Wrestling with the Verses

Bible Study MagazineExegetical preaching has always been my Achilles heel, not because it is so difficult, but because I wanted to present the Scriptures in a way that was the most advantageous for the people in my care. One of the issues that I always struggled with was how easy it was for people to read a couple verses or chapters a day in their Bibles and never understand how those verses and chapters fit into the context of the epistle, gospel, or narrative from whence they came.

In our Christian sub-culture sometimes we, unintentionally, present things in ways that are counter-intuitive to our desired goals. If our goal is Scriptural understanding and fidelity, we need to be wary of presenting the Scriptures as stand-alone aphorisms. While making us more familiar with some Scripture, presenting the Bible in little, isolated parcels can easily lead us away from the authors intended point.

Christopher R. Smith’s article Chapter & Verses: Who Needs Them? in a recent issue of Bible Study Magazine is a fabulous reminder of not only how God breathed and divinely prepared the Scriptures are, but also how useful breaking up the Scriptures into chapters and verses has been for us. It is nice to also be reminded that, as useful as this delineation of the Bible into chapter and verse may be, we may in fact be doing the Word a disservice by feeling beholden to it. Sometimes it may be more important to be mindful of the authors natural structure.

I have a subscribed to many Christian periodicals over the years, and obviously some have been better than others. But I have to say, I have yet to pick up an issue of Bible Study Magazine that I haven’t found encouraging and edifying.

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  1. Does Logos have “The Books of The Bible” from the International Bible Society translation that presents “the biblical text visually according to its natural literary outline.” Or is there a way to format any of the current translations such as (ESV, NASB, etc.)?

  2. jasminekimber says

    i love this this is a good website to look up scriptures

  3. Well said (especially “stand-alone aphorisms”, I like that one).

  4. Mo,
    If you go to the ESV Bible online here http://www.gnpcb.org/esv/, and click on the Options link at the top, you can set it so it doesn’t display the chapter and verse numbers.
    Still waiting on a print Bible to do it right like this. Some come close, like the one you mentioned, but its just not good enough in my opinion.

  5. Are there other Bibles or other versions that have verses on the side?
    Do most Bible section headings follow a good pericope or are they arbitrary?

  6. Does Logos have “The Books of The Bible” from the International Bible Society translation that presents “the biblical text visually according to its natural literary outline.”

  7. Dan DeVilder says

    i know my PDA Bible software, Laridian, allows me to change chapter verse in multiple ways. I can’t figure out how to remove them from my Logos, however. I know about “view Bible text only” but that just puts verses on the side in single order. What if you want to leave the text in block/paragraph formation with no numbers. Can that be done?

  8. Happy Monday morning to you all! Thank you so much for the comments. I just wanted to jump on here and respond to Ricky and Dan and tell them, no, at present that item and/or feature is not available. I would encourage you both, if you are interested, to drop a line at suggest@logos.com

  9. There is a way to remove verse numbers and chapters: Tools -> Copy Bible Verses -> Enter Bible Verse (or the name of the Book ex. Nahum) -> Choose from Options in the Blue Font (Copy from “Bible Text Only” from “ESV” to “Microsoft Word”) -> Open up a blank Microsoft Word document (or a blank document of your choice) -> Click “Copy and Paste” ->View your blank document which should now have your preferred verses or book pasted to it. Stay blessed.