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Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos training seminars.

You no doubt have at least one bookshelf (probably more) in your home or office for print books. If you’re like me, those bookshelves get filled, yet you keep buying books and soon you start lying books one on top of the other. Before long I can’t find a specific book I’m looking for. Imagine for a moment if that bookshelf contained a voice activated booklocator. You say something like: Pursuit of God by Tozer. Then instantly that book sprang from the shelf.

Perhaps that’s wishful thinking for print books, but not with our Logos Bible Software 4 e-books.

First of all, you have an electronic bookshelf called the Library. Click the Library icon on the toolbar to open it. You can learn to use the Library by watching one of our training videos.

For now, notice the Find box in the Library. This is the locator we just imagined. You can type practically anything in the box.

Type ESV to find any resource with ESV in any of its bibliographic data such as title, publisher, and so on.

This is where it gets fun, though:

Type title:twelve and the word twelve has to be in the title of the book.

Or type title:twelve AND author:bruce. Now twelve must be in the title and Bruce must be in the author fields, respectively.

When you type that, you’ll discover A.B. Bruce’s book Training of the Twelve will spring from the bookshelf right into your hand! This is what we just imagined. You’ll never lose another book with Logos Bible Software 4.


  1. Thanks, Adam. Keep them coming!

  2. My memory is worse–I forget all together that I have the resource, because I can’t see it.

  3. my ESV Reverse Interlinear does not come up in library “find”. Why not?

  4. Tony,
    In Logos 4, we treat interlinears like other books. They do not appear as an interlinear in the library title. Rather, the interlinear is now a function of the related Bible version. To view the ESV interlinear you would select the ESV from your library, and when the Bible is open, click Interlinear next to the passage box.
    For further clarification, check out the Reverse Interlinear video under the Tutorial section of our videos page.

  5. And I heard that that’s going to change back to the way it used to be, right?

  6. Sam,
    There have been many requests to revert interlinears back to more of a Logos 3 functionality. Though I do not have details as to how the update will look, our plan is make interlinears full-view. Our hope is to get this rolled out First Quarter 2010. As soon as this update is released, Logos 4 will automatically download the update, so you will have it immediately. Sorry I cannot be more specific at this time, but I hope this helps.
    For an ongoing conversations on interlinears and other topics, be sure to visit the Logos Forum.

  7. Tremayne Myles says

    Is there some type of tutorial cd I can get to help me learn how to use every feature in Logos 4?

  8. Hi Tremayne,
    Yes, there is a Logos Bible Software 4 (PC Videos) tutorial available for those who want to access our training videos while offline. To get the same videos and more for free though, just head over to our Videos Page. The Feature Videos section contains the same videos on the CD, and the Tutorials section contains many more. Hope that helps!

  9. I have been exploring the new Logos 4 that I just upgraded to. I use it on the Mac in virtual with Parallels 5. Don’t know if that’s a factor. Anywyas…In the last Logos, I could highlight something, then right click and copy it over to Pages, Microsoft Word, or any wordprocessor. I can no longer right click, copy and paste in the 4, it has to go thru the copy/paste window now with several steps. Anybody have a shortcut to copy and paste like in the last version?

  10. William Fu says

    Although Logos 4 can automatically update itself, I think Logos need to provide a manual update capability for user to do update in their time especially when a time consuming large update is delivered.
    Can Logos home page provide a tab to display Blog page? In fact, I suggest Logos 4 home page display categoried information in Tabs which I believe it will be CLEAN and USER FRIENDLY!

  11. William Fu says

    For a better usability of home page, Logos 4 may consider to display home page information into categories in Tabs. Please consider home page as an internet browser. Try your best to put information on each page only within a page screen, avoiding page scroll.

  12. Hi William,
    Logos 4 does provide the ability to manually check for updates in order for you to update at a more convenient time. To do so, you want to open Logos 4 and go to Tools | Program Settings. There, set Automatically download updates to No and Use Internet to Yes.
    These setting will still inform you that downloads are available (when applicable), and when you are ready, in the Command Bar you will want to type update now for software updates and update resources for resource updates. To join the discussion on Update Now vs. Update Resources, check out the Logos Forums.
    As for your suggestion about the Home Page (in this and your follow-up comment), I have forwarded them on. If you have any further suggestions, please feel free to send them to where our development team and others are constantly looking for ways to improve Logos.

  13. Hi Mark,
    You should still be able to highlight a section of text, right-click and copy, then paste into your word processing program. As we continue to improve Logos 4, our plan is to introduce better printing support. Right now, we are shooting for First Quarter 2010.

  14. Thanks soooooooooooooooooo much for this great article. this is just what I needed to read :)