Logos Payment Plan

payment_plan_annot.pngMental note: Just because I know something does not mean everyone knows it.
I was reminded of the above truth the other day when on Twitter someone mentioned that they had wanted to buy Logos Scholar’s Library for awhile, but their budget never had room for the expense. I replied to the person saying, “Not sure if this helps, but we do have payment plans https://www.logos.com/paymentplan.” The person responded a couple minutes later, very excited, thanking me and letting me know that this was just what they needed in order to be able to fit Logos into their budget.
The part of the story that surprised me was that the person had been thinking about buying Logos for a while now, but never knew we had the payment plan option. I followed up that Twitter conversation with a tweet to all our followers letting them know about our payment plan. I received numerous messages following that tweet with people thanking me and saying that they never knew this program existed.
Today I ran a quick search on our blog for “payment plan” and didn’t come up with any hits. So, I decided I’d lay aside my assumption that you all know we have a payment plan available and say, “Hey, if you didn’t already know, we offer payment plans for orders over $29.90.”
To take advantage of the payment plan, simply select the payment plan option during the final step of checkout, enter your phone number, and select the number of payments you’d like to make. It is that simple.
You can get full program details here.


  1. If a payment plan is taken out for 12 months is there the opportunity to payoff the outstanding amount early should it become possible or be necessary?

  2. Jack Caviness says:

    Many people who already know about the Payment Plan have repeatedly asked for a payment plan for the high-priced pre-pubs that are being released at near the same time. Why can’t we have a payment plan for these?

  3. You can pay it off anytime you want, you just need to make the payments monthly. It costs $5 a month to do the payment option, and if you pay it off early you’ll save that cash.

  4. Jeff Straub says:

    The recurring payment fee is too expensive, especially in a day where you can often get 90 days same as cash, six months same as cash or even longer!

  5. Do you offer payment plans for Pre-Pub purchases? (Like the NICOT/NICNT)

  6. Are there any plans to add some sort of a payment plan to the pre-pub page? I am asking because of the recent Zondervan release and NICOT/NICNT before that. It would be nice with the big items to have a payment plan option. Thanks.

  7. Is there a way to use the payment plan for prepubs?

  8. Hey Jeff. Thanks for the comment. The monthly fee is to cover the administrative costs associated with the Payment Plan. We don’t expect to make any profit from the payment plan and offer it purely as a service to our customers.

  9. Yes they can call in and pay it off at anytime. For every month the plan is paid off early, we will remove $5. So if they paid if off in 10 months rather than 12 we would remove $10.

  10. Sorry. At this time we only have our payment plan available for live products.

  11. Reuben R. Evans says:

    I wondered about this myself a while back. And the explanation made a lot of sense for me. The purpose of the pre-pub discount program is to bring in full all the necessary funds to cover the cost of production of a project. If we did a payment plan it would be spreading out that income over 12 months, defeating the purpose of the pre-pub program from a production point-of-view.

  12. Reuben Evans says:

    Hi Jeff
    How’s it going out there? This might be a lengthy answer, but this question comes up now and then.
    I used to work in retail where we did these 90 days same as cash, or 12 months same as cash programs. Here is why the Logos payment plan is quite reasonable. For those type of plans you must go through a credit check process. We do not do this. If retail stores allow you to make payments without a credit check (lay away) you don’t receive the product until it is fully paid. Then the way those credit card companies make money is the fine print. If you don’t pay it off in full they ding you at 20% or more interest from the purchase date. This is really their goal. Finally, Retail stores use 3rd party credit card companies to handle this whole financing procedure, billing and collection. The store is paid up front by the finance company – so they don’t mind sending you home with the product.
    At Logos we have great customers. So we have chosen a different route. If you purchase something with a payment plan you receive the item immediately. We take your billing info, but we don’t ding your credit score with an inquiry. By not performing an external credit check, and not using an external credit card company we can personally take care of our customers.
    The end result is that Logos is financing your purchase, without a credit check, putting the product in your hands right away without getting paid up front by a third party financing company, handles all the logistics ,and though we have a service charge there is no interest (interest is based on how much you pay. the service charge is the same $5 no matter how much you spend) – I have never heard of another company willing to take on that much “risk,” but we have a special set of customers and we trust them.
    Hope that helps to clear things up!
    Blessings –

  13. Matt Dudley says:

    Just a comment about the $5 fee. As far as administration costs go that should be built into the products as part of the cost. Basically the $5 is interest and usury at that, I have not figured out the %, but it is steep. I love Logos, but will never ever consider the payment plan at that rate.

  14. Hey Matt. First, thanks for the love. Second, the payment plan isn’t going to be for everyone, we understand that. The response we’ve received from most people who take advantage of the offer has been very positive, which is why we continue to make the option available. In regards to your suggestion that we build the admin cost into the product, that really doesn’t work since not everyone is paying for the product on a payment plan.

  15. Its nice, but only I believe for US folks, so no benefit to me here in the UK..

  16. what I would like to see is a monthly/quarterly payment that give you all new published titles, prebubs and new releases, I wonder what that would be a month..

  17. I have used the payment plan to purchase my initial Scholar package and once again with the upgrade to the Gold edition. I think $5 a month is not even worth worrying about considering when you get something like the Scholar Gold package at $1400 and you paid that over 12 months with $60 of administration fees it works out being less than 5% of the total cost of the product.
    Not to mention I had discount coupons which dramatically reduced the price for me as well. I am very thankful for this option as otherwise I’d be on some starter pack buying all the books I wanted over a long period of time paying a lot more than I did now.
    Thanks guys for this option. It has helped me greatly and perhaps more so in the future!

  18. Hi Matt,
    It shouldn’t be built into the price of the product because those who pay the money outright shouldn’t have to pay the administrative costs for those who don’t. I agree that $5 is high for a smaller purchase, but Logos probably has to do the same amount of administration work regardless of the loan amount so it’s obviously not interest. The more expensive the product the better the rate (12 month loan on Scholar’s Gold would be the same as paying ~8% interest, but because the loan isn’t amortized you’re paying a high amount towards principle to begin with which means your payoff amount will be smaller than an amortized loan).
    If the fee is too high you can always buy it with a credit card and probably get a much lower rate. Or borrow against your emergency fund.
    I don’t understand why debt is so easily embraced. Patience to not buy things one doesn’t have the money for has some benefits. Sometimes if I wait long enough I’ll decide I don’t really want it or see that the cost has gone up to a price I’m no longer willing to pay. Then I’ll have the money saved up and ready for the next thing I want.

  19. I am thankful to Logos for the payment plan option. Though I too do not completely understand the $5 admin fee (I don’t understand ‘fees’ as a whole when it comes to electronic transfer anyway), but I trust them when they say it is used only to cover cost. Let me just say that without the payment plan, I would not have been able to afford the product, which by the way ROCKS!

  20. I do believe Logos should seriously consider to allow Payment Plan for Prepub items, especially big-ticket items such as:
    – NICOT/NICNT 40 Vols.
    – NIVAC NT 20 Vols.
    – NIVAC OT 20 Vols.
    This will definitely help lay-person to jump on the prepub bandwagon for these items as well.

  21. I think fees are necessary to pay for some accounting officer to check the payment plan users and bill their credit cards – or at least handle the licenses and/or notify the user when the cards decline at the billing time.
    That’s quite reasonable to charge a fee for these things, since they are time consuming even if you have only 100 payment plan subscribers.

  22. The payment plan actually works in almost 40 countries, including the United Kingdom! For a full list visit the Payment Plan page: http://www.logos.com/paymentplan