Windows Mobile users, speak up!

Do you have a Windows Mobile phone? If so, we’d appreciate your participation in a very short survey regarding specific devices.
If you have another type of mobile device, don’t worry, we’re thinking about your needs, too. Your input in the August survey has already been put to work!


  1. I just tried to use the survey and question 2 won’t let me select multiple options… may want to fix this bit of the survey.
    I also have a Touch Diamond but I’m in Australia and therefore don’t know the difference between Sprint/Verizon

  2. Nigel Cunningham says

    Question 2 of the survey seems to be broken – it lets you answer Yes to one feature of the four and No to one feature of the four, not “Yes” or “No” to each of the features.

  3. Thanks! I think I’ve got it fixed.

  4. Just took survey and question 2 now appears to be working fine!

  5. John Norman says

    If you want good info on Windows mobile phones in the US, the are a large group of volenteers at They have specs and data for pretty much every Windows phone made, plus limited support for others…

  6. THANK you for not forgetting the Windows Mobile Platform!

  7. It am glad you are pursuing this. Thanks a lot.

  8. Alex Carles says

    I think that it will be great to have the possibility to bring with me Libronix, my favorite bible/electronic book program, a professional working tool in my case, and be able to download a few bibles, bible commentaries, bible dictionaries and books I owned, or pay a little to have them in my phone (then I’ll have the very basics). Thankfully iphone has a large memory (16/32 gigas) and Windows Mobile phone allow large memory cards to be inserted.
    I Have both, iphone and Windows Mobile unlocked, and I travel. So I can use any phone company with my phones, I just have to insert the phone card in the phone I am using, of any phone company. In USA I use ATT, and in Europe I use any other phone company available (pay as you go).

  9. yaddamaster says

    I had to list MDA as my smartphone but I’ll be upgrading to the HD2 as soon as T-Mobile releases it.
    However, what is more important to me than Windows Mobile right now is making Libronix “portable”. I switch between multiple laptops right now and would LOVE to have Libronix on my 16gb USB key and just fire it up on whatever machine I happen to be on at the time.

  10. Kevin Stock says

    Libronix on Windows Mobile would be extremely useful, but… please use your existing file format. There are already several Bible applications available for Windows Mobile, but none of them (except Online Bible) uses the same file format as their desktop PC equivalent. As a result, relatively few books are available for Windows Mobile compared with PCs. As an example of this, compare the Nelson eBible collections available for Libronix with the collections which used to be available for the Pocket PC.
    Don’t worry about the volume of the files. Given the size of flash memory cards available, it really isn’t a problem.
    Please also consider carefully the correct licensing model. I would be willing to pay a one-off charge for the application itself, but I do not think it would be fair to charge extra for books which have already been licensed.

  11. Since Logos for iPhone is now out, and it’s just an interface to the online repository, I hope that Windows Mobile client can work the same way (of course, without some nice iPhone-like features).
    Thanks, Logos.

  12. I think its great that you’re starting to focus on the Mobile platforms and I would like to make a suggestion. Please don’t make us purchase the same books for the mobile product that we already own on another platform like Windows. QuickVerse does this, which is why I no longer use them.
    On the flip-side, Laridian (PocketBible) does not require you to purchase a book/bible for each platform you own. If I have purchased a bible on my Mobile platform, I also have it available for Windows and vice versa. However, I still have to purchase the reader for each platform. Needless to say, I use both their Windows and Mobile products.
    So please don’t give us free readers and then make us purchase the same books multiple times, once for each platform we use.

  13. Ditto on the “Please don’t charge us over again to use the books we purchased on different platforms.” I have invested quite a bit in Logos library and would like to use it on my desktop and take it with me as well without paying for it separately for each device I use.

  14. I have been searching high and low looking for a modern day bible for Windows Mobile. Thank you for even having the discussion.

  15. Windows mobile client please! Thanks. :-)
    Planning to upgrade my phone to the Sony Ericsson X2 next.

  16. So where is the r&d going so far?

  17. I think it is critical to make logos available for windows mobile as the iphone is a small portion of the market and new windows mobile phones have more features and are better in a number of ways. Thanks so much for pursuing this hopefully it is available soon.

  18. I also would love Logos 4 on Windows Mobile. I would use it now on my iPaq, and it would influence my next phone-buying decision (due August ’10).

  19. I also would love Logos 4 on Windows Mobile,have to do with E-Sword or Olive Tree currently. Any idea of an ETA?

  20. My wife and I are waiting to upgrade to Logos 4 until there is an app for the Windows Phone. The only information that I see on the site is about two years old and I’m not sure if any of the phones on the survey list are still available. The new Windows Phones (v7 and v7.5 mango) are really great and have changed the smartphone experience from a sea of apps to having dynamic tiles on your frontscreen of whatever you want (read dynamic tile for prayer list, dynamic tile for journal, dynamic tile for favorite bible version, etc.) I understand that Microsoft is behind in the market currently, but from what I can tell, this phone is the perfect platform to have The Word at the center of the experience instead of the phone. I’m praying that this will be the next app development project at Logos! :) Thank you for your ministry!

    • Joannis Fonsdal says

      I hope Logos soon will come in Windows Phone 7/8 version. Is there any way that we WP users can convince the Logos programmers to consider spending time on Windows Phone. Can we vote somewhere?

  21. Steve Haller says

    Are you working on logos for windows Mobile???
    I would love to have it on my Nokia Lumina 900.
    Thanks for your GREAT software :) ♥

  22. Juan Singh says

    I am praying for you people. Please start working Logos software with windows phone too! this platform is focus more on productivity rather than games and applications. Thank you very much and blessings