Devoted to Devotions with Logos 4

Logos Bible Software 4 is a powerhouse of tools to help facilitate the deepest of Bible studies. Whether preparing for your personal Bible study or using Logos 4 to work on your doctrinal thesis, you can rest assured that you have the most effective ally in Logos Bible Software. But Logos 4 is not just a great resource for research and study, it is an immersive environment for getting the most out of simply reading from your growing library.

One great aspect of Logos 4 is that, while the in-depth study capabilities are amazing, the simplicity and layout of the program itself is refreshing as well. Logos Bible Software is perfect for analysis, research and your personal devotions. You will find yourself drawn towards pursuing your personal Bible reading and devotions with Logos 4.


Imagine, you wake up in the morning, go through your normal routine and, with your favorite morning beverage, sit down and open Logos 4. Right there on the top of the Home Page is your Reading Plan. Your reading plan is entirely customizable by you.

If you want to see more, simply click on the Bible reading for the day and your customizable Passage Guide open up with your favorite references and commentaries to the passage from this day’s Bible reading. If you want to continue on in your Bible reading F11 puts you into Reading view which maximizes your browser and clears everything but the text that you are reading. The simple, clear layout encourages you to read chapter after chapter.

From the Home Page you can also read today’s passage from your daily devotional which can also be put into reading mode.


There is so much in Logos 4 that enables, not only study, but your ability to get into the word. You can walk away from your desktop and pick up right where you left off from your laptop thanks to the incredible syncing ability of Logos 4. You can arrange your books in whatever format is most helpful and Logos 4 automatically saves a snapshot of your layout so that you can pick up where you left off.

Logos 4 is a clean, intuitive, and adaptable Bible software that invites you, not just to study the Bible for information’s sake, but to fall in love with simply reading the Scriptures again.

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  1. Joanne Wilson says

    How do I get into reading view and how do I make it so that it comes up to where I left off? Also, I received my dvd’s but the outside says that it is Platinum 4 and I don’t think that’s what I ordered. Can you help me. thank you, joanne

  2. John Tindall says

    “Imagine, you wake up in the morning, go through your normal routine and, with your favorite morning beverage, sit down and open Logos 4. Right there on the Home page the Bible translation of your choosing is opened to your reading plan of choice.”
    This is scarey. Logos must have a CCTV camera in my study – they have just described my early morning with my new “wife” Logos 4.

  3. I’m not certain this is accurate.
    I cannot find a way to tell L4 either which bible reading plan to put on the front page, nor can I inform it which of my devotionals I’d rather read.

  4. .Right there on the Home page the Bible translation of your choosing is opened to your reading plan of choice..
    Devoted to Devotions with Logos 4 – Logos Bible Software Blog

    I don’t believe I’ve discovered a way to make the readings that appear on my home page, reflect any of my reading plans. How do I do this?

    .From the Home page you can also read today’s passage from your daily devotional which can also be put into reading mode..
    Devoted to Devotions with Logos 4 – Logos Bible Software Blog

    There again I don’t see any way to choose which devotional will be included on the home page.
    Both of these would be great features if I could unlock the mystery to making it happen.

  5. Joanne,
    To get into reading view simply click on the title of the Bible passage on your home page or the ‘More’ button. This will take you to the Passage Guide which opens up your Bible reading with other helps in your library. If you click in any of those open books and then hit F11 it should take you into reading mode for whatever you have clicked on.
    I will get back personally to you regarding your other, unrelated question.
    God bless,

  6. Joan, I understand that the DVD which ships has all of the resources from Platinum on down on it. When you install the program you will be prompted to log in.
    When you log in, your license file will be downloaded and Logos will copy over the books and resources you are licensed for.

  7. Thomas,
    Here is the basic answer to setting up the devotional of your choice.
    From the home page if you go to your Library and search for ‘type:devotional’ it will bring up all of your devotionals. *NOTE* You can do this with any resource ‘type:commentary’ for instance. If you want to narrow your search further you could put in ‘type:devotional author:spurgeon’ and this will bring up all of your Spurgeon authored devotionals.
    You can either right click on the resource and ‘Prioritize this resource’ or, off to your right on the bar where your search engine is, are the tabs ‘Browse’ and ‘Prioritize’ if you click ‘Prioritize’ it will open a window of your prioritized items and you can drag resources to there. Within the Priority window items are prioritized by their subcategories . . . so the first devotional in that list will be the devotional the home page chooses to display first.
    *Look for an upcoming blog post on the power of Prioritizing.*
    As for Bible reading plans: From the homepage if you go to File and scroll down to Reading plan it opens up to the default Reading plan in a new window. Across the bar is laid out all of the parts of a reading plan. What you are reading (you can set up a reading plan, not just for the Bible but for anything in your library), what passages you want in your reading plan, how often, and your start and finish date. All of those are customizable and I am planning a future blog post to walk through that as well.
    I hope this helps!
    Soli Deo Gloria,

  8. Markus Schiller says

    Yes, there is a devotional on the home page and yes, there is a bible text (maybe from a reading plan) on the home page, but it’s not from my favourite devotional and not from my personal reading plan.
    So, how can it be set up? – This feature could be very helpful!

  9. The answer to your question has been posted in response to Thomas’ question above. Thanks for commenting.

  10. Markus Schiller says

    Thank you, Jayson, for answering.
    Of course, I have read your answer on Thomas’ question before posting, but unfortunately your instructions didn’t work for me.
    Neither is my prioritized devotional (Mac Arthur’s Drawing Near) on the home page nor my self created reading plan.
    So, what now?

  11. Gotcha Markus,
    First of all let me eat some crow here … your Reading Plan is at the top the Home Page on the bar, it isn’t opened to your Reading Plan on the Home Page. I have adjusted the blog to reflect this truth.
    As for the prioritized devotional it didn’t immediately come up last night when I re-prioritized my devotionals to My Utmost For His Highest but this morning it was there. I just now re-prioritized a D. A. Carson devotional and F5 refreshed it and inserted it.

  12. Markus Schiller says

    Thank you for clarification, Jayson. Works now as you’ve described.

  13. So… we *can’t* set our Reading Plan to show up as the daily devotional, or by default as the Bible text on the home page?

  14. At present the answer is no.

  15. John Carnagey says

    The Bible giveaway is fantastic. I will make someone in my church very happy if given the opportunity to have one of these Bibles.

  16. I have been using a previous version and have note files. How do I get them transferred to this new version? I also have other books that are not in this new one, how do I install those?

  17. All I am trying to do is to make a Bible reading plan that is e.g. 6 chapters a day and repeating every day for a month, e.g. Ephesians every day for 30 days. I know that I can just open my Bible to Ephesians, but it would be nice to have it on the ribbon like I want it. Any way to do this?

  18. Chad,
    I think if you go FILE > READING PLAN
    you will see the bar at the top that shows your current reading plan.
    For instance, mine says
    The capitalized areas represent the blue, customizable areas on the reading plan bar. So you can adjust which translation, passages, days, and the starting/ending date.
    I hope that helps.