License and Registration Please . . .

Sometimes I find myself feeling chagrined when I am making a large purchase and the clerk offers to let me buy the extended warranty plan. Her company will stand behind the product they are selling me if I pay them to do so, otherwise I am on my own. There is nothing like that feeling of paying for the security that should be the hallmark of every good business transaction. Oh . . . word to the wise, go ahead and get that extended warranty for any Xbox 360 purchases; you don’t have to thank me.

Your license on our server

Sadly, having to pay for indemnity is quickly becoming the standard in the software industry. If you look at the user agreements for most of the software you use, you are prompted to buy, at an average of about $10.00, the privilege of downloading the software you have already purchased beyond a thirty to sixty day window. What that means is this: if you have purchased and downloaded that great anti-virus software, you have a one year subscription, but if after sixty days your hard drive crashes you have to pay to download the software again in order to use the service you paid for the rest of the year.

Logos bucks this trend. In a resounding act of industry integrity, Logos tells you, the end-user, that the license that you have paid for belongs to you. With your license, all downloads and unlocked items are backed up in our servers for FREE! That’s right, gratis. You bought it, it’s yours. If your computer crashes, when you finally upgrade from that laptop you bought in 2002, or if you just can’t find the discs so you can reinstall your Scholar’s Library Logos has all of your licenses saved on their servers. How cool is that? It is pretty nice when your initial purchase with a company comes bundled with the protection that you deserve.

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  1. David Stark says

    This feature really is quite nice to have. Thank you all for including it.

  2. David Stark says

    This feature really is quite nice to have. Thank you all for including it.

  3. Yes, this is indeed a very cool, useful, as well as time and money saving feature of Logos! I benefited from this feature several times already, mainly due to PC crashes, new PC purchase where I have to reinstall everything!
    Imagine the time needed to hunt down every single disc, install them one by one and input every single licenses that you have.

  4. As a very long time Logos user, this valuable tool/service has saved me uncounted hours as I transitioned from one machine to another. And now, as I update my desktop I can also maintain the same on my laptop when traveling. THANKS!

  5. Yes, it is very nice. Thanks folks.
    Hey, what if you remember using a stupidly old Windows version of Logos with a different email account/customer ID like 8-10 years ago, and are now on a Mac with a new customer ID? Any chance you can merge the old account to the new and offer downloads of the resources? LOL.

  6. Milton Kliesch says

    I bought into Logos about the first year you began to market your products. The service has been great. I am thankful for this service.

  7. John Cummins says

    I truely appreciate this feature of you business model. It is unique and you have all the right to crow about it.

  8. It’s a great feature, and eliminates the fear that maybe I didn’t back that up well enough… or often enough.
    Thanks again Logos for INTEGRITY in the way you serve the Lord by serving your customers.

  9. Erik Spohr says

    Going the “extra mile” like this is what sets Logo’s apart from the crowd. Thanks for serving your customers (ministry partners) in such an unprecedented way!

  10. Agreed. Thanks, Logos.

  11. Mike Waterhouse says

    This is a great feature and really inspires confidence that our investment in Logos books is secure. It would be great is the program could list books licensed but not available on the hard disk and offer to download those. This would be a lot easier that trying to figure out what is missing and finding the files on the FTP server (Especially for those who have large collections. I’m regularly pleasantly surprised to find books I didn’t know I had in Logos:-).

  12. Ken Shawver says

    Unfortunately you do not find this kind of integrity and dedication to the consumer in businesses today. The world view for businesses is make the bucks and as much as you can, but that is not God’s view. Thankfully I am just passing through this world. I appauld Logos for their commitment and dedication to doing business the right way. Thanks Logos!!!

  13. This certainly makes the initial cost a much greater value. Computers not only may crash, at some point, they will crash. Having the ability to replace the software without additional bother or cost is worth a significant amount of money; more than the actual fee in most cases.
    Excellent service! Thank you!

  14. Glenn E Davis says

    I have found that the back-up license works on some books, but not others (especially older titles). I would make sure that you still hold on to your CD’s. For instance, my Church Fathers and Oswald Chambers collections do not “back-up.” Also, I have to re-download any titles purchased over the internet. Otherwise, the back-up idea works.

  15. Dan DeVilder says

    Thanks, Logos, you’re the best!

  16. Logos is right. This is very rare, and unfortunately getting more rare. I greatly appreciate what Logos is doing with their licenses!

  17. This does make Logos stand out. I was incredibly appreciative of this when I got my software going that I originally purchased in 1998.

  18. Mark Roberts says

    integrity and going beyond what others do in the industry — what’s next? lights at Wrigley Field?!!!
    thanks so much!

  19. This is really great. My greatest fear is losing my discs somehow and having to re-purchase all of my logos software.

  20. Christopher says

    This is one of many reasons that Logos has earned and will continue to earn my business. As I have begun to use my “books” more extensively, I appreciate the ease of what Logos is. I hope that this particular benefit is one that will always remain even as Logos grows.

  21. When I started using Logos back in college, silly as this may sound, this was THE feature that made me realize “Wow, Logos cares about us.” Thanks again, I hope this never changes.

  22. I really appreciated this last month when my computer died and I had to replace it. I have the original CD’s but your service made it so much easier to install the software and all the books on my new computer. Thanks!

  23. How refreshing to do business with a company that serves its customers. Not only do I love my Logos software, I love doing business with Logos. I’ve been a customer since 1992.

  24. So, seriously, is there any compelling reason to keep the disks you send me for books I buy?

  25. i want to thank you all for your wonderfully positive comments! It isn’t too difficult to be a great company when we have such a loyal and fantastic customer base.

  26. George F Somsel says

    We’re going to have to start referring to you as “Allstate” since we’re in good hands. Much appreciated. Not only that, but the program itself is free. I back up my licenses on my HD, on a flash drive and as an attachment to an e-mail to myself “in the cloud”, but in addition to backing up our resources on your server for download, you also back up our licenses so I end up with a belt and suspenders and suspenders and …

  27. Billy James Noel says

    This is an excellent feature, I’ve had to use it more than once it saved me hours, and I do mean hours

  28. Thanks Logos!

  29. This is as it should be and I appreciate Logos for maintaining our licenses, but I still back up my licenses! You can never tell what may happen. Everyone should be encouraged to back up their licenses and store the backups in more than one location.

  30. I love that feature. I’ve had to use it a few times thanks to Microsoft’s pitifully performing OS’s.