The Lighter Side of Discourse Analysis: Thematic Addition

Who knew you had to be an accountant in order to do Greek discourse analysis? Well, this week, Dr. Steve Runge takes you into the Accounting department here a Logos to illustrate Thematic Addition, another concept covered in Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament: A Practical Introduction for Teaching and Exegesis.

After you grab your calculator, be sure to place your Pre-Pub order for the Discourse Grammar.

Today’s video: Thematic Addition

What’s being said about Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament:

“. . . . This work offers a fresh and illuminating approach to the Greek New Testament and will make a superb addition to the more traditional Greek grammars.”
—Jody Barnard, Bangor University, UK

“. . . . If you what to understand Discourse Analysis and how it works then—read this first!”
—Alan Macgregor, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

The Discourse Grammar is at the end of production and is getting ready to ship soon, so make sure you place your order before the price goes up!

And stay tuned for the last video of the series: Segmentation

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  1. Scott Lindsey says

    I always knew Linda was a scholar!!!!

  2. This it is definitely helpful in terms of Discourse Analysis.
    Mauro Silva,Gratz College,USA

  3. Steve,
    Yes…these types of “dummies” videos are helpful.
    PS: Don’t quit your day job… :)