Announcing the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library

Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library (28 Vols.)

The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library is the third major component to the Anchor Yale Bible Group, which also includes the Anchor Yale Bible and the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary. The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary has been available for Logos Bible Software for a few years, and the Anchor Yale Bible became available earlier this year. Now we’re set to begin work on the remaining books in the Anchor Yale Bible Group—the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library.

The 28 volumes in this collection cover a wide variety of sub-disciplines in the broader field of biblical studies, including books on archaeology, geography, history, languages and linguistics, philosophy, and theology, to name a few. These books present the best contemporary scholarship in a way that is accessible not only to scholars but also to educated non-specialists.

This series contains many books which have become classics in their fields:

  • The collection contains Raymond Brown’s volumes on the Passion Narrative and his Introduction to the Gospel of John. Brown’s book on John was intended to replace his 2-volume commentary in the Anchor Yale Bible, but the project was interrupted by his death in 1998. Francis J. Maloney edited Brown’s manuscript for publication, and it appeared in the Anchor Yale Reference Library in 2003.
  • John P. Meier’s 4-volume (and 3,102-page) work on the historical Jesus is also included in the collection. His books, along with N.T. Wright’s, are essential reading on the subject.
  • James H. Charlesworth’s 2-volume Old Testament Pseudepigrapha is a monumental work on Wisdom literature, Psalms, prayers, Judeo-Hellenistic works, and other pseudepigraphal literature.

The Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library has also attracted the attention of mainstream media outlets. Substantial reviews of some of these books have appeared in recent years in magazines like Newsweek and the New York Times.

These 28 volumes retail at roughly $1,300.00, but we’re initially offering them on Pre-Pub for $499.95. To put this in perspective on a smaller scale, the average retail price per volume is $46.09, but you can pick these up on Pre-Pub right now for $17.86 each. We can promise this price won’t last more than a few weeks, so make sure you place your order today.

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  1. I am very much looking forward to this set.
    Is there any chance of adding the 3 volume set “The Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls” edited by Charlesworth to this collection?

  2. Kent Hendricks says

    This is on our list of books we’d like to do, but since it isn’t in the Anchor Yale series, we couldn’t include it in this collection.

  3. I was very pleased when I first saw this Set on Pre-Pub. Thank you for making it available.

  4. I’m just curious. What kinds of backgrounds do people who are “very pleased” and “very much looking forward to this set” have? I’m wondering besides academic types, do regular Sunday School teachers purchase these and more technical resources and use them regularly? And how do people use them? Do they use them in Sunday School, daily devotions, etc.?
    If I’m looking for reasons to get this set as a Sunday School teacher, what would you say to me?

  5. Dan DeVilder says

    i have it set for delivery!
    Is there any any any chance that Anchor Yale will allow their commentaries to be purchased individually? I like to get sets when I can, but I have limits. But there are several volumes I would definitely purchase withing that set if offered individually. More money for Yale, more money for Logos. Less money for me. :) But I’d be happy with a REBrown John and Epistles or Markus Barth’s Ephesians . . .

  6. That sounds great. I look forward to getting them too.

  7. This is the most exciting thing to appear on pre-pub in…well, maybe ever.
    I would have liked to have seen John J. Collins’ excellent The Scepter and the Star included, but I won’t complain. The Brown, Meier, and Charlesworth volumes alone were enough to secure my order.

  8. Thanks for the addition of the Anchor Yale Bible Reference Library, what a dream come true!
    Kent, what about “The Scepter and the Star” by John Collins?( Thanks to Tom above, i did not notice it was missing from the collection) I sure would like to see this in Logos.

  9. Dan, we hope to make Anchor Yale available in OT and NT collections. Keep your eye on the new product page.