Product Guide on Luke’s Gospel

The IVP New Testament Commentary Series: LukeFor some reason, the Gospel of Luke really resonates with me. I so easily identify with the structure, language, and style of Luke’s Gospel above the others. In fact, when I look back on my years in the pastorate, my fondest memories come from the years that I preached exegetically through this Gospel.

Logos Bible Software played a huge part in developing that series for me but I wish I had access at the time to the Product Guide on Luke which compiles all the titles we currently sell on Luke’s Gospel.

Just to throw in my own $.02, one of my favorite resources for Luke was The IVP New Testament Commentary Series: Luke, by Darrell L. Bock. Not an overly large commentary for the size of Luke’s Gospel, but a very good exposition from a commentator with a strong Luke/Acts background, and writes from a real pastoral center.

The wonderful thing about the Product Guide on Luke is that it lets you peruse the whole gamut of resources we have available on Luke. If there is something that you feel is missing that we definitely should have, drop us a line at and let us know.


  1. Bravo – I love product guides on individual books of the Bible.

  2. Great! Thanks for bringing this back to my attention as I get ready to begin preaching through Luke this fall. After looking I have most of the ones I need, but I think you’ve plucked my interest in a few others.

  3. Milford Charles Murray says

    Peace and Joy to you, Jayson!
    Thanks for the post! You’ve reminded me of the various “product guides,” and I spent a very pleasant few minutes perusing them. Will go back and look again as I have time…
    Yours in Christ,
    …… Mel