The Lighter Side of Discourse Analysis: Segmentation

For the final installation in the series, "The Lighter Side of Discourse Analysis," Dr. Steve Runge serves up some spicy discourse for you! Here, he highlights the flavors of Segmentation, another concept covered in Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament: A Practical Introduction for Teaching and Exegesis.

If you still have not done so, be sure to serve up your own discourse by placing your Pre-Pub order for the Discourse Grammar.

Today’s video: Segmentation

What’s being said about Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament:

“. . . . Though Runge’s Discourse Grammar does not seek to replace traditional approaches to understanding and explicating the grammar and syntax of New Testament Greek, it provides a whole new range of conceptual and analytical tools that complement and supplement the more traditional approaches. . . . ”
—Dr. J. Ted Blakley, New Testament Studies, University of St. Andrews

The Discourse Grammar is at the end of production and is getting ready to ship soon, so make sure you place your order before the price goes up!

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  1. Andy Anderson says

    Steve – You are making me hungry! I think that I will start eating with the Philippians dish. Thanks for producing the kitchenware to devour a wonderful meal. :)