The Game Just Changed for Mobile Bible Study

The new Logos Bible Software iPhone app has totally revolutionized “Bible study on the go.” There have already been more than 10,000 downloads within the first few days of release—all from a simple Twitter announcement that it was available. Seconds later, a flood of “re-tweets” and social networking word-of-mouth lit up the Internet, and that’s just the beginning. So what is this incredible app that has taken off like a rocket? A whole new way to access Bible study on the go.

iPhone App

At its most basic level, this free download from the App Store will give you immediate access to more than 30 Bibles* from—Bibles including great translations like the ESV, NLT, NASB, and the Holman Christian Standard Bible.

…but wait, there’s more!

When you sign up for a free account with Logos you will gain access to about another 30 free books!

…but wait, there’s more!

When you register your account with you will be able to access any free books from publishers that want to showcase new titles, or random books that we offer from time to time on free preview. You never know what might show up in your Logos Bible Software iPhone library some day. Imagine picking up your iPhone and seeing the hottest new title available in your library for free preview! One book per month, week, day? Who knows!

…but wait, there’s more!

Add any Logos 4 base package and watch your resources grow as much of your library is synced with your iPhone or iPod Touch; the resources are available and your favorites, bookmarks and settings are transferred from one platform to another. Walk away from your desktop or laptop and your location is saved in the books you are using so that you can pick up where you left off on your iPhone.

The Logos iPhone app is so much more than a simple Bible reader. Mobile Bible study is transformed with multiple versions of the Bible that can be read, searched, cross referenced and compared. You can set-up reading plans that are synced from your desktop or laptop so your Bible reading is always on schedule. In addition, finding a passage is as easy as typing in the reference, using the book navigator, or dragging the scrollbar to the right location.

This application was created with the desire to bring the functionality of Logos Bible Software 4 to your iPhone. In particular, the ability to dig deeper into Scripture with the Passage Guide. Enter a verse and click “Go” to receive a report linking directly to commentaries referencing your verse. The Passage Guide also provides cross references, media resources, topics, and interesting words—all linked to resources in your library.

Do an in-depth Bible Word Study from anywhere by a simple “tap and hold” on any word, in a Bible with a reverse interlinear, and a pop-up will display the English word along with all the original language information. From this pop-up, click Bible Word Study to see the definition, pronunciation, translations, and example uses of the various translations.

Right about now you should be getting the idea that you need this app, you need it now, and you need to register it right away. There is simply no other Bible app that is this intuitive, intelligent and easy to use.

For more information check out some great screenshots and information, read our FAQs, and check out some customer reviews at the app store!

If for no other reason than to fully integrate your Bible study with your iPhone, you need to get a Logos 4 base package today. If you are a new user, check out the detailed information we have just posted about the most advanced Bible software in the world at our Logos 4 mini-site and if you are an existing Logos customer check out the limited time upgrade discounts available for you today.

* The list of e-books that can be read through Logos Bible Software is changing constantly as we secure rights and convert resources. Not all Bibles are linked word-for-word to the Greek and Hebrew yet.

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  1. Mark Barnes says

    I am thrilled that this is available, and I’ve actually bought an iPhone specifically to use this app. I look forward to the day when content owners allow us to not have to rely on the internet to get access to books we have already paid for.
    PS – I’ve been meaning to say this for a while. I really dislike the bossiness of “You should follow us on Twitter”. By all means suggest I should follow you, but telling me what I should do doesn’t fit with Logos excellent reputation.

  2. David Sugg says

    Any plans for an Android version in the near future?

  3. Nigel Stevenson says

    Great news for those people with an iPhone….But….what about those of us with windows mobile?

  4. Any plans for an Android version in the near future?

  5. Will Hatfield says

    Any plans for a Palm Pre version in the future?

  6. I am so frustrated with this. What about blackberry support? There are far more blackberry users than iPhone users. Any plans at all to offer support for them?

  7. In deed. How about BlackBerry support? This seems very useful. Next step: sync over wi-fi and pull up books on my home computer when I’m at church! I would buy all my books through Logos!

  8. I’d like to second that motion. All in favor???

  9. Another shout out for Android! Looks like it will be the main competitor to iPhone in coming years.

  10. Greetings fellow Android fans! I use the T-Mobile G1 Android and I love it! I am right there with you. I figured someone in our company should have a real phone. :-)
    Our mobile strategy is to cover all all devices that have web connectivity at some point. We have no release dates available yet, but we are working in that direction. Have no fear, it is part of the master plan to give our users the ability to access their libraries wherever they go, with whatever device they are using.

  11. Dustin Combs says

    I am loving Logos 4 and the App!
    Question though – When I do a passage guide on the iPhone, only a small percentage of my commentaries show up (for example, with Ephesians, I get “Critical” “Word Pictures” “Word Studies” “Pulpit” and “Horae”). I upgraded to Platinum L4, so where are the rest of the commentaries? I am logged in under my logos account in the app. Any ideas? Thanks!

  12. Awesome! Love it!

  13. Dana L. Stille says

    I am a Blackberry user, the Storm in particular. I think Blackberry’s are very popular. It would be great if Logos supported the Blackberry. Does anyone else have interest in seeing Logos 4 on the Blackberry smartphones?

  14. I love logos and been a life long windows mobile user. Really disappointed that there is no offer for a mobile version of Logos for WM users. HTC uses WM almost exclusively… Please come out with a WM version, touch screen preferably.

  15. Rick Williams says

    Ditto for Blackberry Storm.

  16. Karl Miller says

    The web mastered approach is great for a desktop. But please dont base your universal mobile phone app on the requirement to be continuously connected to a logos server. Please allow the local storage of some content so there is at least some functionality when data service isnt available- or to allow those who dont have data service to have some of the benefits of Mobile L4…
    thanks- karl

  17. karl miller says

    yep, please consider Android, Android, Android :-)

  18. Dana L. Stille says

    Dan, Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the Logos future for mobile devices. I am really enjoying the version 4 changes. Your software is going to make my bible study so much more productive. The mobile access will be another reason why I consider Logos to be the best.

  19. I really can’t believe there’s nothing for Blackberry. Who dropped that ball?

  20. I agree. The Iphone is so limited because of their service (ATT) Please open up to us Blackberry users!

  21. Don’t forget older Palm Devices like the Palm Centro… Please!

  22. Joseph R. Copeland says

    I am a Blackberry Storm II user and a long time user of the world’s greatest Bible Software.I would would also love to have access to my Logos4program.With the large number of Blackberry users is this in the future plans of Logos?

  23. Michael White says

    It’s just got better, I’ve been using Logos for about four years, at the ver. 3 level and recently loaded it on my Mac and now my dreams and prayers come to being, as you’ve brought it to the iPhone. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

  24. Marshal Ausberry says

    Is it possible to print from the notes file in Logos4? this would be a great upgrade.
    thanks, enjoying getting into Logos 4. It is overwhelming at first, but the more you use it, the better it is! Great tool!

  25. Ryan Hutchinson says

    Definitely needed for the Blackberry.

  26. don wallace says

    wow the logos4 is something i had dreamed about since the computor came on the scene, my dad who used the strongs and bible together would never believe what logos has done. Great work logos.
    Everyone i know, mostly use the palm and i have palm with programs that are very expensive so i dont see going over to iphone as much as i would love to so i guess i will have to watch this experience from the sidelines.

  27. I’ve been using Blackberrys 4 years and Logos for 7 years; why iphone only?
    Disappointed and a little perplexed…

  28. Logos looks interesting, as does this mobile feature, but it is terribly cost prohibitive and dollar for dollar not a good option compared to other (even free) resources.

  29. Thanks much for getting this to a mobile platform! While my cell phone platform is Android, I do have a ipod touch, and was able to download the app and begin using it. I will be upgrading to 4 soon.

  30. Brian Smith says

    I echo those sentiments. A Windows Mobile or Blackberry version would be great for those of us in the marketplace who use one of those devices.

  31. Kevin Greene says

    LOL! I was going to post a comment about Blackberry users, I see I’m covered, yes please more for Blackberry!

  32. Count me among the non-cool pastors who use a Crackberry and who would LOVE to see a Blackberry version of this. Even for pay. I’m in!

  33. Spoken like a non-user. :) Logos 3 was so much more powerful than the free programs. You really do get what you pay for. I used to use the free-ware programs, but since moving to Logos, I never open them anymore. Of course, everyone has to do what is right for their situation, but you’re missing out on some powerful language and Bible study tools. As for cost, I am beginning the saving process to upgrade to Logos4.

  34. Brian Lowman says

    Putting my two cents worth in for Blackberry.

  35. Mike Boorman says

    Glad to hear that Logos is planning on coming to so many mobile platforms!
    I want to say excellent decision on starting with the iPhone. Do I say this because I am an iPhone user? Most definitely! However the last stats I saw showed the iPhone at the head of the smartphone market which means it makes good market sense to start there.
    I am seriously considering other platforms right now so it’s great to know that I may not have to be without my Logos on my phone.

  36. In favor here. Blackberry is more available than an iPhone.

  37. Kevin Beard says

    Been a Logos Power User for many years. Blackberry Storm touchscreen would be a GREAT application!

  38. Another shout for WM – Please! this looks absolutely amazing… Please at least let us know if you’re planning a windows mobile version, otherwise I might go and buy an Iphone…

  39. Jeff Jackson says

    Another vote for WIndows Mobile. I’ve been using remote desktop client to do this, but that’s a pain.

  40. Patty Marshall says

    LOVE Logos 4…would love it on my HTC Touch Pro2, windows based, but not if I have to buy all news books. THANKS LOGOS!!