I purchased this product and am experiencing the same problems and complete confusion others are experiencing. What is most concerning to me is that the product launch seems violently abrupt and there was no up-front explanation of the hurdles early adopters would face. Nor does there seem to be even a single help manual available to those who made the leap.
    The Iphone app is a real plus and the look of the new pc interface is decent, but you really should have manuals and info available if your going to launch a fairly expensive upgrade that so drastically changes the user experience.
    This leaves me concerned about future updates to my library and whether logos will be completely reinventing my software experience to fit fads in UI design. Personally I’d rather have a UI that is less “magazine.” Seems like we are moving away from serious study to be a casual devotional aid.

  23. Thanks Bob,
    I also have a laptop (which is my primary computer) which has Vista on it. So the first 3 questions would be useful in connection with Vista machines.

  24. I agree, it would be nice to have a comparison chart for versions of Logos3 versus Logos4. That way we could see the difference of what we have versus what the newer one has. (i.e. Scholar edition in Logos3 versus Scholar edition in Logos4)

  25. When you say “Our core engine is still free” do you mean to say that I will be able to download the 4.0 engine as I always have previous versions, and upgrade my existing client without purchasing/upgrading to a new package?
    There seems to be quite a bit of confusion about this here.
    Even the “minimal crossgrade” option mentioned below is confusing, as it includes the engine AND additional resources. I neither want nor need the additional resources, I simply want to upgrade my software. Is that going to cost me money, or will the base engine be available for free download for existing Logos users?

  26. So Logos 4 eBook files will work as is on the iTouch/iPhone? In other words, once I upgrade to Logos 4, I can install an included Logos app on my iTouch, load all my Logos books and start reading anything in my Library on my iTouch by tonight? That would be sweet if that’s the case!

  27. Help me out. I want the new version, but cannot find the OFFICIAL Logos answer to my questions.
    Will the resources produced for the Libronix engine (Logos 3) by other publishers (ie Thomas Nelson) work in Logos4 without losing their current level of functionality (eg. searches, footnotes when copying, cross-references, etc)?
    Will my notes and Highlights migrate to the new program when I update or are they lost forever?

  28. Well, I for one am excited and about to pop! I’m a little nervous about learning to use all of the new resources, but can hardly wait.
    I, too, was really confused about how it was going to access all of my current resources … but discovered that patience was actually the virtue others say that it is. I was so excited to get started that I didn’t give it time to do what it needed to do. I was initially startled that it had downloaded all of that information so quickly. Ah ha – it didn’t!
    After emailing Customer Service and waiting to hear back, I noticed that Logos was quietly indexing all of my current library as well as downloading the new parts to my library. I went to lunch with a friend, came back and discovered that I was about to have some fun! And fun I will have as I get to completely personalize my Bible study / research desktop.
    Next thing I’m going to have to do is get to one of the big training sessions so I can start wielding this sword with all sorts of craziness!
    Thank you? Yes … thank you!

  29. Oh … and by the way … all that craziness? If this thing ever gets to my Blackberry, you are going to find a woman in the middle of the United States skipping and maybe doing handstands! :) (yah, yah, yah … I know, you’re working on it – I just have a problem with patience)

  30. Timothy Churchill says

    Logos 4 looks to be amazing. I was excited about Logos 3, and Logos 4 seems to take everything to the next level. It was obvious that a new platform would be needed to make significant leap forward from Logos 3, and Logos 4 seems to be everything I was hoping for and more.
    I was a little confused at the beginning, too, but the reason everyone seems to be confused is that it’s TOO EASY and doesn’t require you to do anything – the way it should be. In my haste to figure out how to get my resources copied over I missed this line in the order: “Please close Logos 4 and reopen it to start downloading your new products. It may take a few minutes before your new products begin downloading, but no further unlocking or downloading is necessary.” That’s all – now that I know, I like it!
    Now my download is finished, my resources are being indexed, and I’m looking forward to lightning fast searches in the slick-looking interface.
    And I haven’t even had a chance to explore the iPhone app yet…
    Thank you Logos for a job very well done!!! Please keep the amazing surprises coming!

  31. Kudos on what looks like an amazing interface redesign! If the videos are true-to-life, you guys have done a bang up job making this new version look fantastic. Well done. I can’t wait to give it a try. I’ve been holding off on purchasing Logos because I heard there was a (brand) new edition in the works. Looks like the wait is over.

  32. I noticed that you only included only 37 volumes of the 39 volumes of New American Commentary. I understand the remaining two volumes are on Pre-Pub. So…Since you’ve included in your upgrade packages other items currently on Pre-Pub, how about throwing in the two NAC volumes currently on Pre-Pub? :D
    FYI, I’m having so much fun with this upgrade. But I also admit to being extremely stressed out about it at the same time. I’ve only downloaded 27% of my 10 GB library and it’s 2:19am on the east coast.
    I can’t wait to read my reverse inter-linears on my iTouch! And then my HDNT-ESV! And then…

  33. Michael Scoggins says

    Wow, the servers are running a little slow? I upgraded to Logos 4 at about 11:30 pm Nov 2 it took until 9:45 pm to download 11GB of resources on a 5MB cable connection. Now at 1:07 am Logos reports it only as 15 hrs and 8 minutes left to finish the first time indexing

  34. Here is a comparison chart, it lists all the products in the package, and also marks what is new to the package:

  35. 76%…

  36. Worth the wait. My only complaint… nothing on the download page really prepared me for the monumental change. I expected to launch version 4 and start using it. At first, I thought there was a problem, but I did two things that have helped. I disable Kaspersky AV during the download and indexing (which sped things up) and I had to look at the Windows 7 taskbar notifications options to show the Logos 4 icon. Once I did that, smooth sailing. I chose to just walk away for a day and let Logos 4 do its thing while I worked on a church laptop (rather than my personal one). And so far, with indexing still going on, it has been good. I just wish that with the download, you all would have e-mailed me at least a link to a web FAQ that would have prepared me for what was going to happen. This morning I began really using Logos 4 and even with slow response due to indexing, I am impressed. So I will set my laptop aside one more day and let the indexer due its good work in it! I plan on writing a review by the end of the week. Looks like good work, Logos!

  37. Jeff Castonguay says

    One of the things I’ve always been disappointed with Logos about, is clear communication. I know this is brand new, but based on the comments here, perhaps a FAQ page is in order;
    1. Will the upgrade to the core engine be free as they have been in the past?
    2. Will books already licensed be upgraded/converted to use the new functionality? Several of us have books we’ve purchased outside of any package.
    3. I’ve been using Logos for a number of years (17 maybe?) as other users comment. I looked at the Crossgrade option, and how do I know whether or not I have one of those base packages?
    I don’t have enough money to do a Crossgrade or Home Updgrade only to find out some of my purchased materials won’t work, and I should have spent more money to get access to materials I’ve already paid for. But I also don’t have enough money to buy the Scholar’s or greater version just to be sure I’m going to be able to use books I’ve already paid for, if I can either buy a lesser package, or wait for the free core engine upgrade. Maybe a simple way of saying/asking it is; why should I updgrade, what advantages or functionality will an upgrade give me over just upgrading the core engine?

  38. 96%…Yay…

  39. Werner Peters says

    Logos LEaders, you need to give your tech people a clear understanding of what you’ve got, so they are all singing the same song.
    I called (after I purchased 4.0) and asked where my resources (my 3.0 library) was. They told me that it was being downloaded off their server, because 3.0 resources on my computer will not be compatible any longer with 4.0. apparently you’ve used a totally different technology. In addition, she told me that a few of my current purchased books will NOT be included in 4.0, and that I should keep 3.0 on my computer as well, because of licensing issues. Huh??
    Also, my sermons, and notes and books I have created with the boiok add-in cannot be imported.
    If this is true, then I do not know what to believe. Above you have said:
    “Monroe, one of the benefits of Logos Bible Software is that you never lose any books. So when you crossgrade or upgrade you get to keep all the books you have purchased in the past.”
    And what tech support told me is to keep 3.0 if I do not want to lose some of my books.
    So what is the true skinny here? The blogosphere wants to know.
    Werner Peters

  40. Scott,
    L3 resources from other companies will work fine with L4 and in many instances are being updated or already have been updated for L4 already. Any updates will automatically be downloaded and added to your library.
    Notes and highlights in L3 will not yet import into L4, that is scheduled for first quarter 2010.

  41. Woohoo! Stage 1 of 3. That’s good, right?
    Oh…Is it true that I can’t put my resources to an external drive or rather have both my Logos 4 application and resources on separate drives? But I can actually install Logos 4 entirely onto an external drive? Is that right?

  42. Debbie Eckmier says

    I’ve downloaded the new engine but will have to wait on the new books available. My concern is that I used the Precept tools and all my markings as well as my personal notefiles have not transferred into the Logos 4. Is there a way to get them to show up? or do I have to start all over??? Also all the previous collections I had bought from Morris Proctor’s quick start CDs have not transferred over.
    Thanks – I kind of like the new interface :-) It will take some getting used to but I’m not finding it hard to find my way around.
    Deb E

  43. Orlin Bowman says

    I just downloaded V4 (an upgrade)and let it work overnight. Got up this morning and it works fine. IMO, much easier to use. Thanks…

  44. Don Fisher says

    I have lots of books from Logos/Libronix over the years and just downloaded the 4.0 upgrade after work yesterday. That took about 5 hours, almost 8 gig, and then it ran through the night indexing. I now have all my previous resources available. When I get home I will get to go through the new version. If you do have any amount of resources, there was a tremendous amount of time before you could access them under 4.0 I hope this helps.

  45. Stuart Robertson says

    First let me say how delighted I am with V4. I upgraded my Scholar’s Library yesterday and am truly thrilled.
    Then, let me ask … is there a support blog/newsgroup/something where questions should be posted? I have V4 working (nicely) except that there is no online help (at all), even after 2 lengthy rounds of indexing. Who/where do I ask about shortcut keys and how to get online help working?

  46. Muchas Gracias!!! Now to find the money to bump my base package up a level at the same time. . . Thanks for the excuse to do so!

  47. I was involved with the private beta testing program and even I found the upgrade instructions a little confusing. The key things for a version 3 user to remember, I think, are these:
    1. Make sure all your existing book licenses in version 3 are synchronized with the server before you start.
    2. There’s NO need to copy resources over. Most of them have been rebuilt for version 4 anyway.
    3. After installing the engine, be prepared for a VERY large download – it could be multiple gigabytes (during the beta test I had one that was 6.9 Gigs and another that was 5.8). (I had scholar’s gold with some extra stuff thrown on top.) The program will do this on its own without any input from you, but it may take a few minutes to start.
    4. After all those resources download, it will want to restart the program to install them. Once you’ve done that, be prepared for a VERY long process that can take multiple hours in which the program indexes everything. Once it’s done that your searches will be like greased lightning compared to version 3, but the computer will run like molasses on other tasks in the meantime.
    5. The version 4 installation does not change your version 3 installation AT ALL. It will still work just like it always did. Not all the nifty features in version 3 have been ported over to 4 yet, so you may find a need to switch back & forth for awhile. DO NOT delete your version 3 installation!
    Hope this helps.

  48. Hey Bob and all others,
    Thanks for being on top of everything.
    I’m with a lot of other people, it doesn’t feel intuitive, and the download is a bit slow. But as always, I love Logos for it’s customer service. Just to see you guys humbly answering all the questions, etc. I really appreciate it.
    Keep it coming!

  49. Shawn, we love you! :-) The computer can’t show you the kind of love that a human can. There are around 10,000 books available for Logos and the programming it would take to cover every possible discounting scenario is mind-boggling. The discounts for upgrading base packages reflect the books that customers already have. We are giving away a ton of content in the new collections for pennies on the dollar.
    I believe that most of the new collections have about a 93% discount on the print price of the new content in them, we might be able to work a similar deal for you too. Just give us a call at 800-875-6467. We can take a look at what you have that comes in the collection you want and help get a discount that reflects your purchase of only what is new to you.
    The more books you have already purchased that are included in the collection you want to buy, the more you save. The fewer books you have purchased that are in the collection you want to buy, the less you may save.
    Give us a call and we will take care of you! 800-875-6467

  50. Thanks Logos for a job well done! I did an update to Platinum and it is still indexing so I haven’t seen it in action yet on my own computer, but watching some of the training clips has made me very excited to have this new version. It seems like you have thought of everything. Thanks!

  51. Mike Bennett says

    I’ve bought the upgrade to L4, and done the several steps needed to build and index the L4 library. It appears to be functional (thought I haven’t had time in the middle of work week to learn what that will mean as a practical matter). I have three preliminary questions:
    1. L4 included many resources I didn’t own on L3. (e.g., many more reverse interlinears, but others too). Those new resources do not appear to be accessible from L3. Is that correct? Or do I need to perform some action to make them L3 accessible?
    2. I’ve seen from another response above that L3 notes do not yet move over to L4. How about L3 Collections?
    3. How about L3 Workspaces moving to L4?

  52. Much like everyone else, I found the process confusing and time consuming, but after a day or so of everything installing, I happy to say that I like it. One question though. I would like to migrate my bible reading plan over and some of the bookmark’s from resources I am reading. Is that possible or do I need to reinvent the wheel?

  53. Martin Posey says

    I am blown away by Logos 4. I have been a Logos 3 user for several years and was only able to scatch the surface of power in digging through the Bible. From what I have seen so far with Logos 4, I will be able to dig deeper and quicker and have fun doing it. Thanks to be to God for everyone at Logos. Oh heah, downloading Logos 4 was a 12 hour process over my DSL. Long wait but worth every minute.

  54. Like many of you, I am also ‘blown away’ by Logos 4. The download time and indexing are well worth the wait.
    I have recently purchased the NICOT/NICNT and am still waiting for my CD to arrive (am in Malaysia and the postage is certainly slow for whatever reason). I need few of the commentaries for an upcoming exam. Is there a way for me to download and use all the books in NICOT/NICNT now that I am using Logos 4? I suppose I need a key to unlock the book files.
    I have written to the Logos Customer Service but I am still waiting for a reply.
    Thank you.

  55. Reuben Evans says

    Here are a couple helpful links:
    Training Videos:
    User Forum:
    And right now our customer support is available :
    Monday – Friday
    6 AM – 9 PM (Pacific Time)
    6 AM – 9 PM (Pacific Time)
    Hope that helps!

  56. Reuben Evans says

    Here are some answers for you:
    1. Correct. v4 resources are not backwards compatible.
    2. Collections do not move over. This is because collections are dynamic in 4. It is one of the biggest shifts v3 users will have to make, but collections in 4 are so much better and require far less maintenance. We produced some great videos on managing collections and your library
    3. Again, workspaces are just so different than 4 doesn’t import them.
    Have fun!

  57. I love the new format. Comparing it with Libronix 3 it is less complicated. There was a whole lot in 3 that I somehow couldn’t get my head around.
    I am not sure though of my Sermon Addins which I purchased within the last year. I probably have to keep 3.0 as well on my computer to ensure that I don’t lose all of that. That’s the downside. It means running two separete programs until the transition is complete. Is that right?

  58. Reuben Evans says

    Yes, that is correct. But they are working hard on all these transitional elements.

  59. Jim Williams says

    If I do not purchase any Logos 4 upgrades or Logos 4 collections then…
    Will I be able to purchase new offers of pre-publications for my Libronix 3?
    Will I be able to purchase as an example: the ‘Original Languages’ Box Collection Pkg for my Libronix 3 version?

  60. How do I access the NIV and NLT Reverse Interlinear Bibles? Do I have to set them up or access them through another Bible?

  61. I purchased L4 and let it download overnight. I can’t believe how much faster my searches are. I do wander if I have all my resources in the new format. I have just over 3000 in L3 but only 2800 in L4 and I upgraded from Gold to Platinum. I should have around 3500 resources. Do I need to re-index? And if I do how do I start it.

  62. Mike, I found that when I upgraded to L4 some of the new resources that came with that upgrade can be downloaded to L3. Go to the product page and download the files. Not all products had downloadable files. You may want to synchronize your licenses first.

  63. brothergene says

    I downloaded 4 and I was not sure at first that I would like it. After watching the training videos… playing with the program for a few days… I am very pleased. It far exceeds anything I have ever seen.I think with a little time everyone will be pleased. Great Job Logos!

  64. I am wishing/hoping that Logos will take the total amount that I have spent on Prepubs and subtract it from the retail price for Platinum Logos 4.0 and give me that price!!

  65. hey Jonely,
    Your answer can be found here.

  66. looks like logos stuffed things up here. the stupid download method so we have to keep relying on them to re download their software each time you re-install windows really annoys me – Not even really expensive secular software relies on this download method simply because it is stupid, and if people are going to steal things, they will find a way.
    just give us proper downloads we can save logos. and as for having to redownload each of our recourses, give us proper downloads for this.
    I DO NOT WANT TO DOWNLOAD 8-10 GIG every TIME I REINSTALL WINDOWS. stop being a stupid company.
    ahhh, feel better now.

  67. In Logos 3 it was possible to create a Hebrew or Greek vocabulary list for a given book. Is it possible to do this in Logos 4?