Automatic Updates While You Sleep

This past weekend, I had a few conversations with some friends from seminary about Logos Bible Software 4. One of them described his compulsive tendency to regularly check for Libronix updates in the old version of the software. I explained to him that one of the great benefits of Logos 4 is that it updates itself.

In the previous version of Logos, you needed to manually check to make sure you had the latest books and features. If we made an update to a resource, you didn’t get it unless you ran the update. If you unlocked a book, you needed to update Libronix to see it.

With Logos 4, manual updates are a thing of the past. No more syncing your licenses or manually downloading updates to your software. Logos 4 updates while you sleep. It’s always synced with our servers to make sure you have the latest build of the software. New releases, resource updates, and other features are delivered automatically and downloaded the moment they become available. Once updates are downloaded, you’ll see a message that asks if you want to install the updates. This means you’ll always have the latest and greatest.

Even better, all of your content is backed up. You can have the peace of mind that all your documents—notes, clippings, custom guides, and more—are safely stored on our servers. If your computer crashes, simply reinstall Logos 4, and all your data will be restored—right where you left it. You can even see exactly when Logos 4 is syncing to the servers.


We’re adding lots of features to Logos 4 in the near future. We’re constantly rebuilding many of our resources to make them even better. And we’re fine-tuning the software and making improvements around the clock based on customer feedback and discussion in the Logos Community Forums. You’ll receive all of these updates the moment they’re available—automatically and effortlessly.

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  1. William Dirr says

    I love Logos 4, and this is one of the reasons. Do the auto updates include the resource auto updates?

  2. Hooray for automatic updates. Thanks for implementing this. Like your friend I’m a compulsive update-checker.

  3. This may sound wonderful for those with unlimited internet usage. But for those small number of people who are in areas were we have few options the automatic update is not a good thing, particularly if we cannot schedule the downloads or choose how much to download at a time. When I installed Logos 4 it had 4.9GB of data to download. I am limited by Hughes satellite to 425MB per day. You can guess what this means for me. I loaded Logos 4 on my laptop so I had to find someone in another area of my county that is blessed with cable DSL to let me come over to download that much data. Hughes allows unlimited downloads between 2AM and 7Am EST. If Logos would allow me to set a time to download then I could install this on my desktop which is my main computer. So automatic updates may sound nice for those who have great internet options but for those in rural areas with very limited access it is not a great thing. So Logos how about a little flexibility here and recognize that not every area of America has the nice internet speeds or service that major cities have. I have been a user since version 1.6 and I would like to be able to take advantage of Logos 4.

  4. I’m a little concerned about personal notes on the Logos servers.
    For many ministers, those are considered proprietary. They have done the research, obtained the discoveries, etc.
    Is there any way this could be an option instead of automatic? And is there a way to pre-design an alternate backup location for those notes, say a data drive for example?
    And will Logos 4 some day have a data drive option (for storing the books in our library)?

  5. Steven Leavitt says

    Hi drrevmike. I haven’t had Logos 4 for long but I have noticed that under the settings you can disable automatic updates. I am blessed with cable but to be honest, we are all blessed that we have any internet usability. If I were in your shoes, there are 2 things that I could think of.
    1. Call Logos and let them know of your situation. They can probably send you a dvd(s) which would require no internet usage (except updates that happen after the time they created the dvd), or
    2. You mentioned that between 2am and 7am EST, you can have unlimited download. I know this may be a bit inconvenient, but if you can be up at 2am or so, and enable the automatic update. After enabling it, I would probably restart the program and type UPDATE NOW in the command bar. As long that you disable the automatic update settings before 7am, things (depending on your download speeds) should be done soon.
    PS-I am just a student, so I probably don’t know what I am talking about :) But I would recommend calling Logos if you ever had problems. I know from experience that they do want to help if you have problems.

  6. The more I learn about Logos 4, the more excited I become. The automatic updates feature is very convenient and much appreciated. I look forward to seeing the new features that Logos will be implementing in the future. I’m sure it will make a great product even better!

  7. I hope there’s an option to turn OFF automatic updates. Just like Windows updates, I prefer to be selective about what is installed on my computers. I don’t necessarily WANT everything which Logos (or Microsoft) wants to push onto my system. I’d rather selectively pull what I want and will use.

  8. Ray Brohinsky says

    Is there a way to see what updates have been installed after each update?

  9. Ray, this was brought up during the Beta process. If you go to the forum and do a search on “Automatic Update” you will find many of the conversations and comments from various folks that have been working through the Beta to the release. Here is one, the comment is from Damian…

  10. Ray,
    Yes, you can go to the Forums and the newest release will have Bugs fixed and (if implemented) have new features listed. I haven’t checked but the new Logos Wiki site may have that information listed there as well (if it is not there….I’m sure someone will start posting it there for ease of access).

  11. Paul
    You can turn off Automatic Updates in the Tools menu in Program Settings by unticking Automatically Download Updates. Also, unticking Use Internet. (I do both just to make sure.) Right now, we do not know just what an update includes. It can be a program update and usually that is announced in the Forums. This doesn’t work like Windows Updater where you are able to pick and choose. All you can do with L4 is to turn it off or to turn it on. Others have raised the issue of wanting to know what the update is.

  12. Dear Sir;
    I recently upgraded to 7 in the operating system. I can no longer do anything. It says I have Line 1 ‘Offset width is undefined’.

  13. I have a question concerning switching computers. If I decide to delete the program on one computer and then install it on another, can the Logos website reinstall everything on the new machine once I install the basic Logos 4 program? I also have a full version of PC Study Bible. To install the program on another machine I needed to go to the program files to copy the data file to move the program and not have to go through the ardous process of reinstalling everything. Also, does Logos have a secure website for downloading updates. I am an “M” living in a restricted access country so I cannot keep the CDs with me, and I must be careful what internet sites I go to (even with a good VPN). Thanks and blessings.

  14. love auto updates! thanks for the bible give-away also!

  15. Bill Robfogel says

    How do I backup my key for Logos4?

  16. I have fast internet so updating is not a problem. My problem is with the data you “take” from my computer. I like to put personal thoughts and stories in my notes. These are not appropriate to be open to the “public”. There are places where a certain example would be very hurtful (or dangerous – like ministry in Muslim lands) to someone (but with names and some details changed they are very good illustrations). I however don’t want to take a chance the information could be used wrongly.
    I don’t want these posted to the web. In short – I want my notes to be my notes and not grabbed off my computer and stored on your servers. Just like I don’t want Quicken to “save all my personal financial data online for safety”. There is a great deal of trust in your not accessing the data and building in safeguards so others can’t hack it.
    A good option would be to allow what is backed up to your web site to be chosen and also to be able to make backup copies of my data on my back up hard drives. Layouts, collections, custom guides fine. My notes or clippings…no. It forces me to not use this feature at all to protect the information.

  17. Steve Huffman says

    I understand you are updating to allow Logos 3.0 Notes files to be brought over all at once to Logos. 4.0. Will you notify the users when that happens? I can bring them over now but it is one at a time.
    Steve Huffman

  18. Kent Hendricks says

    Our tech support team has been looking into the line 1 error. Give us a call at 1-800-875-6467 and ask for tech support, and we can find a solution for you.

  19. LegendsOfBatman says

    Yeah, I’m with those who don’t like automatic updates. Even with a fine company like Logos, I still want to know what exactly is going into my computer. And, who knows? Maybe even harmless to most systems downloads can cause hack on my system. I am not even sure we can see what was updated, and undo any that might cause conflicts.

  20. Kent Hendricks says

    As long as your login name in Logos 4 matches you account, your resources are synced. If you delete Logos 4 and reinstall, your resources will be right where you left them.

  21. Kent Hendricks says

    Thanks for your response. We don’t save your information on the web. It’s saved on our secure servers.
    You can turn of Automatic Updates by going to Tools | Program Settings, or to run Logos 4 entirely offline.
    Hope this helps.

  22. Kent Hendricks says

    Yes, notes importing is coming soon. We usually mention updates like these in the forums.

  23. Kent Hendricks says

    You can turn of Automatic Updates by going to Tools | Program Settings. While there, you can also opt to run Logos 4 entirely offline.

  24. Dirk Boersma says

    I like the new Logos 4! Thanks for making a much better program.
    Three requests:
    1) I would like some more say into what to download and upload. You can switch off the Automatic Download option, but the next time you download, everything gets synced, doesn’t it?
    2) I would like the option that existed in Logos3, that you can choose which new resources to download and which to skip. For example, if I have bought new books I would like to download them at once, but if an update of NASB95 comes out, I don’t need it right away. This especially makes sense with slow internet connections or adsl caps (limited Gbs per months) as those who live outside America ‘enjoy’. Could you please implement this?
    3) Is there a way to copy books downloaded on one computer to another computer with Logos4? I have tried, but they don’t get recognized. Do I also need to copy certain database files not in the Resourcemanager folder? (again, because of adsl caps and slow internet). Or can I burn them to a dvd and run the ‘scan’ command in the new installation?
    4)Printing from the resources (especially printing to PDF, as in mac OS X), is still difficult. Is this due to copyright issues? Selecting text to export to Word is quite a hassle when the text is in different chapters. I am not into illegal copying but sometimes I like to read from paper instead of a screen.
    Thanks for the program and this forum. I enjoy it!

  25. Kent Hendricks says

    Thanks for your comment.
    At this time, you’ll need to turn off the automatic updates if you near your download limit. The download includes resource updates, program updates, database updates, and lots of other updates—some of which need to work together to function properly. That’s why there isn’t an option for what you can and can’t download.
    If you’re using Logos 4 on two computers—like at home and at the office—all you need to do is make sure your login information for both matches your login information. If it does, your resources will be automatically downloaded. You don’t need to copy anything—everything just works.
    Printing functionality is coming in a few months.