Zondervan Announces Partnership with Logos Bible Software


Zondervan announced today they are retiring the Pradis engine and moving their titles to Logos Bible Software.

If you are new around here, this post may look like no big deal—just one more in a long line of publishers releasing titles in our format. However, if you are one of the countless Logos users that have been calling, emailing, praying for and begging us to release Zondervan titles for nearly twenty years—you may be rubbing your eyes in disbelief.

Well, our patient friends, it is true.
Hardly a day has passed that we haven’t heard from users pleading with us to get Zondervan titles into Logos Bible Software. After all the years of waiting we are so excited to be able to finally say “Yes” we are going to have Zondervan titles in Logos Bible Software!

This is not a “run of the mill” deal.
Zondervan has some of the hottest reference material out there—in print and electronic formats. Retiring Pradis doesn’t mean they are getting out of the software or e-book business, it means they are simply changing platforms. The announcement to retire Pradis comes in the same press release with the news that they will license Logos Bible Software as their new platform. In our typical book partnerships we license content from publishers to release it ourselves. In this partnership, rather than licensing their books to us, Zondervan is actually licensing technology from us.

What does this mean to you?
Don’t worry, the finished product is exactly what you would expect. There’s nothing different about the way the books are produced. They are still finished by our people right here in our building the same way all our other titles are produced. The difference is, they are Zondervan’s products, so they determine the configurations, collections and prices.

Zondervan has just given us permission, as recently as last week, to allow us to combine all 87 of their volumes in one discounted collection. Their main focus is on individual titles, and we do not know how long we will be able to offer the collection at the current discount. If you have been waiting for the chance to get Zondervan’s titles for Logos Bible Software, we urge you to place your pre-order now for the complete collection.

Here are just a few of the 87 volumes included in this collection of Zondervan’s most popular reference titles:

The complete collection of all 87 volumes has a print retail value of $2,917.07 and for now, we are able to offer it on pre-order for $1,999.95—but we can’t guarantee that price for long. If you have any interest at all in having Zondervan content for Logos Bible Software, please place your pre-order today to ensure you get locked in at the best price available.

Get it all for the best price while you can: Zondervan Bible Reference Bundle (87 Vols.).

. . . or check out the full list of titles available individually.

If you can relate to “rubbing your eyes in disbelief” and have been waiting for this announcement for a long time—add a comment below to tell us your story. How does this great news makes you feel?


  1. Congats Logos and Zondervan. This is a wonderful day that we have waited so long for!

  2. Good work getting this deal done!

  3. About time… I thought Zondervan was anti-Logos!!! God Bless both of your ministries.

  4. If I already own some titles in Pradis, will I be able to transfer these licenses to Logos?

  5. Kevin Becker says

    It’s about time! I’ve been telling Zondervan reps every time I get a chance to tell them that I wanted their products on Logos and that I disliked Pradis.

  6. Checking the calendar… is today April 1? This is amazing news!

  7. Bohuslav Wojnar says

    I have many great Zondervan titles in paper version and always, when opening one of the resources, like Expositor’s Bible Commentary (for example) I wished I would have it in Logos. You really surprised me in doing it so unimaginable way, just all the Zondervan in Logos! Great news.

  8. wow wow WOW! This is such AWESOME news! GREAT job logos! Way to go!

  9. If you already own pradis with these titles, is there a crossgrade option?

  10. Woohoo!

  11. Kudos to both Zondervan and Logos for making this happen. I’m so grateful! I’ve eagerly desired this partnership for almost a decade.

  12. Ken Neighoff says

    I want to say that this is great news. Now for the question.
    If you already own many of the Pradis/Zondervan: like the NIDOTT/E, NIDNTT, Expositors, full set, and NIV Application Commentary NT, 20 vol set, will there be a “special” price for transfer from the Pradis format to the Logos format?

  13. I believe the proper geek term is, “W00T!”

  14. David Phillips says

    What a great announcement! Thanks Zondervan and Logos!

  15. Now Logos will truly have products from A to Z!
    I remember within the last year answering a technology survey for Zondervan and enthusiastically begging them to make their books available on Logos!
    Many of us are already on the hook for the NICOT-NICNT series. Where does one come up with the cash for this???? Problems, problems!
    Finally, what happens to those of us who broke down and purchased Pradis products?

  16. The is great! I’ve been waiting for this for years. I love Logos and have benefited from using the resources in available from Zondervan.
    I hope there will be a cost effective way for those of us who have purchased a number of Pradis resources to migrate them to Logos.

  17. Praise God!!!!!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!! Amen!

  18. What’s the discount for Pradis customers upgrading to Logos?

  19. This – together with the NICNT/NICOT news of a few months ago – is wonderfull, though my enthusiasm is slightly tempered by the $2,000 price tag!
    One question – is their an upgrade path for Pradis users? Like several Logos people I’ve had to buy Pradis for some of their resources.

  20. Good riddance Pradis

  21. Steve Maling says

    Well done, Logos/Libronix! Thank you, Zondervan! And above all, may God be praised for raising up legions of faith-filled Techies from churches, colleges, seminaries, universities, AND publishing, software, hardware, and marketing companies. …Omission of fields unintentional:-)

  22. Brent Brooks says

    I echo the question about an upgrade path for Pradis users? Many of us have had to buy Pradis in the past to obtain Zondervan resources. I’m thrilled about the switch, but don’t want to pay twice for the same product. Help?!

  23. This is Great! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I love Logos and have benefited from the Zondervan resources available in Pradis. Now I hope there will be a cost affective way for those of us who have already invested in Pradis to migrate our previously purchased licenses to Logos.

  24. Mark Van Dyke says

    Good news! Shout out to Bill and Phil who do a great job getting great titles into the Libronix format!

  25. H David Holbrook says

    Will the remaining NIV Application Commentary: Old Testament Books be available for Logos?

  26. I’ve been waiting for this kind of news!!! Like the other post’rs, how does this impact the Pradis titles I already own? Will I have to re-buy them for all for Logos or will there be some sort of conversion program that will allow importing into Logos? I would hate to have to but all the Zondervan/Pradis stuff again.

  27. I’m impressed. However, since I’m still paying off the Anchor Bible Commentary, it’s way out of my price range. Still, for those who have been waiting and praying for this day, it’s really great news.
    Now, if only we could get Abingdon Press to come on board, you’d make a lot of us from The United Methodist Church very happy. And, for that matter, if only WJK would come back into the fold, we could get the Interpretation series again and perhaps the new additions to that series that are coming out soon.
    Blessings and congratulations

  28. WOW!!!! This has been a long time coming. Wahoo!! I’m stoked!!

  29. Margaret Tse says

    Dear Sir,
    What discount to get the Logos versions will I get if I’ve most Zondervan/Pradis softwares already?

  30. Dan DeVilder says

    HOLY CANNOLI! This is a great big deal, as they had great volumes, but a poorly funded/developed platform. But I have a problem: I own the electronic version of all the major sets, save the Zondervan Encyclopedia 5-volume set, and I don’t have the individual titles. I doubt there is an upgrade… but possibly some kind of break? (a lot a works to try and unload-if that is even allowed once you have purchased them-to help pay for the new way.)
    LOL, regardless, it is good news. terrific news. glad the day finally came.

  31. Unbelievable! EXCELLENT NEWS! Now I can feel free to buy Zondervan books again. Thanks to all of you!

  32. David Pereira says

    Who would ever have suspected a thaw in Michigan . . . on the first day of Autumn?!?

  33. Hallelujah

  34. colbill lewis says

    What a wonderful marriage, truly one blessed by the Master.

  35. I think I have been to 3 different Logos Events for Bible College & Seminary Profs, over the past 5-6 years or so. At every such event I have attended, when it was time for Q&A from the audience, I asked, “When are you going to get Zondervan titles?” My favorite response from Bob Pritchett was when he said, “We publish electronically some of the finest Christian books–from A to Y!” I’m glad we’re finally adding the letter Z! Woohoo!

  36. This is good news, although my disappointment was I thought Logos 4 would be announced today. Oh well it’s still good news. :-)

  37. I am glad to here these resources are now available in the Logos format. I must also add my concern to those of others. I have several resources in the Pradis format. Will those of us who invested in the Pradis format receive any special pricing?

  38. Yippee! Logos just keeps getting better!

  39. From Zondervan Blog:
    Zondervan Retiring Pradis® Software Search Engine; Will License Logos Bible Software, Others
    Grand Rapids, Mich., September 22, 2009 – Zondervan today announced that it is moving away from the Pradis software it created and will license other search engines, including the leader Logos Bible Software. Thirty one Zondervan titles, representing 87 individual volumes, will become available for use with Logos Bible Software in early 2010.
    “We are going to make sure we, first and foremost, work with the many thousands of Pradis customers for a smooth transition to the new search engines,” said Zondervan’s Paul Engle, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Church, Academic and Reference Resources. ”Many of these people have been customers for a dozen years and we will make sure they are eligible for a discount to these new titles upon release.”

  40. Glory to God! Logos is at the tip of the spear in Bible Study enabling hundreds of Christian workers around the globe to study the Bible and fulfill the Great Commission. This new agreement with Zondervan along with the powerful interface, search innovations, tagging, and hyperlinks will help us to build on foundations of prophets, apostles, early church fathers, reformers, revivalists, pastors and teachers. Logos…a gift to the Church!

  41. Just also wanted to add that I’m disappointed Zondervan have chosen not to put the individual sets on prepub. I presume that also means they won’t be available at Academic pricing?

  42. Just seen Zondervan’s annoucement here: http://www.zondervan.com/Cultures/en-US/NewsRoom/NewsReleases/Pradis+Logos+Announcement.htm
    It says “We are going to make sure we, first and foremost, work with the many thousands of Pradis customers for a smooth transition to the new search engines. Many of these people have been customers for a dozen years and we will make sure they are eligible for a discount to these new titles upon release.”

  43. Rob Hattingh says

    I can’t believe that Zondervan only made this decision overnight; it must have been on the cards for some time. I very recently invested in practically the entire Pradis Collection. As a theology student with no fixed income there is no way I can afford to pay for resources I already have in order to get them onto the Logos format. If it is Zondervan who determines the prices, I certainly hope that they have negotiated to allow present Pradis users to transfer their resources to Logos free-of-charge. If it hasn’t been arranged, then I can only feel as if Zondervan has betrayed recent Pradis customers.

  44. Great News! Will the rest of the OT NIV Application Commentary Series be coming any time soon?

  45. Lance Schrader says

    Great news, no longer all publishers from A to Y. I also echo the desire to be able to somehow transfer my Pradis titles over into the Logos format. That is where I have wanted them all along!

  46. Just also wanted to add that I’m disappointed Zondervan have chosen not to put the individual sets on prepub. I presume that also means they won’t be available at Academic pricing?

  47. Rick, good news: The individual sets are all available for separate purchase. Take a look at http://www.logos.com/zondervan for a complete list of individual titles, as well as individual sets sold separately.

  48. We met with three guys from Zondervan all day Wednesday. We are encouraged by great conversations with them, and hope to see many more titles available in the future.

  49. We met with Zondervan today and discussed this very thing. We were encouraged that they are very interested in making sure their customers are well taken care of. They do not have all their plans outlined for the existing Pradis users, but if you sign up for their “Digital Resources” email list you will hear the news as soon as they announce their plans.
    I did hear that they had a very generous return policy, and I found a cached copy of it on the web that says:
    “What is the Zondervan software guarantee?
    We’re confident that Zondervan software will exceed your expectations and we want you to try it risk-free. If you buy Zondervan software, try it out, and don’t like it, take it back to where you bought it. If you bought the software online, by mail order, or by some other means, contact the retailer and tell them about the guarantee printed on the packaging.
    As long as it’s been 60 days or less since you bought the software, you can return the CD-ROM in its original packaging, include a dated sales receipt as proof of purchase, and you’ll get your money back.”

  50. Mark, good news: The individual sets are all available for separate purchase. Take a look at http://www.logos.com/zondervan for a complete list of individual titles, as well as individual sets sold separately.

  51. Daniel Foster says

    Big news, indeed. Congrats to the whole Logos team!

  52. This is great news!!! My last post was not approved for viewing, to which I regret. I made a comment about the price because I believe that price is of major concern to customer. I believe it would be good if Logos went back to the table with Zondervan and either dropped the price or divided the books into smaller better priced collections.

  53. Thank You God!!! I hate Pradis but that has been the only access to some of the best resources avaliable! Now, hopefull I can afford the upgrade. I have lots of Zondervan resources. When will the upgrade pricing be announced?

  54. Great fantastic news and like others I have been waiting for Zondervan titles to be in Libronix for yearssss, but have purchased several Pradis bundles this past year thinking the impossible was not going to happen.
    The features available in Logos compared to Pradis is a big giant step up for the books in Pradis format.
    Bittersweet in this economy to pay twice for the same books. :(
    Christmas in September?!

  55. Previously mentioned from Zodervan’s web site – previous Pradis users will be eligible for a discount for the licences already held.
    Can you shed any light on how that process might take place and how much of a discount that will be?

  56. Paul Morris says

    I own most of the Pradis titles,which as you indicate elsewhere is a considerable amount of money, what kind of discount over the normal logos discount can we expect? I own many Logos tiles also.

  57. Howard Burgoyne says

    This is a great relief, answer to prayer, and cause for congratulations! I guess I can stop the postcard of the day campaign I’ve been sending to Zondervan for the last 10 years!
    I mean, I was kind, but I was to the point!

  58. We are working with Zondervan right now to talk through the issues of the discount for Pradis users. The latest news from their website is “For a limited time, current Pradis customers will receive a discount on their purchase of new Zondervan download titles for use with Logos Bible Software. An announcement will be made in Zondervan’s Digital Resources email newsletter. Go here to sign up.”

  59. Tim Goodyear says

    How do I get the transition discount to move my current Pradis library over to Logos? I see list of similar questions above, but no answers. I also see on the Zondervan site (as quoted in the comments) that Zondervan promised this to be “first and foremost” yet it seems to still be a big question. Any help is appreciated.

  60. Dan Pritchett says

    Tim, I believe that Zondervan plans to make that announcement sometime very soon. They will send the information to their email list and we will definitely be talking about it too.
    Stay tuned!

  61. Arthur Palmer says

    I have Pradis Scholars Library 5, and in pre Pradis form the Expositors Bible Commentary, and both sets of NIDOTT and NIDONT, but none of my sets have been registered with Zondervan, but through local agents. From rural New Zealand I have found it hard to get through by phone to ask about possible discounts. Is there any way of doing it by internet? I would love to have at least some of my zondervan sets in Logos. Without the discount, with the present state of the NZ dollar, for a retired minister, the possibility of purchase is out of the question. I have really come to value Logos, since first using it on Mac with Virtual PC. Oh so s – l – o – w. But what a difference now! Thanks Logos!

  62. Arthur, just send an email to sales@logos.com and we’ll be able to communicate through email.