How You Can Save Big by Upgrading

In the history of our company, Base Package Upgrades have generally been the best way to get a tremendous amount of new content for minimal cost. The release of Logos Bible Software 4 is no exception.

Upgrading your base package gives you all the benefits of Logos 4—a revolutionary tool for Bible study. Logos 4 has a brand new Home Page to get you started, powerful (and fast!) new search tools, an intuitive and easy-to-use design, plus lots of other new features.

Logos Bible Software 4

When you upgrade, you get a tremendous amount of new content for minimal cost. You could potentially get hundreds of books for up to 95% off. We’ve added lots of new content to every base package—new Bible translations, reverse interlinears, commentary sets, reference material, preaching and ministry resources, and a whole lot more. Depending on your situation, you could easily double or triple your current library at minimal cost to you. Take a look at the comparison chart on to see the sheer number of new books we’ve added to our collections.

With an upgrade to Logos 4, you can take advantage of today’s most advanced tools designed specifically with Logos Bible Software 4 in mind. Visualize the Bible with new people, places, and things databases. Zoom into the Holy Land with interactive, topographical maps linked with coordinates to Google Maps. Get an additional perspective on the place you’re exploring with thousands of images and photographs—all viewable with the new media resource functionality of Logos 4. You can also interact with the stories of Scripture with high resolution Infographics commissioned specifically for the release of Logos 4. Logos 4 also comes with new one-of-a-kind databases, stunning graphics, and a whole lot more.

You have nothing to lose. Literally. You will retain all of your current resources when you upgrade. When you buy an electronic book from Logos, you will never lose your book. And we’ll never make you buy the same book twice. That means if you’ve recently purchased new books, and now decided to upgrade, you won’t lose the resources you’ve purchased. You’ll simply add a significant amount of new content at a fraction of the cost. You keep everything you’ve purchased in the past—and you’ll gain dozens, hundreds, or maybe over a thousand new books at a significant discount, depending on your situation.

For the initial release period, we’re offering discounts on all upgrades. Visit the custom upgrade discount calculator to see what discounts you qualify for on an upgrade to a new Logos 4 base package. If you’ve been thinking of expanding your library, the release of Logos 4 presents you with the perfect opportunity. Upgrade today!

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  1. G’morning! Alright,I’m just wondering – when you say I get to keep the resources I’ve purchased, does that mean, they seamingly integrate to the Logos 4 software just like the other versions did in the past or does that mean I have to use extra hardrive space to run version 3 separately from version 4? I’m sure many are asking the same question. I have purchase the upgrade and thus far when I downloaded the set up it installed it as a separate program. So, I’m really concerned that I’ll have to use extra hardrive space to run both. Help! anyone?

  2. Kent Hendricks says

    Yes, everything you owns integrates seemlessly into Logos 4. You don’t need to do anything: after Logos 4 downloads (or you install it), it will automatically begin searching for resources and begin indexing your library.
    Logos 4 does not replace Logos 3. In fact, you can run both Logos 3 and Logos 4 side-by-side if you’d like. This means that Logos 4 does require extra hard drive space for your books and resources.
    You can learn more in the new support pages:

  3. Phil Rainey says

    How long will the initial release discounts be available?

  4. How long is the initial release period?

  5. Kent Hendricks says

    Not long. :) Early upgraders get the best prices.

  6. Great information! One more question. Once the index process is complete and all my resources have been indexed “transferred?” to logos 4, can I uninstall logos 3 to free up space on the hard drive? What about my spanish Biblioteca Pastoral, will that be upgraded in the near future? Thanks! GBU

  7. As a Mac user, I hope the discounts will be available until after it is released. Thanks Logos for being the best Bible software anywhere!

  8. Kent Hendricks says

    You can uninstall Logos 3. Logos 4 is a separate application, and works on its own. However, in a few cases, we put off redesigning and re-implementing some features for Logos 4, like visual markup, importing notes, and a few other things.
    You’ll want to check the complete list of features coming soon to Logos 4 before you uninstall Logos 3. If you don’t regularly use any of these features, you can uninstall Logos 3 if you want.
    These features will be ready very soon, and Logos 4 will automatically update itself when they are ready.

  9. Logos 4 is not Mac – correct?
    Will you upgrade the Mac version in the near future?

  10. Kent Hendricks says

    Logos Bible Software 4 is dual platform, but the Mac version is not finished. We are presently shipping a pre-release Alpha of the Mac version.
    Learn more: Important Information for Mac Users

  11. I use notes extensively and almost panicked when I could not get them into v. 4! Good to hear they are coming soon.
    Will the note taking capabilities be upgraded from v. 3? For example, will features like spell checking be included?

  12. I have Logos Gold 3… if I choose to upgrade to Platinum 4 and want a DVD, do I get the full version of Platinum 4 with all the resources that I can later install on another computer should the need arise?

  13. Kent Hendricks says

    Once you buy the resources, they’re yours, and you can certainly use them on two computers. In fact, if you’re partway through a book at your office, close Logos 4, and head home, when you open that book in Logos 4 at home, your book will begin exactly where you left off.
    And the next day, when you’re out for coffee, and take out your iPhone to access your books, it will open (once again) exactly where you left off.

  14. What about notes? I use notes, markup and favorites extensively in Logos 3. Will they import into Logos 4?

  15. Kent Hendricks says

    Notes are coming before the end of the year, along with a few other features. Check out the full list.

  16. Is there a payment plan option available for Logos 4 Portfolio?

  17. Kent Hendricks says

    Payment plans are available for all of our currently-shipping products, including all 4.0 base packages.

  18. Bruce Felder says

    The “coming soon” list looks great. I’m assuming the download to upgrade will be automatic, is that right? IOW you won’t charge for the additional features, will you?

  19. Kent Hendricks says

    Yes, the download will be automatic. As soon as we release it, Logos 4 will update itself. We won’t charge for features coming soon.

  20. Tracy Johnson says

    Okay I upgraded…but the widget i had for MS Word where I can type a passage then right click and replace with passage and the passage would copy to word is gone it only works with verison 3. I need that capability. It saves me so much time. Help me!

  21. The demo Logos 4 video says that the software can pronounce Hebrew and Greek words. I don’t see the pronounce icon for Hebrew. I do see it for Greek. Is the pronounce Hebrew capability one of the free “features coming soon”? :D

  22. Reuben Evans says

    Logos 4 has a pronunciation tool for Greek words, but not Hebrew. It also has a tool that will read your English books to you using the built in Windows voices. I was reviewing the demo video, and I don’t think we mentioned that the software could pronounce Hebrew. If there was a point in the video that seemed to communicate that, let us know at what point that was in the video and we can make sure that it is more clear.

  23. trying to work out the financing with the church, how long do I have to upgrade with the discount? I have the scholars 3.0, gonna get the Platinum 4.0…really excited, don’t want to miss it.