A Typical Ship Day

On the blog we try to take opportunities to show you what it is like to work at Logos. We’ve shown you our cook-offs. We’ve introduced you to some of our employees. We’ve even shown you our Bible study bus.

Well, Friday we shipped the New International Commentary and thought that this would be a perfect time to show you what it is like around the office when we ship a new product.


  1. That’s was FUN!!!
    Thank you!

  2. Joan Korte says

    LOL. This answers a lot of my questions that I’ve had for years about Logos. :)

  3. Steve Maling says

    A GREAT video – FUN indeed:-) (And a nice takeoff on Intel’s current commercials!)

  4. I thought that was just what it was like when new Logos products came in. Glad to know you do the same thing when they ship!

  5. lol!