Free John MacArthur book from Bible Study Magazine

To celebrate the November-December issue of Bible Study Magazine, featuring John MacAthur, we have partnered with Thomas Nelson to give away a free download of MacArthur Bible Studies: Romans. Visit our John MacArthur on Bible Study page for all the details on how you can get your free download.

Along with giving away the free download, we’re excited to announce a new John MacArthur pre-order opportunity. The John MacArthur Essential Bible Study Library assembles MacArthur’s best-selling Bible study books into a singular collection, with two dozen resources, including Bible studies, study Bibles, and more. Place your pre-order today!

If you’re looking for even more John MacArthur material, be sure to visit our John MacArthur resource page.

Learn how to get your free download of MacArthur Bible Studies: Romans now!

This offer ends December 31, 2009.


  1. Thanks! It’s always great to get a free book :)

  2. Thanks for publishing Bible Study Magazine. I have been enjoying the articles and interviews.

  3. Milford Charles Murray says

    Peace and Joy in the Lord!
    Thank you for the free book! Much appreciated!
    I absolutely am delighted with Bible Study Magazine.
    In fact, last evening I added ANOTHER year to my subscription.
    Yours in Christ, Mel