The Art of Divine Twittering

ref.lyHow many Twitter followers do you have? Five? Twenty-five? One thousand!? Think about how many of those followers are walking through any number of the difficulties that life tends to toss our way. Consider how many of them just need to hear some encouragement. Maybe today would be a good time to send out a favorite, encouraging scripture or two. Perhaps you have a verse which has so inspired you it has become your life-verse and is the kind of support that someone might need today. was created to meet such a need.

With you can provide a short link to that verse that has been on your mind and send followers directly to that passage at

re.flySure, you could just enter the verse address you are thinking of but what are the chances that your tweet reader is going to instantly recognize Is 53:6 or run to fetch their Bible to look it up? With you can link directly to a Scripture that can be read with a simple click;

You can either go directly to put in your verse and hit the tweet button or go directly to put in your verse and hit the Share or Tweet button at the right of the page. Another great aspect is that you can bypass the actual site for most verses and simply type in the short-hand of the verse you would like to tweet; for John 3:16 you would simply type out It is as easy as that.

Sharing God’s Word with those who are following your words is a blessing that can’t be measured. And was created for just such a purpose. If you have found have found a creative and encouraging way to use in your tweets or other social media sites respond with a comment and let us hear about it!


  1. too bad it doesn’t work with facebook.

  2. Kenneth,
    Thanks for your comment. works on Facebook just like it works anywhere else. Visit the site put in your verse; hit the transform button and simply cut and paste the new url into your status updates, messages or friend’s walls.
    As I said in the blog post the is an intuitive linking system and you can easily just type in and the short hand of the verse you are looking for Jn3.16